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Our Supply Razor Review

Our Supply Razor ReviewPin

I always wanted to shave. It’s a very natural process – Chaz Bono

Cleanliness is, according to the old adage, second only to Godliness.

There’s something almost spiritual about a clean, close shave, and while it won’t open the Pearly Gates for you, a good level of self-care can make you feel like a million dollars.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel like anything is possible and that the world is theirs for the taking? We all do, and anything that can give us that extra edge and the push we need to make it over the next hill on the road to success should be readily embraced and welcomed with open arms.

Supply knows how important it is to look good, always feel your best, and always be ready to take on whatever challenges life can and will throw at you on a daily basis.

That’s one of the reasons why they rose to the task of creating and manufacturing the sort of premium shaving and grooming products that are designed to stand up to the rigors of modern existence and ensure that whatever happens, always do what they’re supposed to do.

That is to make sure that you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Despite numerous protestations to the contrary, the first thing that anyone notices about you is the way you look. First impressions matter, that’s why there’s no such thing as a second impression.

You can’t change the past and there are no do-overs, so you need to ensure that you hit the ground running and that you look like you’re ready for success and want to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be at all times.

Again, Supply knows and understands this, which is why they stepped up to the plate to do what no one else could or wanted to do.

They decided to dedicate themselves to making the very best grooming products that they could possibly make to help you to journey down the road to everyday success with confidence and aplomb, safe in the knowledge that you can be whoever you want, and were meant to be.

If you’re wondering who Supply is, don’t worry you’re not alone. They’re one of the best-kept secrets in the looking good and feeling sharp sector of the universal grooming industry.

They don’t aggressively market their products and they don’t rely on a supply chain of third-party sellers, as they know that their customer base is loyal and dedicated, and that word of mouth and happy consumers are worth more to them than any advertising campaign could ever be.

But in order to find out more about them, and to help you decide whether or you want to join their ever-growing army of fans, we decided to find out everything that we possibly could about Supply and their products to make that decision easy for you. This is everything that you ever wanted to know about Supply.

The Supply Way


Supply has a simple mantra that they adhere to and stick to glue – if it’s not working, long-lasting, and ruggedly handsome then they don’t make it.

Everything that they make has to be the best, has to be made from the best materials available and if any of their products don’t live up to their incredibly high expectations, then they won’t put their name or brand on them.

The obsessive attention to detail, functionality, and durability are the things that separate this small, Fort Worth based company from its competition.

And the same desire to eliminate under-performing products that aren’t capable of performing the tasks that they were built to do and make them a thing of the past that inspired Texan couple Jennifer and Patrick Coddou to found Supply still lies at the heart of everything that the company is and does.

They believe in doing things the right way, and place incredible emphasis on the fact that they don’t sway or deviate from that ideology.

It hasn’t made life easy for them, or their company, but they’re one hundred percent committed to ensuring that the right way is the only way, and that it will always be the way that Supply operates. So, what is the right way?

The right way is making sure that everything that they design and create is made in-house, that it will do everything that they claim it will, and that all of their products will last a lifetime.

They wanted to inspire a community of like-minded souls with their philosophy and their rigid adherence to it, and they did and do. Which is why this small Texan family-owned and run business now has a glocal customer base that is as devoted to Supply as the brand is to them.

Why you should trust us?

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Supply. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate men’s grooming products based on their quality, effectiveness and customer support.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is medically reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Tom West, our in-house men’s grooming and wellness expert and product tester himself!

Swimming With Sharks


It takes an unusual clarity of purpose and an overwhelming sense of self-belief to dive headlong into the Shark Tank and swim with the big fish and incredibly savvy entrepreneurs who headline and star in the infamous reality show.

That’s exactly what the Coddou’s did when they appeared on the eleventh season and pitched their single-blade razor to them in the hope of securing additional funding for their brand.

The bold move paid off, and the sharks ended up fighting among themselves for the chance to invest in Supply. The Coddou’s had the product to back up their claims, the sharks saw that, and they lept at the chance to be involved with this brand.

The end result of that appearance was that the husband and wife team who founded the firm secured an additional three hundred thousand dollars of investment for their company and not only guaranteed their future, but made sure that they among the all rare breed who managed to play the sharks at their own game and win.

