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Our Lovevery Review


All children love getting toys as presents, so what if we told you that you could set up a subscription that would deliver a parcel full of them right to your doorstep every other month? This is the magic of Lovevery.

Seeing as you’ve clicked on this article, chances are that you already know all about this awesome company and, if you’ve got a little one, then you might be currently considering purchasing a curated play kit from them.

Designed to take the mess out of playtime, Lovevery prides itself on its creation of developmental toys that help to support the healthy growth of children, while also making the process more streamlined for parents. But, is it worth it?

To help you answer this question and decide whether or not a Lovevery subscription is the right choice for you and your baby, we’re going to be taking a deep dive look into the brand below. Let’s jump straight in.

Lovevery: Brand Overview

Created in 2015, Lovevery was initially founded by Rod Morris and Jessica Rolph, who decided that they wanted to create minimalist, simple toys that could be used to help support children’s developmental milestones, while also ensuring that they have fun.

On top of that, Morris and Rolph also set out to make the stressful process of buying toys easier for parents, hence the reason that the company is, at its core, a subscription service.

So, to make their vision come to life, both Morris and Rod set out to do as much research as they could to make the brand a success.

In the very early stages, the founders visited numerous family households to study babies and toddlers to understand what type of toys were necessary for building the perfect collection for development, while also ensuring the wellness and wellbeing of the children.

Besides observing the children, both Morris and Rolph also took the time to sit down with their parents, in order to gain insight from the parent’s perspective into what they felt were necessary for their children’s development – and it didn’t stop there.

After concluding their findings from observing children and talking with the parents, both founders then went on to spend time pulling upon inspirations taken from experts in the child development field, including researchers and practitioners, to discover what was ultimately required for the “perfect play gym”.

After months of research, Ralph and Morris finally came to the conclusion that all babies and toddlers truly required to properly support their growth and development are simple and accessible toys that are able to stimulate the child while also serving as an outlet for fun and enjoyment.

From that moment on, Lovevery was born. At the time of writing, Lovevery is headquartered in Boise, which is in the state of Idaho. However, all of their toys are currently being created and produced in Ningbo, which is a city in China.

Why you should trust us?

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Lovevery. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate products based on their quality, effectiveness and customer support.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Amy Bells, our in-house wellness and self-care expert and product tester herself!

Lovevery: Pros And Cons

Our Lovevery ReviewPin

Before we jump into the product and kit reviews, we’re first going to run you through some of the overall pros and cons of this brand, which will help you to gain a better understanding of this brand. Let’s take a look below:


  • All products go through rigorous testing to ensure that they are optimally safe for your baby to use.
  • Lovevery is an environmentally and ethically conscious company and ensures that all of their toys are created using environmentally sustainable materials, while also ensuring ethical work best practices.
  • Unlike other toy subscription services, Lovevery has a clear focus on learning and development, which is why they create toys situated around words, shapes, and even STEM.
  • All of the play kits are specifically designed to assist children during each stage of their early brain development and are suitable for children who are aged from 0 to 36 months. So, in other words, from newborn to toddler.
  • The Play Gym has been specifically designed to grow with babies during their first year, so it’s excellent value for money and ensures plenty of use.


  • Some people find that the prices of the toys are higher than average.
  • There have been issues with shipping, as well as signs of poor customer service.

So, How Does Lovevery Work?

Our Lovevery ReviewPin

If you’re currently scratching your head and wondering how this subscription works, then rest assured that you’re certainly not alone.

To break it down, Lovevery is a type of monthly subscription box that is designed to cater to your child as they grow and contains toys that are periodically upgraded to help cater to your child’s development. Sounds pretty good so far, right?

Well, there is a catch hidden in the fine print.

Even though Lovevery is a “monthly subscription” box, you don’t actually get a parcel at your doorstep on the first day of every month. Instead, it turns out that you actually get a parcel every other month, but Lovevery still requires you to pay for the subscription on the months where no toy boxes are sent out.

This is explained by the brand’s value of minimalism. Still, it’s easy to see why some customers complain about the price.

Lovevery Product Reviews

So, now that you know a little bit about the history of this brand, as well as how its subscription works – we think it’s time to talk you through some of the products!

In this part of the guide, we’re going to be breaking down some of Lovevery’s best-selling kits and sets, so that you can gain a better understanding of whether or not it’s a good fit for you and your child.

