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Our Place Cookware Review

Our Place Cookware ReviewPin

1. We tested the cult-favourite Always Pan, it absoutely lives up to the hype and we love them. 😋😋😋
2. Made from ceramic non-stick without PFOAs and PTFEs, allowing you to cook safely.
3. The Always Pan replaces 8 traditional pieces of cookware including your fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet etc. ✨🔮
4. Glowing reviews from 36,306 customers, 4.6 out of 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
5. Featured on New York Times, The Oprah Magazine, Vogue, and more!

Now, more than ever, people are starting to enjoy cooking their own meals at home. It’s healthier, therapeutic, and an excellent way of practicing self care.

But, with this has come an increasing demand for unique, beautiful cookware that doesn’t only look fabulous, but works as efficiently as possible.

The cookware market is pretty saturated and unless you’re a brand with decades of reputation behind it, it can be tricky for keen home cooks to know what to buy. This is where Our Place comes to the rescue!

This fantastic cookware company sells everything you need to fully kit out your kitchen. From their signature Always Pan to stylish dinnerware, you’ll find a range of fantastic products all in one place.

If you’ve heard of Our Place before or you’ve spotted one of their advertisements but you’d like to know more, you’ve come to the right place!

Below, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Our Place. We’ll look at the origin of the brand, review some of their products, and find out what their customers had to say about them.

In the end, you’ll know whether or not this is the right cookware brand for you and your kitchen.

What Is Our Place?

Our PlacePin

Let’s start by taking a look at what Our Place is exactly. In its simplest form, Our Place is an online cookware retailer. But, they are so much more than that. Their mission is to provide high-quality cookware for people from all walks of life.

They also understand the importance of a meal, looking outside of the sustenance food provides and focusing on the memories and experiences that come from a group of people gathered around a table.

Every single one of Our Place’s products is ethically sourced as well (giving you an excellent sense of well-being), and they work with manufacturing partners in Mexico, Thailand, and China.

Their Chinese manufacturing partner is also female-owned and is dedicated to female empowerment and independence.

Our Place was founded in 2019 by Shiza Shadid and it is currently based in Los Angeles, California. As part of their ongoing dedication to equality, Our Place has also partnered with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, who work to provide more people with access to good, healthy food.

They also work with female artisans and offer them an opportunity to hone their crafts and skills through gainful employment.

So, as you can see, Our Place really is more than just a cookware brand. They are setting an example for other brands to follow in terms of equality, sustainability, and charity.

Why you should trust us?

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Our Place. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate products based on their quality, effectiveness and customer support.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Amy Bells, our in-house wellness and self-care expert and product tester herself!

How we tested Our Place

The older I get, the more I just have to accept my love for cookware. Not too exciting for a young mind, but all that excitement comes from aging! I enjoy nothing more than shopping for homeware to take pride in my space. 😍

I also love cooking 👩‍🍳. So, a cookware brand like Our Place sounds like the perfect place for me. 

I was super excited to put my order in for Our Place – look at all of those pretty colors! I purchased the Aura Always Pan and Perfect Pot. I also purchased the Knife Trio from the collaboration with Selena Gomez and the Tabletop Set. 

The first thing I noticed when unpackaging my order was how gorgeous everything was. From the colors to the design, it was all perfect for any kitchen. 

I got to work making my famous chili for my friends. First was the Selena Gomez knives. If an A-lister celebrity is endorsing your products, you’ve got to be doing something right! Of course, they were sharp, easy to use, and didn’t hurt my hand even after I’d diced the millionth vegetable. 🥒🥕 🍅

Everything was added into the Perfect Pot and the beef was browned in the Always Pan. Everything cooked evenly and quickly, and I loved the little spoon holders for less cleanup. 

While I waited for the food to cook, I plated it all up on my Tabletop Set (featuring four glasses, main plates, and side bowls). The color of these dishes, by the way, were the prettiest color I’ve ever seen. 

