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Our Lashify Review

Lashify Control Kit Pin

Within the beauty industry, there are many different options for each product, especially when it comes to items such as lashes. You could go through and try many different ones, one by one until you find the one that works best for you…but that would be a waste of time and money. 

Instead, many people will look up reviews, so that they can get a better idea of what the product is like, and whether it is worth trying it out. 

If you have ever wondered about the highly popular Lashify Lashes, then you need not wonder anymore, as we’ve compiled a full review that includes everything you need to know about this product and more! This way you will have the information to make up your mind, and choose whether you want to give them a try or not. 

Let’s get right into it! 

What is Lashify?


Let’s start off by clarifying and going into more detail about what exactly Lashify Lashes are. 

Lashify is essentially a luxury beauty brand, and it specializes in lashes, with a system that is unique and patented. Their most iconic product is the Gossamer lashes, and they also have plenty of other lashes, along with many different lash accessories. 

This unique and patented lash system that they use is what has launched the brand into stardom, as their lashes are incredibly popular, and Lashify has a big following on both social media, and as a customer base.

On top of that, the Lashify brand is used by different celebrities that claim to love the lashes, meaning that this luxury beauty brand has also been featured on many important media sources within the world of beauty, such as Vogue, US Weekly, Glamour, Who What Wear, Elle, and many more. 

And let’s be honest, if a celebrity is wearing these lashes, you can bet the public will soon follow, so Lashify is definitely doing well in that regard, and is considered one of the tops in the industry.

And even significant makeup artists have talked about this brand, with Lashify having had many collaborations with them so that the lashes get on the radar even more! 

So if for some reason, you still hadn’t heard of these lashes, now you certainly have! 

Origin of Lashify

Every beauty brand has an origin story, so what’s the deal with Lashify? Where did it come from? And why is it doing so well? 

Well, Lashify Lashes was founded by Sahara Lotti, in 2016. Up to date, Sahara Lotti is still the owner and CEO of the company, and the headquarters are located in North Hollywood, in California. 

Sahara Lotti claims that the reason she founded Lashify, is that she could not find a lash that met her standards, anywhere in the world. And so, she set out to fill that particular gap in the market, and it took off immediately, and is still increasing day by day! 

In fact, the brand has 70 different patents, and 50 different trademarks, pretty impressive! Among these, the most iconic in the brand are the patent-pending underlash technique, the patented Gossamer lashes, and the internationally patented Fuse Control Wand. 

But the quality of the products isn’t the only reason the brand is doing well, it also comes down to the values that the company itself upholds, and that Sahara Lotti believes in. This includes equality, people of all colors, and fierce women. The brand also believes in having full transparency for all their products, and for striving towards the best quality possible in everything. 

Lashify also deeply cares about its customers, and the brand is well-known for offering one-on-one complimentary video calls with a Lashify educator, that will roughly last for around 20 minutes and they are used to help customers learn to apply the lashes properly so that you know exactly how to use the product and you have any questions or doubts resolved. That’s definitely an above and beyond kind of service! 

And if all of that wasn’t enough, the Lashify brand also believes in supporting animals. The brand is known for regularly donating to the Road Dogs and Rescue charity, and to Bobzilla.org. 

If we take all of these things into account, it’s clear that the Lashify brand originates from a passion for high-standard lashes, and the founder and the company as a whole believes in important values that they collectively uphold, as well as going above and beyond with their customers and with causes for the greater good. 

It is no wonder, therefore, that Lashify quickly became successful, and that it has become increasingly popular year by year. 

Lashify Products


Now that we’ve talked about the brand itself, where it comes from, and what it stands for, it’s time to talk about the actual products that Lashify offers. As the name suggests, the brand focuses on high-quality lashes, along with different accessories related to everything lashes. 

Here is a pros and cons overview of Lashify products as a whole, before we get into more detail: 

Pros of Lashify products:

  • All lashes are known to be highly comfortable 
  • The Lashify lashes are designed to keep your natural lashes healthy and undamaged
  • High-quality, meeting all the best standards
  • All products are completely cruelty-free
  • Installment payments are available on select products
  • One-on-One complimentary video calls to help customers apply the lashes properly 
  • International shipping is available 
  • Free domestic shipping on orders above $45

Cons of Lashify products:

  • The lashes do not always stay on for as long as advertised 
  • As a luxury brand, they are more expensive than other lashes
  • There is no international shipping to China 

As an overview, Lashify has way more pros than cons, so it’s safe to assume that most customers find them completely worth it. Not to mention that some of the cons are justified. A higher price is to be expected when the products are of higher quality, and China requires animal testing on all imported beauty products, and as Lashify is cruelty-free, it makes sense for them to not do business there. If anything, it’s admirable, as they are sticking to their morals, instead of expanding the customer base. 