For ease of reading, we’re going to break Lovevery’s catalog into sections. Let’s take a look:

Lovevery Baby Play Kits

The Lovevery Baby Play Kits are some of the most popular kits that Lovevery offers, and are designed to help babies with their development of focus, motor skills, tummy time, communication and so much more.

At the time of writing, during the first year, a Lovevery subscription starts at $36 dollars, and each comes with a “Play Guide” that is made for parents and is filled with helpful information regarding the child’s current stage of learning development.

Lovevery Baby Play KitsPin

The Looker Play Kit

Designed for babies aged from 0 to 12 weeks, the Looker Play Kit is designed to help your little baby explore the world around them.

For this reason, this kit contains plenty of sensory objects and toys that will allow babies to explore with all of their senses, including vocally and visually, as well as to help encourage plenty of tummy time.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though – let’s take a deeper look at what this awesome kit contains:

  • Mobile: Upon opening this subscription box, you’ll notice a two-sided mobile. On one side, there are black and white stripes, and on the other, you’ll find a colorful circle pattern. This mobile is described as being the perfect way to keep your baby busy during diaper time, while also providing your baby with plenty of visual stimulation.
  • Sensory Links: Alongside the mobile, the kit also includes sensory links, which are perfect for popping on the Play Gym (if you have it) as well as on your stroller. These links will be fun to explore for your baby and will help to keep them from becoming bored as they are perfect for sensory stimulation.
  • Black and White Card Set: In the first few months of a baby’s life, babies are fascinated by high contrast images – so the black and white card set will keep your baby engaged for long periods of time as they explore the contrasting colors.
  • Complex Black and White Card Set: When your baby begins to hit around the 10 week mark their vision will develop, and they’ll no doubt find the patterns of these cards to be interesting and attention-grabbing.
  • Black and White Mittens: Alongside the two types of black and white cards, this subscription box also comes with the additions of black and white mittens, which will be able to help encourage your baby to discover their hands, work on their hand control, as well as becoming more aware of their own bodies!
  • Silicone Rattle: This silicone rattle comes with a removable ball, and is absolutely great for grasping, as well as learning how to pinpoint moving objects with sounds.
  • Wooden Baby Book: Made with sustainably harvested wood, this little book is full of pictures of animals, with contrasting colors to increase visual exploration levels.

The Charmer Play Kit

The Charmer Play Kit is the next step up from the first kit and is focused on sound and touch, as these are the senses that babies at the stage will be most interested in. The Charmer Kit is designed for babies 3-4 months old, and contains the following:

  • Wooden rattle: This is designed to make noise so that the baby can then track it.
  • Rolling bell: This bell is fun and engaging, and will help to coordinate senses/
  • Soft book: This soft book will engage the baby’s sense of touch.
  • Mirror card: For the baby to look at themselves for the first time!
  • Black and white card set: Contrast images will keep your baby entertained.
  • Crinkle bag: This crinkle bag is designed to help teach cause and effect.
  • Silicone beaded teether: To help with teething, and to also help hand grasping abilities.
  • Rubber triangle teether: To help prepare for speech and aid in teething.
  • Hand-to-hand disks: Helps to build motor skills.

The Sensor Play Kit

This next set is designed for babies that are aged between 5 to 6 months of age and are specifically designed to help your baby work on their motor skills and coordination abilities.

In addition to that, this playset is also targeted towards helping little ones explore and learn more about their bodies. Let’s take a look at what this kit comes with:

  • Spinning rainbow: This will help your baby discover their hands.
  • Magic tissue box: This magic tissue box toy will help to encourage your child to push and pull.
  • Magic tissues: These are for the tissue box.
  • Montessori ball: This toy is intended to help encourage your baby to develop their tummy muscles.
  • ‘Parts of Me’ book: A book about different parts of the body.
  • Play socks: To help your baby find their feet.
  • Tummy time wobbler: Designed to help your baby build their core muscle strength.

The Inspector Play Kit

Designed for babies aged 7 to 8 months, the Inspector Play Kit is designed to help encourage your babies to begin communicating with you and other members of your family and is also designed to help improve motor control skills.

The Inspector play kit includes the following:

  • Ball dropbox: This will help build motor skills.
  • Woodball set: This will help improve coordination.
  • Boardbook “My First Signs”: Basic signs for your baby to begin trying out.
  • Texture Cards “Things I See”: To help encourage communication.
  • First Puzzle: This will help to encourage your baby to work on their problem-solving skills.
  • Felt Ball Set: These soft felt balls are perfect for playtime!
  • Treasure box: This is perfect for filling with toys so your baby can discover and explore them.
  • Drinking cup: This will help your child to develop mouth muscles, while also encouraging them to begin forming sounds.

