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Our Glossier Review

Our Glossier ReviewPin

Boasting bubblegum pink beauty products that are oh so Instagrammable – if you haven’t heard of Glossier yet, where have you been?

Characterized by a millennial approach to beauty and with over 2.7 million IG followers, Glossier is a brand that has the seal of celebrities and it-girls alike – but is it actually worth the hype? Below, we uncover.

Amongst the stellar marketing and pretty in pink packaging, it can be easy to get sidetracked by the appeal of having a glossier hero sitting on your skincare shelf. But, apart from the glitz and glam of the modelesque aesthetic, Glossier is, at its core, a skincare brand.

With that being said, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be the type to place a keen focus on formula efficacy when choosing a skincare product, rather than how nice it might look on your IG feed. Although, admittedly, Glossier’s packaging is pretty cute.

Nevertheless, as a skincare brand first and makeup brand second, Glossier’s products need to perform, and that’s where we come in to lend a helping hand.

Below, we’re going to be putting some of Glossier’s bestsellers through their paces, as well as taking a deep dive look into Glossier as a whole, including early roots to customer reviews.

So, Is Glossier just a pretty face? Or is this a skincare brand that can rival some of the big players in the industry? We guess you’ll just have to read on to find out.

Glossier’s Beginning


Found by Emily Weiss back in 2014, Weiss initially began her career within the beauty industry as a beauty blogger for her solo-owned beauty blog at the time – Into The Gloss.

Thanks to her beauty blogging roots, Weiss was given the opportunity to work with a variety of beauty brands for collaborations and sponsorship deals, which then led to her uncovering that many household favorites were struggling to resonate with the millennial crowd.

After discovering this, Weiss began mulling over what it would take to create a beauty brand that could translate to a young and modern audience – to which she asked herself the question: “How could you create a beauty brand whose sweatshirt people would want to wear?”

Alongside this disconnect that helped to bring Glossier to life, Weiss has also stated that during the time of Glossier’s creation, she was noticing a huge shift in the way that people were using beauty and skincare products.

Instead of relying on the opinion of a fashion or beauty expert, Weiss was beginning to notice a move towards individual style and creativity, and this shift only grew stronger with the rise of Instagram and other social media channels.

It was this very notion of using beauty products as a means of creative expression that gave Weiss the inspiration to create Glossier as we know it today. Here’s what Weiss has to say about what inspired her to create Glossier:

“When I started Into The Gloss, I wanted to make beauty as much of an element of personal style as fashion. As I interviewed hundreds of women, I became more and more aware of how flawed the traditional beauty paradigm is. It has historically been an industry based on experts telling you, the customer, what you should or shouldn’t be using on your face.”

Why you should trust us?

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Glossier. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate beauty products based on their quality, effectiveness and customer support.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is medically reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Zoey Low, our in-house dermatologist, wellness expert and product tester herself!

Glossier’s Social Media Rise


Weiss’s hunch that there was a striking gap between the needs of everyday women and men, and what the beauty industry was actually offering at the time turned out to be correct.

At the time of Glossier’s creation, social media hadn’t reached the dizzying heights that it has today, so, paired with the good fortune of Instagram just beginning to take off – Glossier’s social media stardom seemed to be written in the stars.

Not only that, but as Glossier’s social media presence has grown and grown (at the moment, Glossier’s Instagram page is currently sitting at a pretty impressive 2.7 million follower count) one thing has remained the same – and that’s Glossier’s relatability.

Unlike other leading beauty and skincare brands that go down the traditional route of million-dollar advertising campaigns, Glossier has always taken a more authentic approach to their marketing style, and this is something that has truly resonated with millennials.

Rather than opting for mega-expensive photoshoots that are entirely out of touch with the demographic they are trying to sell to or creating a brand identity that is unattainable to the average millennial consumer – Glossier cuts straight down the middle and opts for boomerangs and iPhone photos over traditional advertising tropes, and this marketing move lines up perfectly with the type of millennials that follow them.

Just think of Glossier’s brand personality as that of your favorite Internet big sister. Plenty of feminine chics, a focus on natural beauty, and a playful, tongue-in-cheek attitude that opts for relatability over unattainability.