But let’s take a more detailed look at some of the main core products of the Lashify brand: 

Lashify Fluffy Truffle Gossamer Lashes


The Fluffy Truffle Gossamer Lashes by Lushify are natural-looking and highly flattering, with a shade that combines black and chocolate brown. They provide a full and fluffy look, hence the name of the product, and they include varied and multidimensional lashes so that your eyes are enhanced to their best. 

They have a strong curl, so they appear to be slightly shorter than what they are (Something to remember when picking the length), and they are made with 100% Premium Korean PBT Silk, which is why they have a softer look compared to most other lashes. 

They are available as a set of 12, with each one having 52 individual fibers. They sell at a retail price of $25, but you can also choose to pay through an installment of four interest-free payments of $6.25. 

The lashes are 1mm thick, and the different lengths available range from the F8 (8mm) to the F18 (18mm). 

Lashify Curl Gossamer Lashes

The Curl Gossamer Lashes by Lashify are designed to provide a doe-eyed look, with a D Multi-Curl that causes a big and bright-eyed effect. The shade they come in is completely black, which paired with the curl of the lash, makes them a bold look. 

These lashes are made from 100% Premium Korean PBT Silk, making them soft and high-quality. Each lash features 35 individual fibers. 

They come in sets of 12 lashes, and they sell for a retail price of $20. Alternatively, you can pay through a four-payment installment of $5. 

The lashes are 0.07mm thick, and the lengths they are available in, range from 8mm to 18mm.

Lashify Amplifier Gossamer Lashes

The Amplifier Gossamer Lashes, by Lashify, are designed to amplify in a natural-looking way, so much so that it will barely look like you are wearing false eyelashes at all! They are light, wispy, and subtle, with a soft J Curl that will give you the long eyelashes look without even needing makeup. 

They come in a shade of black and are marketed as an effortless and subtly glamorous look. 

These lashes are made from 100% Premium Korean PBT Silk, with each lash featuring 35 individual fibers. They sell for a retail price of $20, but can also be paid through four installments of $5. 

Each pack comes with 12 lashes, and they have a thickness of 0.07mm. As for the lengths, they range from 8mm to 18mm.

Lashify Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond

Lashify Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond Pin

The Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond by Lashify isn’t a set of lashes, instead, it is a product that has been designed to hold the lashes in place over your natural eyelashes. Keeping false eyelashes on is usually the biggest worry, so this product is pretty important! 

It is available in either a clear shade or a black shade that will add to your look. It features a Biotin and Micro-Flex technology, so that it protects the roots of your natural eyelashes, preventing any damage. It is also made in an ISO-approved manufacturing facility in Korea, and all the ingredients used are completely safe and suitable for sensitive eyes. 

The product also comes with a Micro Mascara applicator, and with an Aubex applicator, and it sells for a retail price of $28. Alternatively, you can pay through four installments of $7.

Lashify Night Bond

The Night Bond by Lashify is one of the key products within any Lashify lash routine. It is essentially a product that has been designed to protect the lashes while also securing them on, to avoid them from moving about or falling off during the day. 

Within the routine, this product is used after the Whisper Light and the Fuse Control, and it basically adds longevity to the grip of the lashes. It also amplifies the look, as it comes in a shade of black for an even bolder appearance. 

This extra-strength lash hold product sells for a retail price of $23, but it can also be purchased through four installments of $5.75.

Lashify Melt Away

Getting your false eyelashes to stay on is pretty important, but something that can be as equally challenging is taking them off once you’re done with them. Especially if you use products with a super-strength hold, to secure them on. 

The Melt Away product by Lashify is a lash and eye makeup remover that will help you take off the lashes in a delicate and safe way. It contains a lot of moisture so that it nourishes your natural eyelashes to keep them healthy and undamaged, and it is also completely safe around the eyes, so you can use it without worrying. 

Basically, this product will allow the lashes to gently slide off, with no pain and no struggle. The product is also completely hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive eyes. Plus, you can get it in a TSA-friendly 80ml bottle, as well as in a larger 200ml bottle, so you always have enough of it. 

The Lashify Melt Away sells at a retail price of $21, but can also be purchased over four payment installments of $5.25.

Lashify Pre-Cleanse

Lashify Pre-Cleanse & Melt Away Pin

The Lashify Pre-Cleanse product is one of the first products that you should use within your lashes routine. It essentially gets your natural eyelashes ready, before you apply the false ones on top. 