The Explorer Play Kit

Designed for babies that are aged 9 to 10 months, this super fun play kit is filled with a variety of immersive toys that will encourage your child to explore shapes, stack up rings on a tube, as well as build their coordination skills by filling up containers with water.

The Explorer Kit includes the following:

  • First Blocks. These blocks are perfect for playtime and building coordination.
  • Clear Tube with Stacking Rings and Ball. These are for stacking.
  • Montessori Egg Cup. This immersive game will require plenty of concentration from your baby.
  • Shapes Bean Bags This will allow your baby to learn about cause and effect.
  • Zipper Pouch to carry the bean bags, of course.
  • Little Grip Canister Set. This will require your child to fill water into containers.
  • ‘How I Feel’ Board Book A perfect book for bedtime snuggles.
  • ‘Opposites’ Board Book. A book about the concept of opposites.
  • Peek-a-Boo Blanket. A classic game perfect for playtime!

Toddler Play Kits

Even though Lovevery makes baby play kits designed to support the first year of life – it doesn’t stop there! After the first 12 months, you can then choose to continue using Lovevery, as they also have a variety of toddler play kits, too!

A step up from the baby play kits, Lovevery’s toddler play kits are more advanced and have a focus on coordination games, STEM learning, concentration, and more.

Let’s take a look at three of their most popular kits below to give you an idea of how they differ from the baby kits:

Toddler Play KitsPin

The Babbler Play Kit

The first toddler play kit is the babbler kit and is created for children aged between 13 to 15 months old.

Just like the name suggests, the babbler play kit is created to help work on your baby’s communication skills, while also containing toys that can help improve coordination and motor skills. Here’s what the kit comes with:

  • Slide and Seek Ball Run: this game is intended to help focus.
  • Bunnies in a Felt Burrow: cute, cuddle bunny toys to play peek-a-boo with.
  • Flexible Wooden Stacker: to improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Circles of Friends Puzzle: this simple puzzle is perfect for improving concentration skills and problem-solving skills.
  • Wooden Coin Bank and Coins: this game will be plenty of fun, and will help to introduce mathematical concepts.
  • Carrot Lid with Carrots: this will help to hone in on fine motor skills.

The Pioneer Play Kit

The Pioneer play kit is designed to cater to toddlers aged 16 to 18 months old, and contains a variety of puzzle shapes, beads, and even a race track! Here’s the full rundown of what this kit comes with:

  • Race and Chase Ramp. This game will help to improve your toddler’s awareness of cause and effect.
  • Community Garden Puzzle. Perfect for problem-solving.
  • ‘Max and Nana Go to The Park’ Picture Book. This picture book will help to improve your toddler’s emotional intelligence.
  • Threadable Bead Kit. This will help improve motor skills.
  • Wooden Stacking Peg Board. This game will allow your toddler to explore colors and make a tower.
  • Fuzzy Bug Shrub. This will help with coordination in both hands.

The Realist Play Kit

Another bestselling toddler play kit is the Realist Play Kit, which is a play kit that is designed to cater to children that are aged between 19 to 21 months. The realist play kit serves as a way to help toddlers prepare for the world around them as they grow into older children, and contains the following toys:

  • The Lockbox. This mechanical game is perfect for improving your child’s concentration and problem-solving skills.
  • Count and Slide Ring Chute. To help improve your child’s concentration and mathematical skills, this game will require your toddler to count and analyze the number of rings.
  • Geo Shapes Puzzle. This immersive 3D puzzle is perfect for keeping your child occupied, and will allow your child to focus and figure out what shape goes where, while also being able to explore and become familiar with a variety of different shapes.
  • ‘Bea Gets a Checkup’ Board Book. This helpful book is a great way to make your child feel comfortable about going to the doctor.
  • Quilted Critter Pockets. This game will require your toddler to match animals to the matching pocket and is a great way to improve motor skills, dexterity and focus.
  • Flashlight. For reading and playing. Who doesn’t love a flashlight?
  • Grooved Pitcher and Glass. Perfect for improving hand-eye coordination.

The Lovevery Play Gym

Lovevery Play GymPin

The Lovevery Play Gym is marketed as being the perfect partner for all of their play kits up to the first year and is something that is offered to customers when clicking through to sign up for a subscription. Designed to support the first year of life, this play gym is full to the brim with engaging toys, and contains just about everything that your baby needs!