All things considered, it’s hard to dislike Glossier, and easy to see why they’ve amassed such a cult following as a skincare, beauty, and wellbeing brand.

Glossier’s Hero Products

If you’re not overly familiar with Glossier’s products (or simply want to learn a little bit more about what makes them so popular) then this section is for you! Below, we’re going to be talking you through some of Glossier’s best-selling beauty products. Let’s take a look at each one:

Milk Oil Makeup Remover

Glossier Milk Oil Makeup RemoverPin

If you know a thing or two about makeup removers, then we’re sure you’ll already be well aware that most oil-based makeup removers have a tendency to leave a greasy residue across the complexion.

Straying away from this reputation, Glossier’s Milky Oil contains an innovative micellar-water additive that will be able to rid your pores of any debris and makeup like a magnet, and the best part?

It will be able to do all of this without congesting your pores or leaving a greasy, weighed-down feeling in its wake.

What’s more, seeing as it’s designed to be used in conjunction with a cotton pad, it means that you won’t have to worry about rubbing or causing any irritation across the surface of your skin, resulting in cleansed and clear skin ready for the next skincare step.

Lash Slick Mascara

Glossier Lash Slick MascaraPin

Even though Glossier initially started off as a skincare brand with four products, its popularity as an all-around beauty brand has allowed them to venture into both fragrance and makeup!

The Lash Slick Mascara is another one of Glossier’s best-selling beauty products, and this mainly comes down to its buildable quality designed for the everyday beauty lover that wants to look good without having to be an expert in makeup to do it.

It has a flexible formula that is able to enhance the beauty of your natural lashes and contains tiny little fibers that will be able to coat every one of your individual lashes from the root to the tip in order to create a beautiful definition that won’t look as though you’re wearing 10 coats of mascara.

It also just so happens to be water-resistant and enriched with biotinyl tripeptide and provitamin B5, which means that besides making your lashes look good, they’ll make your lashes healthier and thicker in the long run, too.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Glossier Milky Jelly CleanserPin

Perfect for the colder months or complexions in need of a little extra TLC, the Milky Jelly Cleanser is a daily cleansing product that will help to clean away makeup, oil, and surface debris from the surface of the skin, while also locking in plenty of nourishment and moisture.

Wondering how it does it? Well, for starters, the Milky Jelly Cleanser has been formulated with five skin conditioners (including skincare star Pro-Vitamin B5) that will help to leave your skin feeling silky soft, and nourished, rather than tight and stripped.

Plus, instead of containing the traditional soap that is used in most other cleansers, the Milky Jelly Cleanser contains a soap named Poloxamer, which is the exact same cleansing agent that is found in contact lens solutions.

Thanks to that, it means that you’ll be able to use this cleanser with the peace of mind that it’s gentle enough to be used across your whole complexion, including the delicate eye area. Does it get any better than that?

It’s a fantastic choice for those looking to incorporate a little more wellness into their everyday lives.

Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick

Glossier Generation G Sheer Matte LipstickPin

So much more than lipstick, this small but mighty lip product can be used as blush, eyeshadow, on the tip of the nose, and, of course, the lips!

Available in a variety of universally flattering lipstick shades, this natural lipstick is designed to be a “lip color that gives the look and finish of just-blotted lipstick, without the blot”.

Regardless of which out of the six lipstick shades you are wearing, each formula contains a subtle pigment that will be able to adapt to the natural color of your lips, which will enhance the color rather than change it.

Due to this, each Generation G lipstick will look slightly different on everyone, which will allow for a totally individual color tailored to you.

Plus, thanks to the matte texture, it means that you’ll be able to swipe it on whenever, wherever you want – regardless of whether you’re on the busy commute or heading for after-work drinks. It’s a winner!

Glossier You Perfume

Glossier Glossier You PerfumePin

As we mentioned above, long gone are the days when Glossier was a modest 4-product business! Solidifying themselves as a leading beauty brand all-rounder, Glossier has recently begun to introduce fragrance into their catalog of bestselling products, and You just so happens to be a bestseller.

Designed to smell like you, this Glossier perfume contains opening top notes of sparkling pink pepper, which will help to revitalize your senses and make you feel ready to take on anything.