The Pre-Cleanse removed any leftover oil or makeup so that the false lashes are able to secure onto them properly, without anything interfering with the process.

It is a Japanese Cleansing Water, and it can also be used as a toner for removing makeup quite effectively. It is completely hypoallergenic, and it is also non-comedogenic. 

It is available in a TSA-friendly size, for a retail price of $31. Alternatively, you can purchase it over four payment installments of $7.75.

Lashify Control Kit


The Lashify Control Kit is a kit that comes with everything you need in order to get started with using lashes. It features the Fuse Control Wand, a Dual-Sided Whisper Light Bond, a Glass Sealer, and a set of the iconic Gossamer Lashes that define the brand. 

This kit is absolutely perfect for beginners that are starting out with Lashify, and it has been designed as such. You can choose between 12mm lashes, or 14mm lashes, and you can also choose between a black or white kit, as well as being able to choose from three different Gossamer lash collections. 

With the kit, you get to choose either:

The A Gossamer lashes: Amplify Gossamer, very natural looking and subtle

The B Gossamer lashes: Bold Gossamer, with thick fibers for a bolder look

The C Gossamer lashes: Curl Gossamer, with a strong curl 

This way, although the kit is for beginners, you still get to customize and choose according to your own personal preferences, which offers a good balance of variety that allows the kit to be ideal for anyone. 

On top of this, purchasing the Control Kit will give you access to the Lashify Concierge, as well as a complimentary one-on-one training session with a Lashify professional, so that you can properly learn how to apply the lashes. 

This Lashify Control Kit sells at a retail price of $145, but it can also be purchased over four payment installments of $36.25. 

Lashify Luxe Box

The Lashify Luxe Box is considered a luxury product, designed for the most loyal of customers that use Lashify lashes on the regular. 

It is essentially a subscription service, from which you will get up to a 50% discount on all Gossamer lashes. You can choose to receive this subscription box either every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, every month, or every 2 months. The variety in subscription times makes it perfect for different needs and preferences! 

If you want to cancel the subscription, you can do so after the first two deliveries, so you’re not trapped in it for too long if you change your mind, which is also great. 

With the subscription box, you can choose from a few different options of Gossamer lashes: 

  • The Core Collection of Gossamer lashes (for $10)
  • The Intimates Collection of Gossamer lashes (for $10)
  • The Prismatic Collection of Gossamer lashes (for $12)
  • The Volume Collection of Gossamer lashes (for $18) 

However, it isn’t just lashes. You can also get other products, such as bonds or cleaners, and you will get a 10% discount on them. Basically, this subscription box is a regular supply of Lashify products, with a continuous deal on the prices, so that loyal customers are rewarded and encouraged to continue with the brand. 

What Other Customers are Saying


Now that we’ve taken a more in-depth look at some of the main Lashify products, it’s worth looking into what the general public and clientele think of Lashify as a whole. Or in other words, it’s time to look at the average customer reviews of the brand. 

On the official Lashify website, almost all of the reviews are incredibly positive and full of recommendations for the brand. Some of the ratings for the different main products, on the official site, are as follow: 

  • Fluffy Truffle Gossamer Lashes: 4/5 stars
  • Curl Gossamer Lashes: 5/5 stars
  • Amplify Gossamer Lashes: 5/5 stars
  • Whisper Light Dual-Side Bond: 5/5 stars
  • Night Bond: 4.5/5 stars
  • Pre-Cleanse: 5/5 stars
  • Melt Away: 5/5 stars
  • Lashify Control Kit: 4.5/5 stars

As for Trustpilot, which is known for compiling reviews of well-known brands, and is pretty trustworthy to get an idea of the general consensus of a brand, Lashify is rated as a 4.5 out of 5 stars, on the whole, which is impressively good. 

The only negative comments that can be found are about the lashes not lasting as long as they thought, or of customer service sometimes being hard to get a hold of. Nothing on the quality of the lashes themselves. 

On Reddit, which is the go-to place for all those honest truths and unfiltered opinions, Lashify also does really well, with most reviews praising the quality of the brand. In fact, most of the Reddit posts are about how people switch to Lashify, to never go back to any other type of lashes. 

So overall, the general public agrees that Lashify is a pretty good brand, with excellent lashes that are loved by almost everyone! 

Should you use Lashify Lashes?

Lashify Lashes Pin

Okay, so we’ve covered a lot of information so far, and it’s time to get to the important question. Is Lashify worth it? 

