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Our Dr. Squatch Review



👍Made of organic ingredients
👍Good for sensitive skin
👍Huge variety of scents
👍Incredibly fun brand
👍30-day return period


👎Can be expensive
👎Only available in the US

Ratings Breakdown


Dr. Squatch soaps are made with the finest organic ingredients – and they’re also completely natural!


Their soap are slightly more expensive than those that you’d find elsewhere, but you’re paying for quality.


Thousands of raving reviews with customers saying how luxurious their soap made their skin feel.


Dr. Squatch regularly donates to charities, and hospitals to support local causes.

1. We tried their soap – it’s luxurious and calming feeling, true to social media hype!
2. Made with only natural ingredients – the finest mother nature has to offer! 😁😁😁
3. Dr. Squatch offers a subscription so you’ll never run out of your new favorite soap again
4. Glowing reviews from 49,266 customers, 4.3 out of 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
5. Featured on Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, GQ and more!

What Dr. Squatch has to offer

Dr. Squatch Soap Pin

We know what you’re thinking – do men actually care about their body care regime enough to actually invest in a brand like Dr. Squatch?

In a nutshell – our answer’s yes, and even if they don’t, they should. Dr. Squatch is encouraging men to pay a little more attention to their body care – and even indulge in this while they’re at it! 🙊🙊🙊

In fact, the brand noticed that for generations, traditional mass-market brands had been stripping natural ingredients from personal care products to make production cheaper and faster. As a result, men have been forced to settle for lackluster products packed with harsh ingredients, chemical irritants and unnatural smells. 😔

With this in mind, the creators of Dr. Squatch have a simple yet ambitious mission: To raise the bar on men’s personal care products. How? By using all natural products, which do not contain any harmful ingredients, and which are specifically formulated for men to serve their needs. 😎

As niche as Dr. Squatch’s products sound, they certainly have resonated with throngs of consumers and have developed quite the following. With more than 500,000 followers on Instagram and having been featured by the likes of Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, GQ, it’s safe to say that there is a market for men’s body care products – and a big one at that. 🧑‍🦱👨🧑👨‍🦲🧔👴

Why you should trust us

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Dr. Squatch. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate men’s grooming products based on their quality, effectiveness and customer support.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This Dr. Squatch soap review is medically reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Tom West, our in-house men’s grooming and wellness expert and product tester himself!

How we tested Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch Collection Pin

I’ve always been interested in all-natural products free of chemicals, irritants, and preservatives. But, with my experience, I’ve always found these products lackluster when it comes to testing them out. 😩

I never feel quite clean enough when I use these products – I don’t know why, but I feel like they’re not tough enough to use everyday. Sometimes I just need to feel squeaky clean! 🧼

On the other end of the spectrum, I have also tried natural soap and haircare that are way too stripping, leaving my skin feeling dry and itchy and my hair feeling brittle. 

After a couple of uses of each natural product, I’ve slowly reverted back to the synthetic alternatives. 

So, when I heard about Dr Squatch I was excited by the prospect about testing a new natural product out, albeit a little skeptical. 

I started by ordering the Squatch Originals bestselling bundle, which included 11 soap bars scented: Pine Tar, Grapefruit IPA, Bay Rum, Gold Moss, Alpine Sage, Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt, Cold Brew Cleanse, Cool Fresh Aloe, Birchwood Breeze, Fresh Falls, Spearmint Basil

With so much choice, it was difficult to decide which I should use first! After much deliberation, I went for Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who hang fresh eucalyptus leaves 🍃 from their shower head 🚿, so I had high hopes that this Dr. Squatch soap might give me the illusion of just that.

Well, it certainly did not disappoint in terms of its scent! It was so fresh that I felt like I was standing in a field of fresh eucalyptus bushes – seriously! 😍 The smell was a little underwhelming when I first took the soap out of the packaging, but as soon as it touched the water my entire bathroom was flooded with the delicious scent. 