The Service Commitment

Supply is proud to be a Texan brand, and an American company and is proud of the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. That’s why they offer a fifteen percent discount on any order to any current or former member of the military.

All you need to do if you have served in, or are currently serving in any branch of the United States Military is verify your status with id.me when you make your order, and Supply will do the rest.

The Lifetime Warranty

Every single edge razor that they make and every other product that they offer is guaranteed for a lifetime against any and all defects in workmanship and quality.

If your razor or any of their other products fails for either of those reasons, Supply will either replace it or refund you. As they proudly say on their site, “If it ain’t right, we’ll fix it”

And, if you’re not completely satisfied with any of their products and the way that they perform, as long as you return them within one hundred days, Supply will refund your money, no questions asked.

That’s how sure they are that their single-edge razors will live up to your high expectations and do everything that they claim it will. After all, it’s made from the best materials in the world and has been designed, and built, to last a lifetime.

The Right Way – Choosing Supply


While they’re intently focused on making sure that everything they do and make is done “the right way”, there are inevitably some chinks and gaps in their armor.

No company is completely bulletproof and there are some things about Supply that might make you think twice about doing business with them and throwing your grooming hat into the ring that this Texas brand has built.

That’s why we’re going to take a brief look at the things that we think they do well, and some of the areas where they fall down and could benefit from devoting more time and energy to.

The Supply Thumbs Up

It’s always nice to stumble across a brand that refuses to test any of its products on animals and maintains a completely cruelty-free range. Supply doesn’t, has never, and never will test any of their skincare and grooming products on animals.

We don’t know how you feel about that idea, but it was enough to convince us that they were on the right track and a company that was worth doing business with.

All of their products come with a lifetime guarantee and while the word “lifetime” sounds good on paper, all too often when you try to find out exactly how long a company judges a lifetime to be, you’ll find yourself coming face to face with brick wall after brick wall after brick wall.

Most companies don’t want you to find out how long they think a lifetime should be. Supply isn’t like most companies though and they’re happy to tell anyone who wants to know how long they think a lifetime lasts. It’s one hundred years.

All of their products are guaranteed against design and manufacturing errors for one hundred years. That’s a mind-blowing and game-changing length of time to guarantee any product for, and it should give you all the peace of mind that you’ll need to put your faith in Supply.

While they won’t cover the cost of postage for everything that you’ll order from them, if the products that you do purchase total more than thirty-five dollars, then shipping is entirely on them.

And unlike a lot of brands who specialize in making grooming products, Supply does ship overseas, which has helped them to establish a global customer base.

One of the things that really impressed us was Supply’s blog which they constantly update. It offers endless tips and advice on shaving, how to use their products more effectively, grooming and skincare.

It’s like a one-stop advice shop that answers any and all questions that you might have in a friendly, direct, and open manner.

Before you ask, yes we’ve spent far too much time on it and yes, we’ve picked up some handy hints and information that we’ve incorporated into our daily grooming regime.

The Supply Thumbs Down


There is absolutely no way to avoid the fact that their razors and products are more expensive than a lot of other rival brands are.

In some cases, they’re a lot less affordable, and while we appreciate that quality costs more than quality does, the prices can be a little jarring and alarming when you first start shopping with Supply.

Then there’s the availability issue. While their strict adherence to keeping everything in-house is commendable, it does have a significant impact on the availability of their product.

They don’t tend to sell through a lot of third-party outlets and sites, so the only way to purchase their full range of products is by acquiring them directly from Supply which reduces your choices and maintains their product’s price point.

Even though the vast majority of their customers seem to be more than happy with their single blade razors and the products that Supply make, there is a vocal minority are far less inclined to sing their praises and claim that the razors that Supply have made their name with won’t give you the sort of clean, cut free shave that they say they will.

How much is fact and how much is just hot air is subjective, as every brand has its share of detractors, but the voices of dissent are certainly worth bearing in mind before you place an order.

And then there’s the overseas shipping which, for some reason, seems to be inordinately slow and has been a cause of some dissension with their customers in foreign climes, While we’re unsure what they could do to rectify the situation, apart from using a different courier firm and taking the orders out of the hands of the USPS, it’s still an issue that they need to look into and do whatever they can to improve.

