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Our Lomi Review

Lomi Composter Pin


👍Composts almost any food waste
👍Easy to use
👍Small and compact
👍Stylist, looks good in a kitchen
👍3-year extended warranty
👍International shipping


👎High price point
👎You’ll need to replace filters regularly

Ratings Breakdown


Lomi is made of premium material with a design that traps odors while it works. It’s stylish yet doesn’t compromise on quality, and looks great in any kitchen.


It’s expensive, but one that might be worth it and it will last you a lifetime.


Thousands of raving reviews praise the ingenious invention. It helps to turn food waste to compost, which you can use for your home’s garden.


Lomi gives a portion of its sales to charities that support communities, such as 1% For The Planet.

1. We absolutely love Lomi, a kitchen composter which turns your food waste to compost at the push of a button
2. Made with the world’s leading innovators unlike any other on the market. 😎
3. Glowing reviews from 2,900 customers, 4.7 out of 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
4. Featured on Forbes, Martha Stewart, Buzzfeed, and many others!
5. Every purchase supports community charities such as 1% For The Planet and more.

What Lomi is

Lomi Composter Pin

Lomi is an easy to use, mess-free and fuss-free countertop waste compactor, which transforms your garbage into nutrient-rich dirt. It couldn’t be easier to use: Simply put all of your food scraps, coffee grounds and even your old Pela phone cases into Lomi, and at the click of a button, Lomi breaks down all of your waste. 😳

Lomi is able to break down almost any kind of waste: Think fruits and veggies, animal products, food, yard waste and all Lomi-Approved products (eg: approved bio-plastics, including Pela’s compostable food cases).

This genius invention was created by Pela, a brand that started 8 years ago with a mission to have a positive impact on the environment through improved composting. This started out with the world’s first compostable phone case, and they’ve innovated further since then. 💯💯💯

As it stands, the Lomi has most definitely struck a chord with consumers, having been sold out for more than 12 months and finally coming back in stock now. 🤩  We’ve put together this quick review to bring you up to speed on all you need to know – so you can snag your unit before it runs out of stock again! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻🏃‍♂️

Why you should trust us

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Lomi. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate products based on their quality, effectiveness and customer support.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Amy Bells, our in-house wellness and self-care expert and product tester herself!

How we tested Lomi

Okay, so I’m all about reducing my carbon footprint and my household waste as much as possible. But it can be much easier said than done to rescue household waste – especially when it comes to a family of four food waste. 😲😲

When I heard about the Lomi composter, I knew I had to give it a go. The price was a little eye-watering, sure. But if it was going to help my plants and the environment, I was in.

Shipping was super fast and, before I knew it, I had the Lomi set up in my kitchen. Setting up was also really easy thanks to the instructions, and I found myself wanting to eat something just so I could put the waste in my new gadget. 😎

Soon enough, the kids all wanted a snack. A discarded banana peel from the two of them, along with one of my own, went straight into the Lomi. 🍌🍌

I did have to stop myself from pushing the button there and then. It was an agonizing wait until dinner when I could fill up the bucket with leftovers from my two picky-eaters. 

However, after Id’ finished cleaning up, the bucket was finally full. After a touch of the button, I heard magic happening. I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet the operation was, actually. 🥳

We were all able to sleep soundly while our Lomi worked through the night. After 12 hours, the machine finally shut off. 

Amazingly, we were left with absolutely no leftover food scraps! All we had to show for them was a small handful of compost. 😍😍

It was a little less than I was expecting – we had a lot of food waste from the night before! Still, the fact that all of the food waste was converted into compost was amazing. My plants were very happy with their boost of nutrients.

I have now been using the Lomi composter for two months and it has become my best friend. It works into our routine perfectly, and we can use it twice a day depending on how much waste we have. 

One of the biggest differences I have noticed within these two months is the reduced smell of old food in our kitchen. Lomi keeps the smell trapped in the bucket instead of it having to sit in our bin for an entire week.

This household loves Lomi! 🤩🤩🤩

How Lomi works

Lomi Composter Pin

In a stunning display of technological prowess, Pela has found a way to make trash odorless, and well, useful. 😎

Essentially, Lomi uses heat, abrasion and oxygen to break down organic waste into smaller fragments, just like how earthworms break down and mix plant tissue into soil (just without any smell and mess!) 🐛 Fragmented waste then provides more surface area for microbes to accelerate the composting process, allowing for a quick turnaround time. ⏩⏩⏩

The result? A natural source of soil nutrients that increase the organic content of soil, helping boost plant growth and soil enrichment. ☘️🌿🌱

The entire process is also odorless, thanks to Lomi’s carbon filters. It breaks down food waste before it even begins to stink, allowing for your home to be free from any decomposing odors.