After I had finished my shower 🚿, I was slightly worried that my skin would shrivel up and dry down to an itchy mess. However, my worries were for nothing as the creaminess of the bar had translated onto my skin and left it feeling hydrated and yummy. 😋

Since our initial test, I have tried out half a dozen more of the soaps I got and they’re all as calming and moisturizing as each other. My Dr. Squatch soap review is positive. This is the best natural soap I have ever tried, I’m so happy that I found Dr Squatch! 🧼

Dr. Squatch’s bar soap: classics reinvented

Dr. Squatch Collection Pin

Bar soap are generally regarded as the prime way to get the best bang for your buck. They don’t cost much, and generally last for ages (at least in comparison to a bottled liquid soap which seems to vanish in no time at all). 

But the problem with bar soap is that they tend to generally all smell the same: They’re often overwhelmingly scented (often florally) and come in the standard white piece without much variation or excitement. 😑

That’s where Dr. Squatch has cleverly reinvented the classic bar soap by introducing a whole new level of natural goodness and masculine scents.

At its core, what sets Dr. Squatch soap apart from the general store brands’ is the way their soap is made: The old-fashioned way. As opposed to standard bar soap which exclude glycerin (which helps produce soothing and moisturizing properties you’d want in a soap!) and are much more similar in nature to detergent, Dr. Squatch cold-processes its natural soap, allowing glycerin to form naturally in their soap bars from plant-derived oils. 🌿🍃🌱

The result is a quality product which use natural oils that nourish and protect your skin. Say goodbye to soaps that dry you out, or which contain skin irritants that bog you down. 👋

Check out this quickfire video put together by Dr. Squatch which gives a perfect introduction to their handmade soap – it’s garnered more than 116 million views (yes, you got that right) Hilarious, we know. 😂

Making good scents

Dr. Squatch Soap Pin

But perhaps the most exciting feature of Dr. Squatch soap is the fact that they’ve managed to concoct a whole range of masculine scents, with each bar also featuring a different “grit” level to indicate how much exfoliation you’d be getting out of that bar soap. 😎

The flavors include:

  • Pine Tar – Smells like an old growth forest and has a heavy grit for exfoliation
  • Bay Rum – Smells like island tropics and spice, has zero grit
  • Fresh Falls – Smells like a crisp forest waterfall, and has zero grit
  • Birchwood Breeze – Smells like a crisp birchwood forest, and has medium grit for exfoliation
  • Wood Barrel Bourbon – Smells like barrel aged bourbon, and has a medium grit for exfoliation
  • Cool Fresh Aloe – Smells like a fresh spring morning and has zero grit
  • Alpine Sage – Smells like a mountain breeze and has zero grit
  • Cedar Citrus – Smells like orange infused cedar and has zero grit
  • Deep Sea Goats Milk – Smells smooth and fresh and has medium grit for exfoliation
  • Grapefruit IPA – Smells like citrus and hops and has zero grit
  • Gold Moss – Smells like earthy oak and has zero grit
  • Spearmint Basil – Smells like mint bliss, and has zero grit
  • Eucalyptus Yogurt – Smells like a eucalyptus burst, and has medium grit for exfoliation
  • Cold Brew Cleanse – Smells like coffee and brown sugar and has heavy grit for exfoliation

These flavors above don’t even include their limited edition flavors which are usually introduced seasonally. For example, as I’m writing this review Valentines’ Day is just around the corner, and Dr. Squatch has introduced a “Bow Chika Wow Wow”, based on the “irresistable scent of strawberries and chocolate.” #wowow indeed. 🤩

In keeping with their Star Wars collection, the brand also offers a set cheekily dubbed “The Finest Soap in the Galaxy”, featuring a “Wisdom Wash” in honor of Yoda (lotus leaf flavored), the “Only Hope Soap” in honor of Obi-Wan Kenobi (flavored with Bentonite Clay) and the “Dark Side Scrub” in honor of Darth Vader (flavored with sand), and more. ✨

