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Our Glamnetic Review

Our Glamnetic Lashes ReviewPin

If you are the type of person that loves to wear makeup, then you have probably come across false eyelashes before.

False eyelashes can make you feel amazing, take your makeup look from a 6 to a 10 in seconds, giving that extra wow factor that you have been looking for!

The only problem is that they are so difficult to apply. We’ve all been there. You put a thin strip of glue on the lashes as instructed, wait for it to get tacky, and start pressing them into position.

The lash either sticks to your finger, or sticks to one corner of your eyelid and not the other. I can’t tell you how many tantrums I have had trying to get my lashes on before a night out!

Luckily, our prayers have been answered, and we now have magnetic lashes. These lashes stick on with ease with magnetic eyeliner for simple, quick and efficient application.

One of the most popular magnetic lash companies flooding the market is Glamnetic Lashes.

Glamnetic Lashes are the perfect option if you’re a lash extension lover, and you want your lashes to have that wow factor. If you’ve tried the rest, and you’re looking for the best solution for luscious, voluminous lashes, the Glamnetic is for you.

So, what actually are Glamnetic Lashes, and are they worth the hype? This review will take a look at the company, the products and tell you everything you need to know about Glamnetic Lashes before buying!

What Are Glamnetic Lashes?

Glamnetic LashesPin

Glamnetic is a brand that creates magnetic eyelashes, eyeliners and accessories for both men and women.

The purpose behind Glamnetic lashes is that false eyelashes are notoriously hard to apply, the glue can be tacky, sticky, and make it difficult to stick them in the right places…and so the magnetic eyelash was born!

Glamnetic is now a multimillion dollar company, with a huge brand following of over 368K on Instagram, and over 66K Facebook followers.

The CEO of the company has also been hailed by Forbes magazine due to her problem solving skills when it comes to creating authentic, original beauty products that all can enjoy.

Forbes states: ‘In a sea of beauty startups, eyelash brand Glamnetic is proving that focused vision and innovation can lead to multi million dollar success.

With such a glowing record and success story behind the brand, let’s see if the company lives up to its reputation, and what the products are really like!

Why you should trust us?

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Glamnetic. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate beauty products based on their quality, effectiveness and customer support.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is medically reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Zoey Low, our in-house dermatologist, wellness expert and product tester herself!

Overview Of Glamnetic Lashes

Glamnetic LashesPin

Whilst the company has achieved fame, success and a glowing reputation, what are the products really like? Let’s take a quick look at the overview of the brand!

Glamnetic Lashes were launched in 2019 by CEO Ann McFerran, who is a self made millionaire, entrepreneur and eyelash enthusiast. Her love of beautiful false eyelashes led her to create the company after she spent too many years struggling to apply the lashes with hard to use glue and difficult lash removal.

As an avid user of false eyelashes, McFerran noticed a gap in the market, where the application of eyelashes did not have to be so hard.

As a result, she created Glamnetic Lashes; a range of magnetic eyelash products that solved the problem. The company has since gone on to achieve over $50 million in sales within the first year, and continues to average over seven figures a month!

Glamnetic Lashes currently operates from Los Angeles, in California at its headquarters.


  • Wide range of magnetic lashes, magnetic eyeliner, false nails, and lots of accessories suitable for both men and women.
  • Lashes range includes real mink lashes, along with an extensive range of vegan lashes in different shapes, lengths, sizes, and styles suitable for various eyes.
  • Includes a virtual try on and suitability quiz on the Glamnetic website.
  • Can reuse the eyelashes up to 40 times, so is worth the money
  • Can get free shipping US and Canada for orders over $30


  • Main problem seems to be issues with accessing customer service to rectify shipping/delivery and return problems.

Glamnetic Lashes Product Line

Glamnetic Lucky Lash

Glamnetic Lucky LashPin

Who doesn’t love a cateye look? The Glamnetic Lucky Lash is a bestseller due to its glamorous and alluring look.

