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Our Crossrope Review

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When it comes to exercise and fitness, there are plenty of different items and services that you can choose from, depending on what you want.

A common fitness gadget that people use is a jumping rope, as it has many benefits and is very easy to include within your fitness routine. 

Crossrope has become increasingly popular for offering just that, different types of jumping ropes to focus your fitness routine towards different specific results. But what exactly do these jumping ropes do? What is this company all about? 

Don’t worry, we’ve reviewed everything about the company, including all the main products, and we’ve compiled that information and more in this article so that you can decide for yourself whether you want to give it a go or not! 

What is Crossrope Jump Rope?

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Before we get into details about the different jumping ropes that Crossrope offers, let’s clarify exactly what it is. 

It is essentially a company that specializes in selling weighted jump ropes, as well as different accessories for the jumping ropes such as mats and handles. 

They operate on a global scale, and they’re all about reaping the many fitness benefits that come from using weighted jumping ropes of different types.

This promotes physical well-being, but in a fun and simple way which also contributes to a healthy self-care routine of both mind and body.

Why you should trust us?

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We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Zoey Low, our in-house fitness and wellness expert and product tester herself!

Origins of Crossrope

Okay, so Crossrope, much as the name suggests, specializes in jump ropes. But how did this company originate? Where does it come from? And why is it doing so well? Let’s take a look! 

Crossrope was founded by David Hunt in 2012, and the headquarters are located in Raleigh, in North Carolina.

But the idea for the company actually came to David when he was deployed to the Horn of Africa as a Navy Lt. While he was there, he discovered that heavy roped could be used as jumping ropes that provided a better full-body workout, and he kind of fell in love with them, as he included them in all of his fitness routines. 

However, he found that those heavy ropes kept breaking, and they weren’t really well-designed or ideal to provide the best workout ever. And that’s when he decided to create his own weighted jump ropes, which have resulted in the Crossrope Jump Rope company, of which he is still the CEO. 

The company’s purpose is all about allowing everyday people to reach their fitness goals in an easy and fun way, and the ropes do just that, especially with them being available in different lengths and designs, to suit every need. 

The company has become incredibly popular and successful, and it has even been featured in media publications such as Shape, Time, Men’s Health, and Women’s Health. Pretty impressive, and a sign of the company meeting great standards of success!

What does Crossrope do?

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So we know what Crossrope Jump Rope is, and where it originates from, but what exactly does it do? As in, what does the company provide? 

Well, as we’ve mentioned, it sells weighted jump ropes, along with handle and mat accessories for the jump ropes, on a global scale. The company is based on the many different fitness and workout benefits that come from using a jumping rope, in particular, a weighted one. 

The American Council of Exercise (the ACE), lists a number of benefits that come from jumping rope, and these can also be found on the official Crossrope Jump Rope website, as positive reasons why you should start using a weighted rope. 

Here are the main benefits: 

  • Jumping rope burns calories faster than other cardio exercises
  • Adds intensity to HITT routines
  • It has a reduced risk of injuries
  • Improves overall body coordination
  • It can enhance cognitive functions
  • Improves bone density and strengthens bones 
  • All you need is the jumping rope, and it can be done anywhere
  • It’s a fun activity, many people claim to feel like a kid all over again

Of course, these benefits can be achieved with any jumping rope that is well-designed, not just with Crossrope Jump Rope ropes. So what does this company in particular offer to its customers that has made it so popular? 

Mainly, it’s the wide range of different jumping ropes and the amount of technical thought that has been put into their design, making them some of the best out there. And in part, it’s also the way in which the company believes in helping their customers reach their fitness goals, personalizing their products to those needs. 

