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Our Noom Review

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👍Effective in helping you lose weight
👍It’s also fun!
👍Backed by science
👍Noom personalized lessons
👍Track everything you eat
👍Incredible user interface
👍Great customer support


👎Can be expensive
👎Not suitable for people without the dedication to lose weight

Ratings Breakdown


Noom is based on behavioral science and psychology, which makes it an incredibly effective weight loss app.


Noom offers discounts if you prepay, so we think it makes an excellent value for money.


With raving reviews from 60,000+ customers, Noom has exceptional customer support including one-on-one coaching sessions


Trusted by experts and many Noom users have successfully lost weight by changing their habits around food

1. Enjoy a fresh perspective that makes losing weight much more fun and effective! 😁😁😁
2. With just 10 minute lessons on behavioral science and psychology, you’ll change your daily habits to ensure long-lasting results. 👌
3. Noom provides better support than other weight loss brands, and even creates SOS plans for emergency use! 🤗🤗
4. Rated 4.3 stars from over 60,000 reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
5. Featured on People, Vogue, Daily Express and many more! 😎

Noom: the new weight loss app

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@noom – the perfect salad

Noom helps its users lose weight by changing their habits around food rather than forcing them to restrict their diets or work out constantly. 🥱

It gives you a clear understanding of when you’ll be able to achieve your goal weight with the Noom program, and you might even be able to push this date up a little depending on your behaviors and schedule! 😏😏😏

Still not sure? Here are some interesting figures to put into perspective just how effective Noom can be: 

  • 64% of overweight users lost over 5% of their body weight in a pilot study conducted in 2016. 🤗
  • 78% of participants lost weight over 6 months. 😮😮

The numbers speak for themselves! 

The reason behind this is that Noom uses psychology to create long-lasting habits, rather than short bursts of motivation that will lead to weight fluctuations. 🤯🤯🤯

Forget about restrictive eating, too! 😴 Noom ensures that you can eat whatever you want (without annoying point systems) and still lose weight. You’ll be seeing the number fall on the scale while still enjoying your favorite plates! 

Why you should trust us

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Noom. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate supplements based on their adherence to quality, and their latest medical evidence.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This Noom review is medically reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Amy Bells, our in-house dietian nutritionist, wellness expert and product tester herself!

Ready, quizmaster? 

Noom - avocado toast Pin
@noom – avocado toast

The first thing you’ll see when heading to the Noom website is a questionnaire asking you what your weight loss goal is. Enter: the quiz. Ah, I love quizzes. 😋😋 It adds a bit of fun to whatever you’re planning on buying, don’t you think?

Anyway, the quiz aims to get to know you a little better so that it can tailor a plan best for your personal situation. 

Rather than insisting that you restrict your eating (which can lead to a bad relationship with food and diet fluctuations), Noom creates long-lasting results through habits and behavioral changes. 🤓

Once you’re finished with your quiz answers, Noom analyzes your answers to determine when you’ll be able to hit your goal weight. 💪💪💪

Okay, there are a LOT of quiz questions. But that makes your results all the more accurate, and it certainly made me more confident that Noom would actually work for me. 😇

Losing weight, backed by science

We’ve all been to those annoying weight loss classes that tell us that it’s all in our minds and that we just have to be bigger than our cravings. Okay, Sandra. If I want to eat the cake, I will. 🍰❤️

But Noom tells us that they’re right – it is all in our heads. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still eat your cake and eat it too. 😏😏😏

Instead, Noom uses science and psychology to show us how our brains create relationships with food, and what we can do with that information. Will you do nothing, and remain the same weight? 🤔

Or will you use it to your advantage and create more mindful habits that breed long-lasting change? 🤗

Noom lessons

Noom - cooking the perfect salmon Pin
@noom – cooking the perfect salmon

Lessons are a huge part of what makes Noom so effective, so you need to keep up with your reading and follow the advice that they’re giving you. 😌😌

I started off this process a little weary of the lessons – how effective is reading a couple of paragraphs every morning really going to be in terms of weight loss? 