Of course, my friends loved the chili. Whether that was due to Our Place or my faultless recipe, no one could say. 😏

Now for the dreaded cleanup. I was genuinely surprised at how simple it was to clean all of my new cookware! The food seemed to glide right off of the surface, making them sparkling new within minutes. I was able to relax instead of cleaning for hours! 😎

Since my initial testing, I have used my pans almost every single day. They’re equivalent to 16 pieces of homeware, so I had a lot of testing to do! 

Within the month I have been using them, I have absolutely no complaints. I also think that I’ll certainly be using them for many years to come. I’ve found my new favorite cookware retailer! 🥳

What Cookware Products Does Our Place Sell?

Their dedication to ethically sourced products and female empowerment certainly make Our Place sound like an appealing brand. But, when you boil everything down to the basic facts, you’re here to look for cookware and dinnerware that will look beautiful in your home.

So, what type of cookware products does Our Place sell? Below, we’ve picked some of their most popular products and reviewed each of them to give you a better idea of the range, their quality, and the price tag you can expect from Our Place.

The Our Place Always Pan

The Our Place Always PanPin

If you’ve got a smaller home and you need multifunctionality from your cookware, the Our Place Always Pan is an essential addition to your kitchen. This innovative pan is designed to do the job of 8 different pieces of cookware in one.

This clears your cabinets from clutter and leaves you with more countertop space. It’ll save you money too, as you won’t have to purchase 8 individual pieces of cookware.

But what does the Our Place Always Pan actually replace? Well, it can be used as a frying pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, and a non-stick pan. It also comes with an all-purpose spatula, an integrated spoon rest, and a modular lid.

You might think that something as incredible as this pan would contain multiple chemicals to give it its unbeatable performance. But, you’d be wrong!

The Our Place Always Pan doesn’t contain any PFOAs, PFAs, or PTFEs. Instead, it features a sol-gen non-stick coating that is totally harmless and won’t leach into your food while you’re cooking.

On either side of the pan, you’ll find a pouring spout as well. This allows you to decant sauces and other liquid-based ingredients into other receptacles without making any mess.

You can even choose from 7 different colors to best suit the rest of your kitchen’s design scheme. These include Spice, Steam, Red Hot, Char, Sage, Blue Salt, and Lavender. And, at just $145, this pan is much more affordable than some of its alternatives.

Drinking Glasses

Our Place Drinking GlassesPin

Every kitchen needs a good set of quality drinking glasses and these glasses from Our Place are both beautiful and functional.

To begin with, they are available in four colors (Dusk, Sunset, Dawn, and Clear), giving you the opportunity to match them with the rest of your dinnerware.

They also have a 12oz capacity so you can pour yourself a drink and relax without having to worry about getting up to refill too regularly.

Another fantastic thing about these drinking glasses is that they are designed to neatly stack inside one another when they aren’t in use. This makes them an ideal choice if you’re trying to save as much cabinet space as possible.

They are also microwave and dishwasher safe, making them easier than ever to clean.

Do you remember how we were speaking before about Our Place selling ethical and sustainable products?

These glasses are a prime example of this as they are 100% recyclable. So, if you were to accidentally chip or break one, you can put it straight into your household recycling.

Each color has been created using natural dyes as well, so there’s no need to worry about ingesting any nasty chemicals while you drink.

Side Bowls

Our Place Side BowlsPin

Side Bowls are another essential piece of dinnerware that every home needs. Whether you’re serving soups, salad, cereal, or ice cream, Our Place’s side bowls are perfect for multiple uses.

They are also on the slightly larger side measuring 6” in diameter and 2.75” in depth. This makes them ideal for anybody who likes an oversized portion!

Made from super-durable porcelain, these side bowls are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and oven proof. They are also finished with a beautiful hand-speckled, glossy finish that gives them their unique appearance.

As with all of Our Place’s products, they are fairly affordable and you can get a set of 4 for $45 or a set of 8 for $85. They also continue to follow Our Place’s ethical ethos as they are made from recycled and virgin porcelain ceramic.

Main Plates

Our Place Main PlatesPin

Choosing your main plates is one of the most exciting parts of putting a kitchen together. They don’t only need to be functional, but they also need to look beautiful enough to really impress your dinner guests!