If you’re interested in this gym, here’s a quick breakdown of what it comes with:

  • Organic Cotton High Contrast Ball. For playtime.
  • Batting Ring To help with hand grasping and coordination.
  • Organic Cotton Teether Gentle on the gums for teething.
  • Teething Ring This will help with the pain of teething and contains BPA-free silicone.
  • Black and White Card Set Ideal for the first 12 weeks – as babies love high contrast objects!
  • Mirror Card Set. This is designed to help babies see themselves.
  • Common Objects Card Set: Designed to help encourage babies to say their first word.
  • Faces Card Set: Designed to help with vocabulary.
  • Play Guide: For parents!

What Other Customers Are Saying About Lovevery

We took a look at some of the Lovevery reviews made by customers, and the feedback seems to be mainly positive. The average rating made by customers is 5 stars, and customers are extremely happy with the kits and impressed with the quality of toys, and the way it has helped their child to develop.

Additionally, on the Lovevery website, there is a page specifically dedicated to reviews, and we think that this transparency is awesome. Besides helping to drive sales, reviews also help to provide prospective customers with the chance to read some honest reviews about the company’s service, and we really respect this from Lovevery.

Sure, though there is the odd negative review here and there (which is mainly centered around the price or customer service) the majority of reviews made by customers are extremely positive. So much so, that one customer stated:

We are loving our subscription. The toys are all high quality and my baby has enjoyed every item in both boxes we’ve received so far. We’d recommend this to any new parent and plan on making this our go-to gift for any baby shower.”

While another customer wrote:

“We love Lovevery! They have such a great selection of toys chosen specifically for your child’s age and their current development. Our first subscription order came in super quick, we could wait to play with them once they arrived. We really enjoy the service they provide for parents. If you’re on the fence about this, we definitely recommend Lovevery!”

Is Lovevery Worth It?

Our Lovevery ReviewPin

All in all? Lovevery is a fantastic company that is truly dedicated to improving the quality of children’s development and early learning. Sure, though prices are a little higher than say, what you could pick up at your local Walmart or Target, the appeal of Lovevery really can’t be ignored.

Lovevery takes the hassle away from parents having to research and purchase toys by themselves, and instead allows them to simply sign up for their service, in which they will then deliver a toy box every other month – and the products are great.

From STEM to visual exploration, tummy time to hand-eye coordination, if you’re interested in making sure that your child combines playtime with educational learning, and are also able to comfortably afford the monthly payments, then we think that Lovevery is absolutely worth it.

All of the play kits are carefully designed to cater to children’s developmental needs for the first three years of life, and only contains toys that are genuinely going to be able to help move along a child’s development, while also ensuring that they’re entertained and having fun for hours on end.

We also really like the fact that each play kit comes with a playbook guide designed specifically for the parents, which is filled with helpful information about their child’s current stage of development, as well as a variety of ideas for how they and their child can use the toys.

Despite the quality of product and wide variety, there does seem to be a problem when it comes to customer service, which the brand acknowledges and is actively working on to improve.

Nevertheless, Lovevery offers an awesome 30-day return policy, makes cancellations a breeze, and is a brand that at the very least, we can say is truly dedicated to helping your child’s development, and helping them get the very best start in life.

In addition to all of that, Lovevery toys are actually fun and engaging for children – which means that you’ll have more time to yourself to enjoy a self-care routine, relax and unwind, or have more time to spend with your partner.

Where Can You Buy Lovevery?

Our Lovevery ReviewPin

You can purchase all of the Lovevery products mainly from their website, although some products are available to buy from Amazon. For the best shopping experience, we recommend shopping directly from the Lovevery website.

How Do You Subscribe To Lovevery?

If you are interested in signing up for Lovevery’s subscription box, then we’re sure that you’ll be pleased to know that the process for signing up is as simple as can be. In order to sign up for one of Lovevery’s boxes, you will need to fill in some information regarding your child’s age on the Lovevery website.

This is super easy to find because as soon as you open up the Lovery website and begin scrolling through, you’ll instantly be met with a little pop up that will be asking you this information so that the Lovevery website can then tailor it to your needs and show you a kit perfect for your child.

After being shown the subscription box, you will be shown a play kit in line with your child’s age and current stage of development, although you will also have the option to discover some more play kits, by clicking on the “more play kits” tab.