Now, we totally get that you’d probably be spoiled for choice and a little lost, so the company’s helpfully put together a simple “Soap Quiz” to help you identify which Dr. Squatch soap best matches your scent preference and lifestyle. If you’re still in a pinch, check out a compilation of the brand’s own top recommendations, depending on your body’s needs and preferences:

Best bars for daily use: Cool Fresh Aloe, Gold Moss, Grapefruit IPA

Best bars for exfoliating: Pine Tar, Cold Brew Cleanse (Note: The brand has reminded customers that exfoliation involves actively removing dead skin, so it’s important to scrub gently and to use caution when applying to sensitive areas. Lotion afterwards as needed. If you’ve got sensitive skin, it may be best to stick with smoother and softer bars.)

Best bars for oily skin: Pine Tar, Cedar Citrus, Spearmint Basil

Best bars for sensitive skin: Deep Sea Goat’s Milk, Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt, Cool Fresh Aloe (Note: While Dr. Squatch’s bars haven’t been formulated to be hypoallergenic, they’ve had many customers report positive results while using the soaps!)


Each soap bar also has a shelf life of around 24 months, but given how quickly you’d be using these up, we don’t think that’ll be too much of a bother.

Dr. Squatch estimates that each bar of soap may be used for around 2 to 3 weeks, though this will of course vary depending on your lifestyle, the amount of lather, the amount of body hair, and a whole bunch of other differentiating factors. 

With the frequency of turnover with these bar soaps, it’s imperative that you find a way to get in a steady supply, all whilst getting the best bang for your buck. That’s what we discuss in the next section.

How to buy Dr. Squatch’s bar soaps?

Dr. Squatch Soap Pin

Each bar soap retails for around $7 per piece. While this may seem at first to be starkly more expensive as compared to grocery store alternatives, we’ve discussed above how the premium ingredients and thoughtful scents and textures justify fetching such a high price.

In addition to selling natural soaps individually, the brand also offers a multi-pack option with either 2 or 3 bars, each selling at $7 each. Given that there isn’t a discount offered on buying multiple bars at a go, the multi-pack mainly serves the purpose of convenience, if anything.

But if it’s value you’re looking for, the subscription model offered by Dr. Squatch offers the best deal. 

By subscribing to Dr. Squatch soap, you’d receive quarterly shipments of soap featuring 3, 6 or 9 bars of soap each. The subscription is also billed on a quarterly basis. The discount you’d be enjoying here is $1 off per bar, which is just around 14% off. In addition, subscription members get to enjoy free shipping on all subscription and one-off orders, so further savings do stack up too!

Personally, we appreciate the subscription model not just because we’re offered some savings, but the convenience of knowing that you’ll never run out of soap. Since soaps are something you know for a fact that you’ll continue to need for the foreseeable future, it makes perfect sense to get on board with a subscription that’s practically hassle-free

Even if you changed your mind and wanted to cancel your subscription, or wanted to change the scents or products in your subscription, these can easily be done through a user account created on Dr. Squatch’s own website. Subscriptions may also be skipped or delayed if you foresee yourself traveling for a period of time. Like we said, hassle-free!

Dr. Squatch’s hair care

Dr. Squatch Shampoo & Conditioner Pin

Now that the body’s all taken care of, we turn to what Dr. Squatch has to offer for our luscious locks.

Thankfully for us, Dr. Squatch offers shampoos and conditioners to meet this very need.

Dr. Squatch shampoos

Formulated with the same intention of staying all-natural with their ingredients, the brand offers 3 different scents of shampoos to strengthen and cleanse your strands, all of which are free of sulfates and parabens: Cypress Coast, Pine Tar and Fresh Falls.

Each of the 3 scents all include the same 3 key ingredients, oat proteins, jojoba oil and honey, which all work hard to protect, replenish and fortify your hair for strong, smooth strands.