Our Place’s main plates tick both of these boxes perfectly. First of all, they are stackable, which means they’ll take up less space in your cabinets when they are in use. They also feature a lip around the outside edge which stops meals and sauces from dripping over the sides.

Their appearance is enough of an explanation of their beauty on its own, but the fact they are made from recycled and virgin porcelain ceramic gives them an inner beauty. They are also hand-crafted, making each one slightly unique.

These main plates come in a choice of three colors (Spice, Steam, and Char) and each has a hand-painted base and a glossy finish. They are also really versatile and can be cleaned in the dishwasher as well as being both microwave and oven safe.

Spruce Steamers

Our Place Spruce SteamersPin

As we all try to lead a healthier lifestyle, steamed food and vegetables are becoming an increasingly popular way of cooking.

While a lot of cookware companies are taking advantage of this trend and creating plastic steamers, Our Place continues to lead the way and, instead, has created this Bamboo spruce steamer.

The bamboo used to make each of these steamers is FSC-certified and ethically sourced. They are also handwoven, so you can rest assured that they are of the highest quality possible and that love and care has gone into making them.

These spruce steamers are perfectly sized for resting on top of the Our Place Always Pan. They also come complete with 15 paper liners for that authentic Asian cooking experience, and a set of bamboo cooking chopsticks.

Unfortunately, these spruce steamers aren’t dishwasher safe but they are easy enough to clean by hand using hot water and dish soap. They also cost just $30, making them an affordable, ethical piece of cookware.

Basics Bundle

Our Place Basics BundlePin

If you’ve just moved into your first home and you’re starting from scratch, the Our Place Basics Bundle is a fantastic option. This bundle contains 4 main plates and 4 drinking glasses, covering your most basic essentials until you’re ready to start buying more.

What’s more, you even save $15 by buying the bundle instead of purchasing them each separately!

As we’ve detailed with each of the individual products above, both the drinking glasses and the mains plates in this bundle are dishwasher safe and microwave safe. The main plates also come with the added bonus of being oven safe.

Unlike a lot of bundles offered by other cookware brands, Our Place allows you to choose the color of the plates and the glasses individually.

This means that you’re given the option to match things or choose completely contrasting colors if you’d prefer, rather than being forced into a set color scheme.

We’ve already mentioned that you’ll save $15 by purchasing these products as a bundle, but you can also split the cost over three months if you need to. Again, this is ideal if you’ve just moved into your first home and you’re a little short on cash at the moment.

Tabletop Set

Our Place Tabletop SetPin

If you’re able to spend a little more money, you can upgrade from the Basics Bundle to the Tabletop Set. This includes 4 main plates and 4 drinking glasses as well as 4 side bowls.

Each of these pieces is microwave safe and they can also be cleaned in the dishwasher for ultimate convenience.

Similarly to the Basics Bundle, you can choose your preferred color of each piece of dinnerware with the Tabletop Set. You can also spread the $125 cost over three months, making it much more affordable for anybody working with a limited budget.

Dinnerware Duo

Our Place Dinnerware DuoPin

If you’ve already got a set of glasses that you love and you only need main plates and side bowls, the Dinnerware Duo is the perfect option. They are also fantastic if you’re looking for an affordable way of adding more dinnerware to an existing collection.

This set comprises 4 of each item and you can choose between Spice, Steam, and Char. You can also mix and match colors if you’d prefer.

As with all of Our Places porcelain ceramics, both the main plates and the side bowls are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and oven proof.

The entire set costs just $85 and you can also split the cost over three interest-free payments if needed.

Dinner For 4 Bundle

Our Place Dinner for 4 BundlePin

If you’ve got absolutely no cookware or dinnerware at all and you need to start pretty much from scratch, go for the Dinner for 4 Bundle. This has everything you need to get cooking and it’ll cover you really well until you’re ready to start adding more cookware to your collection.

With the Dinner for 4 Bundle you’ll receive:

  • 1 Our Place Always Pan
  • 4 Side Bowls
  • 4 Main Plates
  • 4 Drinking Glasses

Each of these items is exactly the same as we’ve detailed above.