The Proof Of The Pudding Is In The Product

Any brand is only as good as the product that they make, so we thought that we’d take a closer look at the best that Supply has to offer in order to find out if their razors and their skincare and grooming products lived up to the hype and really were, and are the best in the world.

That’s why our review will focus on the Single Edge 2.0 razor, the Single Edge Starter Set, and the Skin Care Essentials Starter Set. The Single Edge 2.0 razor s the updated version of the razor that replaced the original Supply razor which has since been discontinued.

The Single Edge 2.0

Supply The Single Edge 2.0Pin

Normally, we’d go right back to the beginning and test the product that the brand built its foundations on, but as Supply believes in innovation and is constantly moving forward with its product design, they’ve replaced the Single Edge with the updated 2.0 version.

The newer version, in accordance with their lifetime guarantee, improved the quality of the razor and made sure that it was more evenly distributed throughout the handle, making it easier to use and guide over the contours of your face while shaving.

Weight distribution is essential to the success of this razor as it uses a single blade that cuts closely and finely, and was engineered to clear as much hair as it possibly could in a single pass, which in turn minimizes the need to repeatedly go over the same spot again and again.

Made from a zinc alloy and coated with chrome, the Single-Edge’s retro look gives it a timeless quality that follows the rules of the lifetime guarantee to the letter and means that it won’t look out of place, or dated one hundred years from now.

Available in five different colors including Stainless Steel and Jet Black, the Single Edge is supplied with eight blades, which should be enough to last the average man somewhere in the region of ninety days.

Again, the emphasis is on quality rather than quality as far as the Single Edge is concerned, and before you balk at the price that Supply charge for it, it’s worth remembering that this razor has been made to last for one hundred years, and in all likelihood will be destined to become a family heirloom, passed down from one generation of shaver to the next. Which does go some way to alleviating its initial pocketbook busting price.

Single Edge Blades

Single Edge BladesPin

After you’ve recovered from the initial outlay of the Single Edge and regained consciousness, you’ll almost certainly be happy to learn that the blades that you’ll need to keep your razor fighting fit and ready to go are considerably cheaper than the razor itself.

In fact, including shipping, an eight-blade pack that should last for three months will cost you less than ten bucks. And it’ll cost you even less again if you tick the subscription box and let Supply send you replacement blades as and when you’ll need them.

The blades are incredibly sharp but as the Single Edge uses an injection system to load and unload its blades, and you can use the cases that the blades are supplied in to dispose of them, you’ll never to worry about touching them, or cutting your fingers to shreds while you’re trying to attach them to your razor.

It’s a simple, but effective and efficient system that makes the Single Edge seem a little more pocketbook-friendly.

The Single Edge Starter Set

The Single Edge Starter SetPin

The complete package, the whole deal, and everything that you’ll need to shave in comfort and style has been included in this handy, ready-to-use starter set.

And as we’ve already talked about both the Single Edge and the blades (which are both included), we’re going to focus on the other products that Supply has included so that you just load up your Single Edge, shave and go.

Ultra Lather Shaving Cream

Ultra Lather Shaving CreamPin

Made to keep your skin irritation-free and to help to provide an incredibly close shave at the same time, the cream, is available in three different varieties (which you can choose according to individual requirements and which of the scents each is imbued with that you prefer) that all include Shea Butter (which acts as a moisturizer), Jojoba Oil (which refreshes your skin and enhance the shaving experience) and Kaolin clay for overall protection.

It’s designed to create a thick lather when it’s applied to the skin before you shave and in order to apply it, you’ll need a shaving brush, which brings us conveniently to the next item in the kit, the brush that makes applying the cream possible.

Silvertip Synthetic Shave Brush

Silvertip Synthetic Shave BrushPin

A heavy-duty lather requires a heavy-duty brush and this synthetic handcrafted, and surprisingly heavy and comfortable to grip and use brush fills that gap nicely.

As its name says, it’s one hundred percent synthetic, so no animal hairs have been used in its manufacture, and it is, as everything that Supply makes, one hundred percent cruelty-free.

Healing Post Shave

Healing Post ShavePin

An alcohol-free soothing balm that combines witch hazel, aloe, and glycerin to leave you feeling refreshed and calm even the most sensitive skin after shaving. It feels good, smells good, and puts an extra spring in your step when you’ve finished trimming and shaving.