Then, after the initial top note mellows, you’ll get a warm and sensual heart of ambrette seeds and creamy iris, while a lingering base note of ambrox will leave an alluring trail wherever you go.

Besides the note composition, Glossier also states that when they designed this fragrance, they designed it to purposefully leave it open-ended.

So, no matter what your day looks like or what type of energy you want to bring, Glossier’s You is a fragrance that needs you to be complete! It’ll add the perfect finishing touch to your self-care routine, or even for those days when you need an extra boost of confidence.

Glossier Nice To Knows

  • All of Glossier’s products are dermatologist tested.
  • All of Glossier’s products are cruelty-free and vegan.
  • Glossier is a brand dedicated to sustainability and has taken steps to reduce its footprint by discontinuing sending out plastic sticker sheets with each order, as well as making all of its shipping boxes out of 100% recycled materials.

How Do You Contact Glossier?

If you need to reach out to Glossier regarding a question about picking a skincare product or you need some help regarding an order that you have made, then you can reach Glossier’s customer service team at the following email address: gTEAM@glossier.com.

In addition to this, if you need the answer to something urgently, then you could also opt to check out Glossier’s help and FAQ section on their website, which you can find here.

On Glossier’s website, there is also an email available for any business or collaboration inquiries for bloggers and similar content creators: brand@glossier.com.

Where Can You Buy Glossier?


If you feel like treating yourself or a loved one to some Glossier products, then the best way to shop Glossier’s products is directly from the Glossier website.

Alternatively, you could alternatively choose to shop from two of Glossier’s flagship stores, which are based in New York City and Los Angeles. We also recommend that you check for any temporary pop-up stores in your area, as Glossier does do this from time to time.

Besides Glossier’s official website, you could also choose to shop Glossier products via Amazon, although it is worth keeping in mind that products on Amazon tend to be placed at a slightly higher price point than Glossier’s official website.

What Other Customers Are Saying About Glossier


One of the best ways that you can determine whether or not a product you’re considering purchasing is worth it is by checking out the reviews!

Luckily enough, Glossier has a dedicated review section on every single product page, which will allow you to gain a more authentic, unbiased view of what you can expect to get.

We really like this from Glossier, as it means that they are offering total transparency to their customers – which is not something that you see too frequently. So, let’s see what some of Glossier’s customers are staying below about some of Glossier’s bestsellers:

After trying out Glossier’s coveted Hand Cream, one reviewer wrote “I’ve been obsessed with this since launch. The consistency is light but moisturizing, the scent is my favorite and it doesn’t cause bumps or anything. I use it all over. Please don’t ever discontinue this’ ‘ while another reviewer wrote about the Milky Jelly Cleanser, “This is my non-negotiable favorite cleanser. Every other cleanser I’ve tried leaves my face feeling dry and tight especially if used twice a day. I use this morning and night with no issues! It just leaves my face feeling soft and ready for more skincare.”

After trying out the Priming Moisturizer, one happy reviewer wrote, “I have been using this product on and off for four years, and when I pick it back up again I always remember why I love it so much. The texture is brilliant, it’s moisturizing without being too heavy, and IT DOESN’T BREAK ME OUT.”, while another customer who purchased the ever-popular Soothing Face Mist wrote
“I have very sensitive skin that gets irritated even just with water so this has been a godsend”.

All in all, the majority of Glossier reviews tend to be very positive, with most of them coming with either a 4 or 5* rating.

Nevertheless, just like with everything, it is worth noting that there are some critical Glossier reviews out there – with the majority of them criticizing product sizes and how it feels on their skin.

However, it’s clear to see that Glossier genuinely does care for its customers, and this is clearly demonstrated from their LiveChat (which is available throughout the day) that can be used if you have any questions or issues, as well as their Gteam customer service email – which has a quick reply rate.

Want to check out some more genuine, authentic reviews written by real Glossier customers? Just click here!

Is Glossier Worth It?

So, should you splurge on a few Glossier products? With a tagline of “beauty products inspired by real-life” and a lifestyle aesthetic that will make you feel as though you’re enjoying your very own slice of it-girl luxe, Glossier’s products are clearly way more than just pretty packaging and a lucky marketing scheme.