The Lucky lash provides lots of volume, but with natural looking wispy lashes. With a fan on the outer corner, thes lashes scream Hollywood siren.

The Lucky Lashes are made from faux mink, which makes them perfect for those who live a vegan lifestyle, and are 12-133 mm in length. They are also pre-cut, ready to apply without adjustment.

For an everyday look that makes you feel pretty, feminine and graceful, the Lucky Lash will have you covered.

Wellness is so important these days, and these lashes will make you feel so good about yourself!

Glamnetic Viral Lash

Glamnetic Viral LashPin

These lashes are called Viral for a reason, as they are incredibly popular. For a Marilyn Monroe look, you will want to invest in these pretty, wispy and rounded lashes.

They are also suitable for all eye shapes, with immense curl, volume and fluffiness.

The Viral Lashes are also made from synthetic, vegan, mink fibers for extra dimensionality.

However, you can trim these lashes to fit your eyes perfectly for a natural, yet wowing eye-makeup look.

Glamnetic Livin’ Lash

Glamnetic Livin’ LashPin

If you are looking for a very natural lash look, then opt for the Livin’ lashes. The Glamnetic Livin’ Lash is a popular style indeed.

These lashes are short and wispy, making for a natural yet glamorous look. They are also handmade from the highest quality fibers, with 100% real mink, for extra curl and dimensionality.

What users love about these lashes is that the Livin’ Lashes are lightweight, waterproof and sweatproof for a long lasting look that you can rely on. At only 11mm in length, you can use these lashes for a barely there look, or for everyday wear!

Glamnetic Eyeliner Product Line

Magnetic eyeliner is the key to the adherence of the Glamnetic eyelashes, so you will need to know what we think about these!

Glamnetic Magnetic Liner

Glamnetic Magnetic LinerPin

The Glamnetic magnetic eyeliner is an essential if you want to try out these lashes. This is the only way they will stick to your eyelids, as the magnets work to attract and attach the lashes to the eyeliner.

This liquid liner eyeliner is available in either Black or Brown, and is beautifully pigmented for a lasting, longwear look. In addition, the magnetic eyeliner is smudge proof and sweat proof, so you do not have to worry about your eyelashes falling off after a few hours wearing this liner.

It is recommended that you do a patch test on your skin before using this on your eyes just in case you have an allergic reaction to the formula.

To use, simply shake first and use the applicator to glide the product along the upper lash line. Then apply your lashes, and remove with an oil based makeup remover when you are done.

The only real issue is that you have to purchase the magnetic eyeliner separately from the eyelashes, which can be a little costly.

But when you factor in that you can use it to reapply false eyelashes up to 40 times, it is cheaper than buying a new pair every time you want to use them!

Glamnetic Soo Future! Magnetic Eyeliner

Glamnetic Soo Future! Magnetic EyelinerPin

The Glamnetic Soo Future! Magnetic Liners are felt tip, making it simple to create that perfect cat eye flick. You can also purchase this product in Black or Brown, but Glamnetic do offer other style eyeliners in bright, pastel colors if you prefer that.

With an easy to use applicator and precise tip, you can create thick, outlined eyes, or light, thin and perfect flicks for any occasion. If you are not so good at using a liquid liner, then this magnetic eyeliner pen will be just right for you.

In addition, this eyeliner is also smudge proof and fast drying, for a simple, quick and efficient application. What is even better is that the formula lasts all day and is completely waterproof!

Glamnetic Lash Kit Product Line

Glamnetic Fantastic Four

Glamnetic Fantastic FourPin

If you love glam makeup looks, then you will want this lash kit. It includes four full, fan-like false lashes and the Glamnetic Magnetic Eyeliner. In this kit the Lavish Lash, Lust Lash, Luxe Lash and Lush Lashes are included, all of which are made of 100% premium mink.

They each come with 6 magnets for maximum hold, and are trimmable to any length. In addition, Glamnetic promises that they last for up to 60 uses, and come with a special magnetic case to keep them safe and clean for the next time!