But as an overview, here are some of the main pros and cons that can be said of Crossrope Jump Rope: 

Pros for Crossrope Jump Rope:

  • A wide range of different jumping rope types, both heavy and light, with different types of handles to target different fitness goals
  • They offer ready-made kits for specific fitness goals
  • Global shipping 
  • Free return and exchange shipping within the US
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • They offer a lifetime warranty on all handles 
  • They have a free app: Crossrope Lite 
  • They offer a premium subscription for challenges, workouts, and tutorials 

Cons for Crossrope Jump Rope:

  • The jumping ropes are more expensive than average
  • Returns and exchanges are paid for everywhere except the US 

A lot more pros than cons in the overview, which is always a great sign. But let’s move on to take a look at the actual products that the company offers. 

Crossrope Jump Ropes

All of the jump ropes offered by the Crossrope Jump Rope company come with a fast clip connection, so that you can change between different ropes and handles at any given time, depending on the fitness goal that you want to target. 

There are many different rope options, with both light and heavy ropes, and the heavy ones are an added challenge for those that want more of a full-body workout. 

The weighted jump ropes come in a range of different weights, which are: 3 oz, 6 oz, 9 oz, ¼ LB, ½ LB, ¾ LB, 1 LB, 1 ½ LB, 2 LB, and 3 LB. 

As for the length, you can personalize it to your height, so that it’s perfect for you. 

There are also different types of handles that you can use with the rope, with the new ones being especially light and short, with a comfortable grip to make jumping easier. 

All of the ropes are completely tangle-free, which can be an absolute life-saver when it comes to jumping ropes, and it makes it a lot easier to care for them and use them, in particular for beginners.

They also have a durable braided steel construction, with a proprietary coating, so that you can use the ropes on any surface without causing any damage to them. 

But to protect the floor surface, like when you are jumping on hardwood floors or similar, they offer special jumping rope mats to jump on. 

All of the ropes and mats come with their very own carry case so that you can take the equipment with you wherever you want, which is super convenient. And whether you’re a beginner or an advanced level, the company offers plenty of tutorials and exercise routines, so that you can make the most out of the jumping rope in a suitable and effective way. 

But let’s get into some of the main ropes and products that the company sells! 

Get Fit Jump Rope:

The Get Fit Jump Rope is a full package designed to get you fit in a general sense. The set includes the 2020 Slim and Power handles, a ¼ LB rope, a ½ LB rope for cardio and HITT workouts, a 1 LB rope, and a 2 LB rope for full-body workouts. 

It’s recommended that you start off with the lighter ropes and that you slowly work yourself up, especially if you’re a beginner. This is because these ropes are a full-body workout, and a lot more challenging than they might seem at first!

Get Lean Jump Rope

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The Get Lean Jump Rope set is designed to help trim down body fat and to ultimately exchange it for lean muscle and a stronger overall fitness. The set comes with the 2020 Slim handles, a ¼ LB rope for endurance and HITT workouts, a ½ LB rope for beginners and advanced cardio, and a carry pouch so that you can take the set with you wherever you go. 

This is one of the most popular sets within the company, and it’s all about getting lean and toned up, as well as it being a great option for beginners and for maintaining fitness. 

Get Strong Jump Rope

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The Get Strong Jump Rope is a set that has been designed specifically to trigger upper body muscles so that you can strengthen them and grow muscle in those targeted areas. The design of the rope engages the forearms, shoulders, biceps, lats, and core.

And as there are two different weighted ropes within the set, you can choose the intensity of the exercise, with the heavier one being the more intense and effective one to use. 

The set itself comes with the 2020 Power handles, a 1 LB rope for high-intensity strength workouts, a 2 LB rope for full-body workouts, and a carry pouch so that you can take your fitness routine with you, wherever you go.

Speed LE Jump Rope

Crossrope Speed Jumprope Pin

The Speed LE Jump Rope is a set that has been designed for high-performance jumping, and for achieving enhanced speed and agility. Plus it’s ideal for performing a few advanced tricks! It is also designed for achieving double unders, which is when you jump extra high and are able to pass the rope beneath your feet not once, but twice. 

The set comes with High-Performance handles and a fast clip system. It also comes with a 3 oz rope, a 6 oz rope, and a 9 oz rope, all of them designed for speed. This means that the inner wire within the rope is thicker, while the PVC coating on the outside is thinner, so that there is a more precise rotation for every jump, allowing for a higher speed. 