To use Lomi, simply select from 1 of its 3 preset modes:

  1. Grow: The most gradual mode which breaks down waste in 16 to 20 hours, relying on low heat to preserve the microorganisms and bacteria that is most helpful to soil. 🌱
  1. Eco-Express: An express mode which breaks down waste between 3 to 5 hours, ideal for anyone who wants fastest results with low energy consumption. 📈
  1. Lomi-Approved: A unique mode that is able to break down approved bio-plastics and compostable commercial goods in addition to food waste, in around 5 to 8 hours. ✔️

Each of these modes guides Lomi through the 3 main stages of composting, while maintaining ideal conditions for microorganisms to thrive. The sensors in Lomi then ensure proper moisture content, warm temperatures and plenty of oxygen to create the optimum conditions to speed up the natural decomposition process. This also stimulates aerobic decomposition (decomposition by microbes that require oxygen), which is the most efficient and rapid way of composting with minimal odor protection. ✌🏻✌🏻

With Lomi’s help, the decomposition process that would otherwise normally require several months to complete can now be accomplished in anywhere between 5 to 26 hours! 🚀🚀🚀

How often you use Lomi depends on the amount of waste you and your household produce. The maximum capacity of Lomi’s bin is 3 liters, but users are encouraged to fill it to three-quarters full for best results. The brand has found that on average, a family of 2 may use Lomi right around twice a week, while a family of 4 may use it once a day. Given the speed at which Lomi operates, most users will find that the turnaround of Lomi is sufficiently quick to allow them to use Lomi as many times as needed in any given week. 👍🏻

If you’re worried about the sound that Lomi makes, you can be rest assured the Lomi’s sound production is on par with other small countertop appliances, that being less than 60 db. That’s akin to the sound a coffee maker and modern dishwasher makes, but nothing close to a blender or a food processor. 

Lomi’s accessories

Lomi Composter Pin

While this wonderbot can already turn your dirt into magic, the brand offers some add-ons which help the machine to accomplish even more. 😉

In particular, the brand offers LomiPods which are a pack of tiny tablets containing helpful microorganisms. By simply adding a LomiPod into your Lomi (while running it on the GRow Mode or Lomi Approved Mode), and a little bit of water, the LomiPod activates to add more soil-enhancing, plant-friendly nutrients to your Lomi dirt. 🌴🌴🌴

In addition, your Lomi also comes with your first set of activated charcoal, to be used in filling up your filter housing to prevent orders. For best results, the activated charcoal should be replaced every 3 months or so. While any activated charcoal would work, the brand offers the sale of this charcoal as a one-stop shop for customers.

To make things even more hassle-free, Pela offers a quarterly subscription option for both its LomiPods and activated charcoal, make it totally convenient for Lomi regulars to get everything they need on a rolling basis. 🤓

How much it costs

The Lomi retails for a total of $499, but the brand has thoughtfully come up with a deposit and servicing model: With a deposit of just $49, the brand offers a 3-year extended warranty period and LomiPods + Filters for just $11 per month (to be billed annually). Furthermore, Pela offers a 1 year happiness guarantee, such that if you face any issues at all with your Lomi in its first year of use, the company will repair or replace the unit or refund your money altogether. 🥳

Comparison: Lomi vs. Vitamix Composter

Lomi and Vitamix are both household composters that can reduce your carbon footprint and household waste. But which is better? 🤔

The Vitamix composter is slightly smaller than the 16 x 13 x 12 inch Lomi, at 12.5 x 11 x 14.2 inches. This means that it will take up slightly less room on your kitchen surface, but not by much. 

Both of these machines are similar in energy efficiency, and both use a carbon filter to remain in control of odors. 🤢

Lomi has a better capacity than Vitamix, with this being 3L and 2L respectively. This means that you’d have to use the Vitamix more throughout the day to compost as much waste as the Lomi. 

This might be difficult, however, as the Vitamix has a short cycle length of 7-8 hours (can this be classed as short??). In comparison, a short cycle length for Lomi lasts between 3 and 5 hours. 

Lomi also has better reviews from past customers than Vitamix. I think that Lomi is the clear winner here, despite the price being slightly higher. It is well worth the extra money. 😁😁😁

What other customers are saying

Lomi Composter Pin

Lomi’s website is full of rave reviews for this ingenious product, and it’s not hard to see why.

One user writes, “Two young constantly snacking children is no joke when it comes to food waste let me tell yah. Admittedly, as the boys get older, their food waste has been driving me nuts. As a family we’ve been going full nerd mode on turning our household food waste + anything compostable into literal DIRT at the end of our days with this UNBELIEVABLE (quite truly) machine whipped up by a few ingenious trailblazers.”

Another user writes, “@getlomi, this thing is insane. We have chickens so we feed them all our good scraps, but plenty of our food waste is not chicken friendly. I fill Lomi up with all kinds of food scraps, egg shells, coffee ground even BIO PLASTICS… I wait until first thing in the morning to run her (note my bed hair) so that she’s running off of our solar panels- and just 6 hours later I have fresh compost to be turned into our soil for the garden! You can even compost your old iPhone @pelacase in here. Eliminating food waste and feeding our garden, this is the future 🥰

The Lomi is also attracting praise from numerous magazines and news outlets such as the New York Times, CNET, and Daily Mom, making Lomi one of the most talked about inventions of the decade.

Lomi for you?

If you’re looking for a simple, fuss-free solution that helps you to deal with your garbage, the Lomi is pretty much a one-size fits all solution which has added benefits for earth-lovers, avid-gardeners, or anyone who’s simply trying to do their part for the environment. In our humble opinion, the sheer fact that Lomi provides an effective solution to dealing with garbage in the home is reason enough to jump right in. I mean, who doesn’t wanna make their lives a little easier, right? 😜

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