Single Edge Razor Stand

Single Edge Razor StandPin

If you’re going to spend a small fortune equipping yourself with a Single Edge it makes fiduciary sense to look after and maintain it as well as you can, which means that Supply’s razor stand is a must-have item.

Made from the same zinc alloy as the razor, it’ll remain rust-free for a lifetime and has been designed to hold the Single Edge and the Single Edge only and to keep it out of any water, let it drain naturally, and keep it within easy to find reach whenever you need it.

Marble Shaving Bowl

Marble Shaving BowlPin

An old school accessory for an old school shave, Supply’s marble shaving now will help you to whip up a thick and invigorating shaving foam thanks to the micro-ridges in its surface, and its heat-storing properties will ensure that the lather stays warm until you’re ready to use it and start shaving.

Stocking Up And Getting Started With Supply

As we’ve already mentioned, the only way to get everything that you’ll need from Supply is by going directly to them and ordering whatever you need.

Luckily, their site is incredibly intuitive to use, and after you’ve chosen your razor, you’ll be able to upgrade to a starter set and add any accessories that you want or need to your order.

The feature that really stood out, and to us was the subscription service that they offer that ensures (if you select it) that you’ll never run out of blades for your razor or shaving foam and balm again.

You can also log in to change the frequency of your subscription order if you need more or less of something, or cancel it if you so desire, as the site is intuitive and easy to navigate and use, just like Supply’s products.

What Other Customers Are Saying About Supply


Supply has a five stars rating across the board with their subscriber base, and customers, for the most part, seem to be thrilled with the service, as evidenced by the below reviews:

“This razor is everything that I thought it would be when I ordered it” – Nicholas Adamcsyck

“Excellent products that work exactly as advertised and customer service exceeds expectations” – Brian

Whether a brand succeeds or fails depends almost entirely on how satisfied its customers are with the product and service that they receive for their money.

That’s why consumer feedback and reviews are so important and as Supply doesn’t use a lot of third-party sites to sell their products, the majority of reviews are posted on their own site.

For the most part, all of the reviews that are posted on their site are incredibly favorable and seem to show that their customers, on the whole, are incredibly satisfied with the brand’s product and service.

While we felt the same way, the fact that it’s difficult to actually find any reviews that aren’t on the site might make some people a little suspicious.

Even though we don’t, not even for a minute think that Supply would manipulate their reviews, as that would fly in the face of doing things “the right way”, you might not be as trusting as we are. And you wouldn’t be alone.

There are, again as we’ve previously mentioned, a small, but incredibly vocal group of unhappy Supply customers, who following the company’s appearance on Shark Tank elected to try their Single Edge razor and were distinctly unimpressed with the results.

Whether they were using the first version of the razor or the upgraded 2.0 version isn’t clear, but what is absolutely crystal clear is that they weren’t happy with the razor and Supply’s customer service.

How much stock you’ll place in these less than positive reviews is entirely up to you, but it is something worth thinking about and considering before you place your shaving and grooming future in the hands of Supply.

Shaving The Supply Way – Is It Worth It?

Ultimately, at the end of the day, whether or not the products that Supply design, create and manufacture are worth it is something that only you can decide.

Are their razors and skincare products more expensive than those made by other firms? Undoubtedly so, if anything they’re a lot more expensive, but that isn’t because the company has set an artificially high price point for their product.

As they go to great lengths to point out, they make handcrafted razors that are designed to last a lifetime and aren’t supposed to be disposable or thrown away. They’re a one-off investment that’s been made to last for one hundred years and will last for the duration of your shaving life.

Is that worth paying extra for? We think it is, and we also know that the shave that we got while using the Single Edge was closer than almost any we’d had before and that we’d be happy to use the razor for the rest of our natural lives.

Then there’s the ethical standpoint that the company has adopted, and their refusal to test any of their products on animals that displays a rare commitment to their moral beliefs that should be commended and taken into account when you decide whether or not you’ll do business with them.

Some other points that you might want to consider before you make your final decision, are the military discount scheme that they offer for both serving and former members of all branches of the service, and their rigid and unwavering belief in always doing things “the right way”.

Do we think Supply products are worth the money that you’ll pay for them? We absolutely do, but whether or not you want to take a chance on them is something that only you can decide.

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