The Always Pan can be used to replace 8 different pieces of cookware, the glasses are recyclable if broken, and the plates and bowls are microwave safe and oven proof. Each piece is dishwasher safe too, giving you ultimate cleaning convenience.

This entire set comes in at just $250. That may seem steep to some people but when you think about the fact you’re getting a pan that can do the same job as 8 other pieces of cookware, you’re actually saving money.

The Our Place Always Pan also costs $125 on its own so, again, you’re getting an excellent money-saving deal.

As with most of Our Places bundles, the cost of the Dinner for 4 Bundle can also be split across three months with interest-free payments.

What Other Customers Are Saying About Our Place Cookware

Our PlacePin

From the range of products we’ve listed above and the way they are sourced and created, there’s no doubt that Our Place is one of the best online cookware retailers out there. But, what do people who have recently purchased from them think?

To find out, we went through hundreds of reviews to get a clearer picture of how Our Place’s products and services measure up in the real world.

As expected, most people were more than happy with the cookware and dinnerware they received. The famous Our Place Always Pan was the most reviewed product and people who purchased it were amazed at how efficient it is at doing multiple tasks.

They were also particularly happy with its non-stick performance despite containing no harmful chemicals.

One review found on Reddit reads “It does a beautiful job of browning up chicken, I can make eggs no problem with no sticking, and it’s deep enough that I can make a sauce or boil pasta!”

As far as the statistics go, Our Place’s website has the following star ratings across its product range:

  • Drinking Glasses: 5/5 stars out of 200 reviews
  • Side Bowls: 5/5 stars out of 195 reviews
  • Main Plates: 5/5 stars out of 229 reviews

There are, of course, the occasional bad reviews but these mostly come down to delays in shipping. Some do mention that they received damaged products, but these were quickly replaced for free by Our Place.

If there is one standout complaint, however, it’s that the customer service team at Our Place seems to be quite difficult to contact.

There is a customer service email on their website but they don’t have a telephone number. This means that you may not be able to resolve any issues you have as quickly as you’d like, and you’ll have to wait for an eventual response.

Our Place: Pros & Cons

Our PlacePin

From the customer reviews we’ve talked about above, it’s clear to see that Our Place has a dedicated following who adore their high-quality products and how easy it is to shop with them.

However, no review is complete without looking at some of the things that might make you think twice about shopping with a certain brand. So, to make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of Our Place’s pros and cons.


  • Ethical – Our Place is dedicated to producing ethically sourced products as well as championing female empowerment and independence.
  • Detailed descriptions – each of the products on Our Place’s website is given a detailed description along with meticulous measurements.
  • Sustainability – all of Our Place’s products are made from sustainably sourced materials that aren’t harmful to the environment or to the people that make them.
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging – no bubble wrap or plastics are used in the shipping process
  • Payment installments available – you can split the cost of some of Our Place’s products over a few months, which is ideal if you’re planning to spend a lot of money!
  • Easy returns – if you find you’re not completely satisfied with one of their products, Our Place will accept the return without any hassle.
  • Free Shipping – no expensive hidden shipping costs when you get to the checkout.


  • Online only – takes some of the personal, sensory experience away from purchasing cookware.
  • Difficult to contact – while Our Place does have a customer service team, there is no telephone number listed for them and they are only available to reach out to via email.
  • Certain products are restricted to the U.S – Our Place ships to both the U.S and Canada, but some products are only available to U.S customers

Our Place vs. Caraway – what sets Our Place apart from Caraway

While Our Place offers amazing products that do the job of 16 separate pans in one, some people will need more than this to cook. Caraway is another premium cookware brand that comes with a dutch oven, saute pan, fry pan, and sauce pan. 

The set also comes with a number of additional accessories that can be very helpful within cooking!😋

The main selling point of Our Place is that two pans can cover the use of 16 traditional cooking pieces. 🤩 Caraway is very versatile, but you will still need to find space to store four large pans. 

Our Place is certainly the one to go for if you don’t have much space in your kitchen. 