The shampoo is formulated to be used 2-3 times per week, with each occasion using just a nickel-sized drop followed by a “massage like you mean it.

Here’s another incredibly funny shampoo commercial from Dr. Squatch.

Dr. Squatch conditioners

As a close pairing, the brand also offers a conditioner product in 3 scents: Pine Tar, Fresh Falls and Cool Citrus. 

The conditioner features 3 other key ingredients, shea butter, avocado oil and menthol. Shea butter and avocado oil deeply moisturize, nourish and condition the hair, while a hint of cooling menthol soothes the scalp. The brand also vows that its conditioners are free of harsh chemicals, and are also sulfate and paraben free.

Interestingly, the conditioners have been formulated for daily use – so those looking to get an added boost of lusciousness in your locks, this conditioner’s for you!

Getting into Dr. Squatch’s hair care

Similar to their organic soap, Dr. Squatch’s shampoos and conditioners are sold in individual bottles, which retail for $14 and $16 each respectively. Both the shampoo and conditioner are sold in multi-packs of 2 or 3 bottles, though these one-time purchases do not offer any discounts.

Instead, opt for the quarterly subscription model which gives a discount of $2 per bottle (roughly a 14% discount). Stack the hair care products with the bar soaps in a single subscription for added convenience – and to make sure your shower stays stocked at all times! 👌👌👌

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a lower commitment to the brand, but are still on the hunt for a good deal, check out the hair care kits, which feature 1 bottle of the shampoo and 1 bottle of the conditioner in matching scents (Note: The Cypress Coast Shampoo is paired with the Cool Citrus Conditioner). This retails for $28 per kit, featuring a $2 discount!

Dr. Squatch’s deodorants: smelling like a champion

Dr. Squatch Deodorant Pin

Stepping out of the shower, there’s 1 final step to ensure that you’re smelling your best before you’re off to face the world. That’s right, it’s nailing the deodorant. 

Deodorants are particularly key for men: It’s all-important to, as Dr. Squatch says, “Give B.O. the boot”, so you can feel like a man and smell like a champion. 💯

With their line of deodorants, Dr. Squatch has retained the integrity of their all-natural, no harmful ingredients approach, and has yet somehow managed to create a line filled with enticing scents that any man would be proud to put on. 😏

Instead of using aluminum and other harsh synthetic ingredients, Dr. Squatch’s natural deodorant makes use of a proprietary blend of “Odor-Squatching System”, which uses arrowroot powder to help absorb sweat, provides probiotics to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and charcoal powder, a natural deodorizer to help block odor. 

To use, simply hold the deodorant to your pit and slide it in a back and forth motion before you repeat on the other armpit. The deodorant is to be used as needed, daily. The deodorants are estimated to last around 1.5 to 2 months per stick, but lighter users may get 3 months out of a stick. For storage, it’d be best to keep the deodorants in a cool, dry place like your workout bag or bathroom cabinet to prevent it from melting. 

As we mentioned above, the array of flavors offered are again luxurious:

  • Cedar Citrus
  • Pine Tar
  • Birchwood Breeze
  • Alpine Sage
  • Fresh Falls
  • Wood Barrel Bourbon
  • Bay Rum

You may recall that many of these scents feature in their natural soap (and shampoos and conditioners) offered by Dr. Squatch, so if you’re a big fan of any particular scent, you could potentially do a full sweep of their product line in that 1 scent! 🥳🥳🥳

The deodorants retail for $12 per stick, sold individually or in multi-packs of 2 or 3 sticks (each retailing for the same price of $12). That said, discounts are offered on the subscription model (much like what was offered for the bar soap and hair care products), with $1 saved per stick of deodorant. Subscriptions are fulfilled and billed quarterly, and you can customize your subscription pack (including bundling the deodorants with the bar soap and hair care products). 