These lashes are also adjustable, wind proof, waterproof and perfect for long lasting wear. With a Glamnetic Lash kit, you will never have to worry about having dull eyelashes again.

What other customers are saying

Glamnetic LashesPin

Don’t just take our word for it. Let’s take a look at what Glamnetic customers really think of the products. We looked into how Glamnetic is performing on Trustpilot. Out of 438 reviews on TrustPilot, 58% are Excellent, whereas 5% are Great and 3% are Average.

There is unfortunately a total of 29% Bad reviews on Trustpilot currently. The bad reviews seem to be mostly about items that never arrived, delayed deliveries, poor customer service and missing items in orders.

Overall, it seems that Glamnetic has a 3.7 star rating on Trustpilot. We also delved into some reviews left on Amazon. On Amazon, Glamnetic Lashes have a 3.9 rating out of 5 stars.

One reviewer states that these lashes are: ‘Probably the easiest falsies to apply ever’ and that ‘they are not uncomfortably heavy,’ and that they would ‘seriously recommend to those who don’t know or are bad at putting on falsies’.

On the other hand, other reviewers said Glamnetic lashes were ‘lightweight and clicked right away’ and that they had ‘tried other magnetic lashes from the drugstore, and they kept lifting in the corner.’ It seems that users love the extra magnets for secure adherence in the corners of the eye.

It seems that the overall reason for poorer ratings and reviews is down to bad customer service. Whilst the products themselves seem to do well and are incredibly popular, the trouble that customers are having resolving issues seems to drag the reputation of this brand down.

So, are Glamnetic Lashes really worth the hype? Let’s see.

Are Glamnetic Lashes Worth The Hype?

Glamnetic LashesPin

The main reason people are on the fence when it comes to buying Glamnetic Lashes is because they are unsure whether they live up to the hype, and they actually do what they say they will.

Well, for the most part, Glamnetic Lashes seem to be highly efficient, popular and easy to put on.

However, there are some concerns as to how the eyelashes fit and look when worn. The best way to avoid ill-fitting lashes is to actually purchase them from a store such as Sephora.

Then, you will be able to see the actual size, style and shape of the lashes in person to tell whether the look will work for you.

This also cuts out the middleman, and you will not have to worry about shipping times or delivery issues, which seems to be the main bugbear for a few customers.

In addition, some customers like a specific look and shape when it comes to their lashes. For example, some people prefer to trim their false eyelashes down to ensure that they fit perfectly to the natural shape of the eye.

You can still do this with Glamnetic lashes as there are six small magnets on each lash. Therefore, you can actually customize the lash to fit your face perfectly.

The good thing about Glamnetic lashes is that there is such a huge range of eyelashes to suit everyone. From natural, wispy lashes, to cat eye looks and full, fan-like lashes that give you that bombshell or goddess look, Glamentic has lashes for you.

The main issue seems to be lashes looking different online than in person, and so ordering online can leave you with something different than you expected.

We would recommend that you make sure you know exactly what shape and size you are buying before making a purchase, and be aware that you cannot open the packaging before returning.

As long as you do not open or use the eyelashes, you will be able to send back the wrong styles for you with ease. So, have a little fun with it, practice some self-care and try out these easy to apply lashes for your next big event!

Glamnetic discounts

Glamnetic LashesPin

If you are thinking of trying out Glamnetic Lashes for the first time, you may be seeking a discount or promo code to sweeten the deal. Luckily, when you head to Glamnetic Lashes online, you can unlock a Mystery Offer that will be sent to you directly.

There is no knowing what the actual offer will be, hence the phrase Mystery Offer, but you could be lucky and score big!

Glamenetics also offer occasional discount codes on their website, and promo codes for free shipping in the US and in Canada, so keep your eyes and your eyelashes peeled!

Frequently Asked Questions

Glamnetic LashesPin

If you have any more queries and questions regarding Glamnetics Lashes, then check out this useful Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

Are Glamnetic Lashes Safe For Use?