Just think about it. Natural ingredients? Check. Thoughtful design? Check. Affordable prices? Check. If that wasn’t enough, Glossier even has the seal of approval of dermatologists throughout the world, which is considerably harder to obtain than, say, a shoutout from a leading influencer or celebrity.

Are the products really worth the hype, though? The ultimate answer to that will come down to your personal preference and opinion. Nevertheless, say what you will about Glosser – there’s a reason why all of their products have amassed a cult following over the past 8 years.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Is Glossier So Popular?

Unlike some of the other skincare brands dominating the industry, Glossier has had the unique opportunity of gaining success by following a direct-to-consumer marketing strategy that places emphasis on reaching customers via online media channels (aka, Instagram) as well as having a demographic of mainly millennial consumers.

Plus, instead of opting to go for a brick and mortar store, Glossier from the very beginning opted to go down the e-commerce route, as well as gaining a considerable social media presence which certainly helped springboard the brand into skincare stardom.

How Did Emily Weiss Start Glossier?

Emily Weiss initially started out by raising a whopping 2 million via seed funding, which then allowed Weiss to launch Glossier way back in 2014. Initially, Glossier had a considerably small skincare catalog of just four products, including a face mist, a skin tint, a lip balm, as well as a moisturizer.

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, and at the time of writing has over 200 people employed, more than 3 million customers (with that figure growing every day) as well as a wide portfolio of products, including quite a few bestsellers that have a cult following.

Can You Buy Glossier In The UK?

Unfortunately, unlike other parts of the world, there are currently no physical Glossier stores situated in any part of the United Kingdom.

However, it is worth noting that there is a pop-up Glossier currently located in Covent Garden, London, although there is no saying as to whether this pop-up will remain a permanent fixture, or whether it is only a temporary pop up.

Nevertheless, if you are currently residing in the UK, you can join in on the Glossier love by simply opting to shop directly from their website, although keep in mind that you will have to pay for shipping costs.

This does mean that you will be unable to actually patch test products or feel their texture prior to purchase, which can be quite an issue seeing as skincare is so personal.

This is especially true if you have particularly sensitive skin or would simply like to check prior to parting with your hard-earned money whether or not you actually like the product.

To counteract this issue, we recommend that you consider purchasing some mini-sized or travel-sized skincare products from Glossier so that you can test out the formulas prior to committing to the full price.

Alternatively, you could also check out some honest Glossier skincare product reviews on Youtube.

Where Does Glossier Ship?

At the time of writing this, Glossier currently ships to every state in America, Canada, the UK, and Puerto Rico, and a few countries within Europe. These countries include Sweden, Denmark, and France, and there is currently no word from Glossier whether or not they will ship to a wider variety of countries currently within the European Union.

Like we mentioned, this is the case at the time of writing this, so for an accurate list of where Glossier currently ships, we strongly urge you to head over to the official Glossier website, where you will be able to take a look at their delivery and shipping section, where you will then be able to find all of the relevant information regarding whether or not Glossier ships to the part of the world you live in.

As a side note, it is also worth noting that if you happen to live in more remote areas of the world such as Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and certain parts of Canada, you may find that you experience a delay in how long it takes for your products to arrive at your doorstep.

Alongside all of this, Glossier also states that their ultimate goal is to ship everywhere around the world, as well as to open up physical stores, both standalone and pop up.

Does Sephora Carry Glossier?

Currently, at the time of writing, Sephora does not carry Glossier, so you will be unable to purchase any Glossier products from their stores dotted around the world.

For the best range of Glossier products and best prices, we recommend that you simply opt to shop directly from the Glossier website, especially as they tend to run regular discounts.

Do Dermatologists Recommend Glossier?

Seeing as Glossier’s brand motto is “Skincare first, makeup second” it should come as no surprise to hear that Glossier doesn’t just have the seal of approval of Instagram’s elite.

Alongside influencers and celebrities, Glossier also ticks the boxes for many medical professionals, who recommend the brand’s simple and highly efficacious formulas to people of all skin types – even those with sensitive skin.

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