Not only that, but Our Place is cheaper with their two pots costing $220, while Caraway’s price for the entire set is $395. I think that Our Place is much more effective and versatile than Caraway’s products – not to mention cheaper! 🤑

Is Our Place Really Worth The Money?

Our PlacePin

Here’s the bottom line – there are not many cookware brands out there that offer sustainably sourced, affordable products. For this reason alone, we think that Our Place is definitely worth the money.

If we dive deeper, this is further proven by the fact that they have a great range of products, you’re able to mix and match colors within sets, and all of their products are made from either recycled or virgin materials.

Sure, Our Place might be a little more expensive than some of the cookware and dinnerware that you can find in your local stores.

However, in an age of equality and environmental awareness, it’s worth paying a little more to make sure that your money is going to the right places rather than simply lining the pockets of large-company executives.

You can also take advantage of the fact that the cost of a lot of Our Place’s products can be spread over a few months if needed. This makes it much more affordable and, since it’s interest-free, you won’t be spending any more than you originally intended.

If you’re still not 100% certain and you’d like to try out one of their products, we’d recommend choosing the Our Place Always Pan.

This piece of cookware will change your life and almost as soon as you start using it, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with multiple pots and pans before!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our PlacePin

What Nonstick Coating Does Our Place Use?

The nonstick coating on the Our Place Always Pan is sol-gel. This is made from silicon dioxide which is also known as “ceramic non-stick”. It’s FDA-approved and meets the highest levels of food safety outlined by EU standards.

This sol-gel coating is totally non-toxic, and it doesn’t contain any PFOA, PTFE, or Gen-X chemicals.

How Do You Maintain The Nonstick Coating On An Our Place Always Pan?

The easiest way to maintain your Always Pan’s nonstick coating is by cooking at a low-medium temperature whenever you’re using it. This is because higher temperatures can affect the quality of the nonstick surface.

It’s also best to use non-aerosol, high smoke point oils such as coconut, olive, avocado, and peanut oils. These will prevent the pan from overheating and, as such, will help to protect the nonstick coating.

Is Our Place’s Dinnerware Oven Safe?

Any plates and bowls that are made from porcelain are oven safe. However, the Our Place Always Pan cannot be placed in the oven as it is designed for stove-top use only.

What Is Our Place’s Return Policy?

Our Place offers hassle-free returns up to 30 days after your chosen products have shipped. You can use this time frame to either exchange your items or receive a refund. Simply head over to the Our Place website and start a return.

You don’t need to worry about providing the original packaging (although this is preferred), you can simply return your items in any box that is safe for shipping.

What Charity Does Our Place Support?

Our Place works with multiple organizations to create systems-based changes in communities including female empowerment and independence.

Most recently, Our Place worked with Feeding America with whom they donated over 200,000 meals to help fight hunger during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Are Our Place’s Products Packaged?

All of Our Place’s products are shipped directly to your door in biodegradable, recyclable corrugated cardboard. This means that there isn’t a single piece of plastic or bubble wrap in sight.

Each package also features a handy pull tab which makes it easy to open your boxes without even having to grab a pair of scissors. This gives you quick access to your new cookware and prevents any unnecessary scratches.

Where Are Our Place’s Products Manufactured?

All of Our Place’s products are designed in their headquarters which are based in Los Angeles, California. They are then manufactured by artisans and factory partners in Mexico, Thailand, and China.

The Our Place Always Pan is manufactured in China in a female-owned factory with a high commitment to team ethics.

Can You Cancel Or Change An Our Place Order Once You’ve Placed It?

Yes, you can, as long as you do it within 60 minutes of checking out. Simply head over to your order confirmation and click ‘Edit’ or ‘Cancel’. This will cancel the order altogether or allow you to place a new one if needed (if you’ve selected the wrong color, for example).

If it’s been longer than 60 minutes, you can email Our Place and they’ll do everything possible to help.

How Long Does It Take For Our Place To Process A Refund?

Our Place usually processes refunds within a week of receiving your items back, but it can take up to 14 days depending on how quickly your returned items are received back at their warehouse. You will receive an email once your refund has been processed.

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