Glamnetics is a reputable company, and has done everything possible to ensure that their products are safe for use, and have therefore thoroughly tested all of the products that they sell.

For instance, the eyeliner used to adhere the lashes is made with the same ingredients as normal eyeliners and mascaras that consumers are used to.

In addition, the formulas contain no parabens or heavy metals, and the iron oxide found in the magnetic products are proven to be non toxic.

However, you should always exercise caution when using products around the eyes as it is a very delicate and sensitive area.

Are Glamnetic Lashes FDA Approved?

Glamentic Lashes are made with iron oxides that are fully FDA approved, which means that they are safe to use on the skin and around the eyes. The eyelashes and other products are also proven to be non toxic.

Does Glamnetics Use Real Mink For Lashes?

Mink is an incredibly popular type of fur used to make eyelashes, which comes from the mink animal itself. Unfortunately, Glamnetic does use real mink for some of their eyelashes for a fuller effect.

However, Glamnetic also offers vegan eyelashes in a range of styles that you can use as an alternative.

Are Glamnetics Lashes Vegan?

No, not all Glamnetic Lashes are vegan, but they do offer a wide range of vegan options. These are made out of synthetic mink fibers, and are also reusable.

How Many Times Can You Reuse Glamnetic Lashes?

With the proper care and maintenance, you can reuse your Glamnetic lashes up to 40 times. However, you will need to ensure that the false eyelashes are properly cleansed after every single use, and stored in the magnetic case provided.

In addition, you may have to purchase extra magnetic eyeliner separately to keep using your lashes time and time again.

How Do You Put On Glamnetic Lashes?

The beauty of the Glamnetic lash is that it is so simple to apply. All you need to do is apply the magnetic liner to your lash line. Then, adhere the lashes to the magnetic liner just as it is nearly dry and press down onto the liner so that they connect.

Make sure that lashes are fully adhered to the liner, and wear with confidence! To take them off, simply pull the false eyelashes away from the eye, and wash the liner off with an oil based makeup remover.

How Long Does Glamnetic Take To Ship?

The good news is that Glamnetic ships all over the world. For US orders, most will ship out within 48 hours, and should arrive between 2-7 days after.

In addition, for those in the US and Canada, orders over $30 will have free shipping, and can take 3-8 business days to arrive.

For standard shipping, you can expect to pay $5, which will take 3-5 business days, whereas Expedited Shipping is $15 and arrives in 2 business days. You can also choose Overnight Shipping which will be $50 and takes 1 business day.

Glamnetic also provides International Shipping for locations outside the US, and in UAE locations. However, there will be additional charges as shipping will have to be paid for, and duties and taxes covered.

For these orders, shipping charges will be calculated at the checkout depending on your location, and shipping can take anywhere between 8 and 14 business days.

Please be aware that holiday periods may cause a delay in the despatch and the shipping of your order.

What Is Glamnetic Return Policy?

If you order from Glamnetic, and are not satisfied with the order, you are able to return it. For instance, if your order arrived damaged or you are not happy, you should contact Glamnetic customer services within 14 days of the item being delivered.

In order to return the item, you will need to ensure that it is in new condition, unused, and in the original packaging.

Glamnetic will not accept returns if the lashes have been used, or if they were purchased anywhere other than Glamnetic. For example, if you purchased from Amazon, you cannot return to Glamnetic for a refund.

To start your return, you will first need to email support@glamnetic.com. Then write, Return Request in the email subject line, and include your order number, reason for return, condition of the item and photographic evidence of the item in the body of the email.

Then, Glamnetic will respond and process your return, sending you a return label and instructions to help process your return and refund quicker.

How Do You Remove Glamnetic Lashes?

The removal process of your Glamnetic Lashes is actually very simple. All you need to do is pull the false eyelash off your eyelid, and clean the magnetic liner away with waterproof makeup remover or coconut oil.

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