As an overall answer, if you regularly wear lashes and are looking for a high-quality brand that is customizable and ethical, then yes. Lashify is 100% worth it. Here are some of the main reasons why we think Lashify is worth it as a brand:

  • Quality:

The Lashify products are all renowned for their high quality and the high standards that they comply with. They are well-designed, well crafted, and the variety means there is something for every preference and need. 

  • Price:

Lashify is more expensive than other lash brands, but the quality of the product makes it absolutely worth it. Plus, many of the Lashify products can be purchased through payment installments, which makes it a lot easier on the finance side of buying. 

  • Customization of the products: 

Many of the value kits and packs can be customized to include your favorite range or collection of Lashify products, so that you get what you want, and not just what they offer. The variety is amazing, and they put a lot of attention to detail. 

  • Values of the company: 

The company itself is amazing, with all of the products being completely cruelty-free. They uphold values of equality, diversity, and female empowerment. And on top of that, the company is known for donating to animal causes! 

Besides, good lashes will help you feel a lot more confident, and can quickly become a part of your self-care routine. Feeling better about yourself can be as simple as putting on a pair of lashes, and your overall wellbeing can be boosted!

Where can you buy Lashify Lashes?


If this review article has made you want to rush to buy a pair of Lashify lashes, you might be wondering where exactly you can purchase Lashify products. 

There are two options for this:

  • Purchasing Lashify products online:

For this, visit the official Lashify website at Lashify.com 

  • Purchasing Lashify products in store: 

For this, visit a Lashify store. There is one in New York City, and one in Los Angeles. 

Lashify Discounts

Lashify is currently offering 10% off your first purchase when you use the discount code WELCOME10 on checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply Lashify lashes?

When you purchase Lashify lashes, you get a complimentary one-on-one video session with a Lashify professional, so that you can learn how to properly apply the lashes. But just in case, here are the main steps:

  1. Prepare your lashes

Use the Pre-Cleanse Lashify product to ensure that your natural lashes are completely clean, with no leftover oil or makeup. The area around your eyes should be completely clean. 

  1. Use bond

Apply some Whisper Light Bond onto your lashes, concentrating the product on the base of the lashes. You should wait between 30 seconds and a minute, and then apply another layer of the bond. This will protect your natural lashes from damage, and prepare them for the false lashes so that they can be secured. 

  1. Apply the Gossamer lashes

Choose your Gossamer lashes and apply them with the help of the Fuse Wand. (This should be done once the bond has dried). You should apply lashes 2mm above the waterline so that you can still see the roots of your natural lashes. Apply the Gossamer lashes gently, and have patience. Practice makes perfect! 

  1. Fuse the lashes

Fuse the Gossamer lashes to your natural lashes by using the curved end of the Fuse Control Wand. This will help them remain secured and will give your lashes a seamless look. 

  1. Seal the lashes

Apply some Glass product to the underneath of the lashes, close to the root. This will seal in all the previous products so that your lashes are secure and waterproof.

Does Lashify ruin your natural eyelashes?

Lashify does not ruin natural eyelashes. In fact, Lashify lashes have been designed to be gentle and soft, so that your natural lashes are completely safe, and remain undamaged. The Lashify routine also includes a bond that adds a protective layer onto your natural eyelashes, before the Gossamer lashes are applied on top. 

What is the Lashify Return Policy?

You can return most Lashify products within 30 days of their purchase. If you are returning a kit, all of the products from the original package must be included, unused. 

Take into account that all costs relating to shipping and handling feed will be subtracted from your refund, so you won’t get the full price back. 

When returning the product, you will have to provide a tracking number for your original order. You will then have to wait between 2 to 3 weeks for the refund to be processed. You might also be asked to provide images or descriptions of the issue you encountered, or for the reason for your returning the product. 

By the end of it, you will get either a refund (minus the shipping and handling costs), or some store credit. 

How can you contact Lashify?

The Lashify company can be contacted in the following three ways:

  • Through a contact form, on their official website (Lashify.com)
  • Through email (concierge@lashify.com)
  • Through text (323-543-4400) 

How do you remove Lashify lashes?

Lashify lashes can be easily and gently removed with the help of the Lashify Melt Away product, which has been designed for the removal of lashes and makeup. Use a cotton pad or similar to apply the product onto your lashes and eye area, leaving it there for a few minutes. 

The lashes should then gently slide off, without pulling at your natural eyelashes underneath. 

How long do Lashify lashes stay on?

Lashify lashes are mostly designed to be used daily and removed before going to sleep. However, they can also be worn non-stop for up to around 10 days. 

After those 10 days, the Lashify lashes will begin to disintegrate, as they are not designed for long-term use, and they are instead designed to be gentle and light to prevent damage to your natural eyelashes. 

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