However, this set is designed to be used indoors or on a jumping rope mat only, as the ropes aren’t suitable for hard floors and surfaces, due to the thinner outer coating that prioritizes speed.

Crossrope Heavy LE Jump Rope

The Heavy LE Jump Rope is a set designed for working with the maximum amount of weight, and it features some of the heaviest ropes the company has to offer. These are suitable for all fitness levels, and they essentially target fitness goals of building muscle strength and increasing power. 

The set includes newly designed handles that have an upgraded grip and higher durability. The set also comes with a ¾ LB rope, a 1 ½ LB rope, and a 3 LB rope, all of which are suitable for use on all types of surfaces. 

However, this set isn’t recommended for beginners, due to the heavy weight. It might not seem like it, but weighted ropes are an intense workout, and if you aren’t used to the intensity, they can be a little too much to handle. So basically, if you’re starting out, try one of the lighter sets available! 

Crossrope Jump Rope Mat

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The Crossrope Jump Rope Mat is the main accessory that the company offers, and it can come in incredibly handy, especially with certain types of jumping ropes that would otherwise ruin the floor you are on. 

The mat is designed to be used at home, and it can be placed over the carpet, or even over grass in the garden. It has a tapered edge, to ensure it is stable and secured in place, and it is made out of a custom material that is highly durable and long-lasting.

The mat itself is oval-shaped, and it measured 54 inches by 36 inches while being 0.25 inches thick. 

However, this mat isn’t exactly easy to carry around. It does not roll up, and it weighs 6.5 pounds. So once you set it down, it’s going to stay in place, and you won’t really want to have to move it anywhere. It is highly effective at protecting the surface beneath you, and it is ideal for jumping on. 

What Other Customers are Saying

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Now that we know about all the main products that Crossrope Jump Rope offers, it’s time to see what the general reviews are for the company, to get an idea of the quality and actual results that you might get from them all. 

On the Crossrope official website, almost all of the reviews are amazing, with very high praise given to the company and the products. In fact, almost all of the reviews on there are a full 5 out of 5 stars, with customers claiming that the ropes are of excellent condition and design, and that they are indeed well thought out and effective. 

A lot of reviews also praise the app that the company has, and how the exercises and tutorials available on there help customers give the workout a little extra, and how learning how to use the ropes properly can make all the difference in regards to their physical wellness.

So in that regard, Crossrope Jump Rope is highly praised for its care for customers, and the above and beyond a passion for fitness, and using the weighted ropes the right way. 

The only major complaints that are found amongst some of the lower rating reviews are mostly about the app, and how it doesn’t work as well for Android users, glitching and causing problems.

There are also a few minor complaints about receiving the wrong rope with an order, but these things can happen with most businesses, and the important thing is that they are quickly fixed, and the order is replaced with the correct item. 

On the Better Business Bureau, the BBB, Crossrope Jump Rope has an overall rating of B+, which is pretty good. And on Amazon reviews, the company has been rated an overall of 4.7 stars out of 5, which is a great achievement. 

As for Reddit, which is always the place to go to check out honest reviews and opinions, most of the threads that talk about Crossrope Jump Rope are customers coming together to form a community, in which they exchange tricks and tutorials to use the ropes in the best way possible.

So all the comments are super positive, and they have great things to say about the different jump ropes the company sells. And that’s a great sign! 

Should you use Crossrope Jump Rope?

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So…most of the reviews are pretty positive and good, which suggests that Crossrope Jump Rope is a good company, with excellent products on offer. But let’s get to the actual important question: is Crossrope Jump Rope worth it? Or in other words, should you use Crossrope Jump Rope and buy their products? 

It’s true that you can get jumping ropes for a lot cheaper, and work out with them, but it won’t be the same. What sets the Crossrope apart is that they are weighted and carefully designed to target different fitness goals, as well as being crafted to be a lot more durable and high-quality than your average jumping rope. 