When you’re ready and have found the play kit that you want to go with, all you will have to do is click on the “subscribe now” button, where Lovevery will then provide you with a detailed list of all the different kits you will receive over the course of the subscription, as well as important information regarding your shipping schedule.

After you have skimmed through this information (don’t worry about saving or writing any of it down, because Lovevery will send you a detailed email which you can then save with shipping dates and information about play kits) you can then move on to the next section, where you will then need to decide how it is that you want to pay going forward.

The first option available to you is the 3-kit prepay, which will require you to pay $228 upfront for three kits, and you will have a total savings of $12. Then, after you have prepaid the initial three months, you will then pay a monthly subscription of $38 a month.

If you don’t like the sound of that, then the second option available for you to choose is the 5-kit prepay, which will require you to pay $360 upfront for five kits, and you will have a total savings of $40. After the initial payment of five boxes, you will then be required to pay $36 a month.

Last but not least, if you don’t want to pay a large amount of money upfront, you could alternatively choose to go for the pay-per-kit option, which means that you will pay for your box each month, whenever the shipping date is on a renewal basis. This option is the most expensive option out of the three in the long run, because you will be required to pay $40 a month.

As a side note, it’s worth keeping in mind that you can cancel any three of the options whenever you like, all you need to do is head over to your account settings, click on manage subscriptions, and go ahead and make the cancellation.

After you have finished selecting which option you would like to go with, you can then choose to also add The Play Gym if you would like to, although keep in mind that this will imply a further cost of $140.

After you have finished shopping, head over to the checkout page, where you will need to enter all of your standard shipping information, and then make the payment. You will not be required to pay any shipping, and there will also be no taxes added to the final, total cost.

How To Contact Lovevery

If you need to contact Lovevery for more information or for order help, then you’ll need to shoot them a request via their online contact form. Alternatively, if the issue is more pressing and you need an answer more quickly, you could also opt to simply speak with a member of the Lovevery customer service team by reaching out to their customer service email: heretohelp@lovevery.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Lovevery ReviewPin

Are Lovevery Products Safe For My Baby?

Yes, all of the Lovevery products undergo an extremely rigorous testing process that ensures optimum safety for your baby, as well as toddlers.

Lovery has its very own third-party laboratory that tests all of the toys that get sent out to parents for their child to play with, including rigorously testing the material and coating of each product for any phthalates, metals, and chemicals accidentally picked up from the manufacturing stage.

How Do I Cancel My Lovevery Subscription?

Even though Lovevery garners generally very positive reviews online, the company is not going to be for everyone. So, if you’d like to cancel your subscription for whatever reason, then you will need to head over to your account settings section on the Lovery website.

If you have signed up for the “pay as you go” option, then all you will need to do is click on “Manage subscriptions” and then select the option that pops up to cancel your subscription. As a side note, you will be able to cancel any upcoming shipments of a subscription box up to three days prior to the shipping date.

On the other hand, if you are a customer that has already prepaid for subscriptions, then you can also go ahead and cancel your subscription via the “Manage subscriptions” section of the Lovery website. The only difference is that you will then be refunded the remaining balance of the subscriptions that you have paid for for the rest of the year, and you will also be unable to have any of the prepaid discounts.

If you would like to learn some more information about how Lovevery’s cancellation policy works, we recommend heading over to their website here.

What Is Lovevery’s Return Policy?

Lovevery’s return policy is quite simple, although there are some things to keep in mind. After a subscription or product has been purchased from Lovevery, you will then have a time slot of 30 days to return your products to Lovevery.

All of the products you have sent back will need to be returned in their original packaging, and you will also be required to fill out a request form on their website, as well as provide your reason for returning, including your order number.

If the return is accepted by Lovevery, then Lovevery will issue you a prepaid return label for the order to be sent back to their HQ, and you will also then be issued a refund, which can take a few weeks to be processed and then deposited into your bank account. Keep in mind that if you are in Canada, this process could take a little bit longer.

How Long Does It Take For Lovevery Subscription Boxes To Be Shipped?

As a general rule of thumb, all of the Lovevery orders are shipped the next business day after an order has been placed. However, orders that have been placed after 2 pm MST time on a Friday will then be shipped the next business day – which works out to be the following Monday.

In addition to this, if you’re ordering within the USA, then you can expect your orders to arrive anywhere between 5 to 7 business days. However, for Canadian orders, you should expect this delivery window to have a slightly longer duration of 7 to 14 days.

Nevertheless, as soon as your order ships, you will then receive any information that contains all of the information necessary to track your order so that you can see its whereabouts.

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