Well, it turns out VERY effective! This is what Noom is all about – using its lessons to change the way you think about food and your lifestyle. 🧐

The personalized lessons help you to grow your confidence levels, as well as your knowledge surrounding food and weight loss. 😁😁😁

Noom recommends using its lessons for 10 minutes a day, but you can shorten or lengthen this time if you’d prefer. This means that you can always fit it into your schedule –  no excuses! 😏

Noom customer support

Noom believes in supporting its users through thick and thin, so be prepared to be guided through your weight loss journey! Honestly, this was the most nurtured and loved through any company I’ve used, weight loss or not. 

It was like they were giving me a warm hug through the screen 🥰, keeping me on track and moving forward at every stumble. 

The support Noom offers you comes in all shapes and sizes, such as one-on-one coaching sessions, support groups with other Noom users, and even SOS plans. 😕😕

The SOS plans were my favorite feature, by far. They’re super refreshing and helpful when you’re considering giving up. Trust me, I was contemplating giving in all together once or twice! 😩

No matter what you need help with, Noom has a feature to lift you up and keep you on your feet. 😇😇😇

Noom tracking

Another brilliant feature of Noom is the ability to track anything and everything. From food intake to macros, exercise to water, you’ll instantly be able to see how you’re performing for the day, week, and month. 😱😱

I found it super helpful and empowering to see what I was putting into my body as well as how I was treating it. 

These tracking tools also help keep you on the path to hitting your goals by showing you what is attainable at your current pace. Can only fit in 15 minutes of exercise a day this week? That’s fine, Noom will show you how this will affect your progress timeline. ✔️

Comparison: Noom vs. Weight Watchers 

Weight Watchers is one of the most well-known and reputable weight loss brands on the market, but which is the best option for you? 🤔

Both are effective at helping its users lose weight, but Weight Watchers is more of an ongoing support system that you can use for the entire duration until you reach your goal. You’ll have weekly weigh-ins, diet and exercise tips, and a sense of community with other users. 👍👍

On the other hand, Noom offers lessons for you to use to change the way you think about weight loss so that you can change your lifestyle yourself. 🤷‍♀️ There is less weekly support, but this might be better for people who are more efficient when working independently. 

The best plan for Weight Watchers costs $50 a month. To compare, Noom’s single month cost is $60. However, you’ll get heavily discounted prices if you prepay for a higher number of months. 

For example, a 12-month plan of Noom is $199, which is roughly $17 a month. 🤑🤑🤑

Noom does not offer a point system, unlike Weight Watchers, meaning it is less restrictive than the latter. This might be better for people who struggle with restrictions. 👏👏

Overall, we think that Noom takes the cake here. While Weight Watchers might be older and better established, Noom has taken the kinks of its predecessor and smoothed them out to create a more effective weight loss program. 😊

What other customers are saying

Noom - tomato and corn salad Pin
@noom – tomato and corn salad

If ever in doubt, you can always find out a lot about a brand by what previous customers are saying about it. 🧐🧐

Noom has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars out of an amazing 60,000 reviews! 🤩 Here are some of the things customers are loving… 

“I don’t feel that I am going through a diet, but more just making easy choices that are healthier!” – Sarah

“Noom is just-amazing. It emphasizes moderation, not giving up, continuing goals even when there are setbacks, & of course, a healthy lifestyle! The daily info on the app, the 1/1 coach & group coach, & the fellow Noomers WANT you to succeed. They are all so encouraging, & give amazing advice. & the low price lets me have financial fitness, too. As one who has struggled all her life with procrastinating, eating unhealthy, not exercising, & guilt about these, I highly recommend Noom! I am doing well & sticking with it!” – Carin 

Our final verdict

To sum up, Noom is an up and coming weight loss program to watch. 😎 You’ll be supported throughout your journey as you change the way your mind thinks about weight loss and exercise. *Happy dance*

Losing weight does not have to be embarrassing or upsetting – you can feel empowered! 😍 And Noom is the perfect tool to teach you how you can change your mind’s predispositions surrounding food and your weight. 😄😄😄

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