So overall, we would say that these ropes are definitely worth it, especially if you’re looking for an easy full-body workout that only takes one gadget. The higher price compensates for the higher durability, and all the reviews indicate that these ropes are highly effective, so results will be practically guaranteed. 

Not to mention, these ropes can be used practically anywhere, and as they offer a full-body workout, you won’t need anything. It could even save you from having to go to the gym altogether! 

And as the company also has an app with plenty of tutorials and fitness routines to follow, it’s like getting a trainer that will teach you how to use the ropes properly, to ensure that you really are getting the best out of them. 

But ultimately, what really makes us think that the ropes are worth it, is that they have that 60-day satisfaction guarantee. So there really is no harm in trying them out for yourself!

Where to buy Crossrope Jump Rope

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If you’ve read everything so far, and we’ve managed to convince you of how Crossrope Jump Rope is worth a try, you might be wondering how to buy a rope from them. And we don’t blame you, trying it out yourself is the best way to truly judge the company, and with the satisfaction guarantee, there is no risk in getting hands-on for your own personal review of their products. 

To buy a rope or accessory from Crossrope Jump Rope, you can order directly from their official website at Crossrope.com. They ship worldwide, and there are even free returns and exchanges if you are within the US. 

Crossrope Discounts

Crossrope is currently offering $50 off their Get Fit Bundle when you use the discount code FITFALL50 on checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is jumping rope better than running?

Jumping rope and running are two different types of workouts, each with its own pros and cons. However, they are both cardio exercises, and jumping rope will provide you with a better cardio workout in a smaller amount of time, so you could say that it is better in that regard. 

Jumping rope is also better in other regards, such as in risk factor, as the jumping rope will have a lower chance of injury than running. Especially if you suffer from bad knees. 

You can do both jumping rope and run, and jumping rope will actually benefit all other workout exercises within your fitness routine so that you can accomplish them better! 

Can you use Crossrope on concrete?

Crossrope ropes are suitable to be used on almost all surfaces, including concrete. This is thanks to the highly durable coating they feature, which is more likely to cause harm to the surface, rather than having the surface cause damage to the rope. 

However, it is not recommended that you use Crossrope on concrete, as it is not the best of surfaces to jump rope on. It does not cushion your jumping, which means it increases the risk of injury, and it will deteriorate the jumping rope faster than other surfaces, despite the durability. 

If you do have to jump on concrete, however, because that is the only available space you have for your workout exercises, then you can use a Crossrope mat. 

What are 10 minutes of jumping rope equivalent to?

Jumping rope is a lot more intense than it might seem, and it allows you to burn a lot more calories at a faster rate. Just so you can get an idea, 10 minutes of intense rope jumping is equivalent to around 30 minutes of jogging. 

How do you store a Crossrope properly?

All ropes from Crossrope should be stored at room temperature, and they should be kept away from direct sunlight, to prevent it from damaging the PVC coating they feature. 

They can be stored in a carry case, which most of them come with, or they can be coiled or hung up. 

How long does Crossrope take to deliver?

Crossrope Jump Rope delivers worldwide, and if you are within the US, standard shipping is free. All orders take around two business days to process, after which the customer is notified with confirmation of shipment and a tracking number. 

Within the US, standard delivery will take between 6 and 10 business days. For international shipping, this might take a little longer, and additional fees will apply. 

Alternatively, you can get faster delivery and shipping for an added cost. 

What is the return policy for Crossrope?

Crossrope allows for returns, and you get 60 days to do so from the moment you receive your order. To do so, you request the return through the official website, following the instructions they provide. 

Once Crossrope has received the returned item, it can take up to 2 business days for them to issue the refund. 

Within the US, returns and exchanges are completely free. Outside of the US, however, you will have to pay for the shipment of returns and exchanges. 

How can you contact Crossrope? 

You can contact Crossrope Jump Rope through their official website, at Crossrope.com. They usually reply within 1 to 3 days. However, they also have a live web chat on their website!

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