In addition to the subscription offer, Dr. Squatch has also curated a bunch of other bundles which offer some discounts:

  • Deodorant 4-Pack: This pack features the Alpine Sage, Pine Tar, Fresh Falls and Birchwood Breeze deodorants for $45 (i.e. a $3 discount).
  • Deodorant and Soap Set: This pack features 3 deodorant sticks and 3 soaps, each with corresponding scents, in Pine Tar, Birchwood Breeze and Alpine Sage. This retails for $54 (UP: $57) with free shipping! 
  • Soap and Deo Duo: This pack features 2 deodorant sticks with 2 organic soap in corresponding scents, in Alpine Sage and Birchwood Breeze. This retails for $36 (UP $38).

Shipping and returns

Now that we’ve got ya’ll riled up about Dr. Squatch’s amazing offering, let’s talk about getting the products into your hands. 🙌 👐

Dr. Squatch is available directly from their own website, along with select third party retailers (eg: various Walmart outlets). However, the option of purchasing directly from Dr. Squatch’s own website remains ideal, given that this is where you’ll get the widest variety of products. 

The brand ships everywhere within the United States, Canada and the UK, though free shipping policies are not eligible for international countries. (Note: Hand sanitizers cannot be shipped internationally) Expedited shipping is available, if required. 👌

In addition, to cater to any buyers’ hesitation, the brand offers a generous return policy. In their words, “if this isn’t the best natural product you’ve ever used, it’s on us”. 💪💪💪

If you aren’t satisfied 100% with your order, contact the company within 30 days of the order delivery date, and they’ll facilitate either an exchange for a replacement scent, or a refund.

Comparison: Dr. Squatch vs. Duke Cannon

Like I mentioned earlier, there are countless natural soap 🧼 hitting the market nowadays – most of which I cannot stand. However, one on a similar playing field to Dr Squatch is Duke Cannon. 

Both of these brands make a variety of soap, with Dr Squatch having 15 on the market compared to Duke Cannon’s 16. Duke Cannon’s soap bars come in much larger sizing at 10 oz, while Dr Squatch offers 5 oz soap bars. 

Let’s take a look at the ingredients for both of these products. Duke Cannon’s best selling soap includes the following: 

Sodium Tallowate, sodium cocoate, sodium kernelate, aqua, glycerin, buffalo trace bourbon, iron oxides, and more.

Alternatively, here is the ingredients list of the best selling Dr. Squatch soap:

Oatmeal, sand, activated charcoal, olive, sustainable palm, and coconut oil, pine, kaolin clay, orange essential oil, and more.

As you can see, Dr. Squatch uses much more natural ingredients than Duke Cannon, which are less likely to irritate your skin and dry it out.

Customers also prefer the scents from Dr. Squatch, making it the clear winner in my eyes. 🤩

What other customers are saying

Dr. Squatch Soap Pin

It’s pretty overwhelming how many people are pleased with Dr. Squatch’s offering. Each scent of natural bar soap attracts literally thousands (or tens of thousands) of positive reviews on their website, and a similar trend can be spotted with the brand’s hair care products or deodorants.

For instance, one buyer remarked that the Pine Tar soap was “very nice, just enough exfoliation with a manly smell. It seems to stick with you all day.

Another buyer stated of the Fresh Falls deodorant that he was “very surprised by its dryness capability. Well worth the cost.

At the same time, we did notice several concerns raised about shipping times and delays in their Dr. Squatch soap reviews, though this is a fairly common issue given the current disruptions in supply chains, especially when it comes to international orders. If you’re keen on picking up a couple of products from Dr. Squatch, we’d advise placing orders as soon as possible, especially since the brand offers a 30-day return period to safeguard your investments! 👏👏👏

Our final verdict

Dr. Squatch Soap Pin

Given the wide range of products offered by Dr. Squatch, as well as the brand’s consistency in delivering natural products with a decadent range of scents, we are full of nothing but praise for what this company has accomplished in the world of men’s body care.

In our review, we would certainly recommend the brand. With the amount of effort put into devising their large product range, there is definitely something for everyone – and these would make perfect treats for yourself or gifts for your loved ones. 👏👏👏

Dr. Squatch discounts

Dr. Squatch is currently offering 10% off your first purchase when you use the discount code DSCHONEYBRICC10 on checkout.

Top grooming tips for men

Dr. Squatch Shampoo Pin

Since we’re on the topic of boosting men’s self-care, we’ve compiled a list of top grooming tips that our hunks out there can turn to for being at your absolute best. 😜

Become friendly with your barber

Get ahead of your grooming game by making sure that you get acquainted with your local barber. If there’s one person to know your crown well and give you some helpful tips to keep your hair looking vital and fresh day in and day out.

Make sure that you keep an open line of communication with your barber on what you want in your grooming. If you have scalp issues such as itchy skin or psoriasis, then they can recommend some grooming products that will alleviate some of these issues that might be causing you a lot of consternation. 👍

Know your scalp and locks

As we all know, hair care products aren’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all type of product. If you are suffering from itchy scalp or eczema, then some research would be in order when it comes to picking your hair products. 

For example, if you have thicker hair, then we would suggest that you get a wax or a pomade, as this would help strengthen the roots and keep the volume.

However, if you have finer hair, we would suggest you use lighter products. Lucky for you, Dr. Squatch shampoo and conditioner is great for thinner hair, as it contains natural ingredients that will not burn out the follicles in the same way as a lot of chemical-based products would. 💯

Get that right scent

As we have seen from Dr. Squatch’s offering, they have plenty of scents on offer, spread across a whole range of products. Even then, more isn’t always more. You should always be careful not to overload your face and neck with too many conflicting scents, as this may all add up to a less than pleasant concoction. 🤢

Get the right toothpaste

Having the right toothbrush for you is the way to sparkle in those pearls with every brush. It’s so important to get your teeth cleaning routine on point, as you can experience tooth staining from a whole range of sources, including excessive coffee, tea or cigarettes.

Getting a toothpaste that limits dirty teeth and helps you build a healthy level of calcium will also be the best way of reducing tooth damage, which may worsen with age. A worthy investment may be the morning and night toothpastes that Dr. Squatch offers, which gives you great overall protection in terms of calcium fortification and fresh breath. 🤩

Find a scrub for your face

Sometimes throwing on a swanky top isn’t enough to give you a fresh face every morning. Instead, what you may well need is a decent facial scrub that will help remove the top layer of dead skin and revive the skin that lies beneath.

That said, be careful to avoid cheaper facial scrubs that may cause facial rashes, which will not only look extremely unsightly but can cause a significant amount of pain.

What you’ll need in particular is a facial scrub that will give you a decent level of exfoliation, containing all-natural ingredients that won’t pollute the environment. One of the major plus points of Dr. Squatch’s brand is that they use all-natural ingredients which will not aggravate any existing skin conditions on your face. ✌️✌️✌️

Trim your beard regularly

Something you might not know about facial hair is that it needs to be maintained in order for it to grow longer. That’s right, trimming off dead ends will actually stimulate growth (and this applies for facial hair just like it does for scalp hair!) So if a luscious beard’s what you’re after, we recommend that you learn how to prune your facial fuzz to give it a great shape and encourage growth.

If you prefer a very clean, close-to-the-skin shave, then we would recommend that you get a traditional cut throat razor. This is the best way of shaving against the grain and keeping the shape of those sideburns. Dr. Squatch offers an old-fashioned style of grooming kit, with a shaving brush and shaving cup. 👍

But if you’re looking to amp up your beard game, consider investing in a grooming set up with an electric trimmer and a pair of scissors that you can use to finely trim the sideburns and your mustache. 🧔🧔🧔

Why not add to that a nostril hair trimmer? It may seem somewhat strange, but getting rid of unsightly nose hairs may actually prove to be a dramatic improvement on your facial appearance. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. 😉

We hope the tips above help you step up your grooming game, and Dr. Squatch has just about something to meet each need. 👏

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