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Our Burst Sonic Toothbrush Review

Our Burst Sonic Toothbrush ReviewPin

Burst is an oral care company who hopes to revolutionize the dental hygiene industry. Their sonic toothbrush has attracted fans from across the globe, drawn to its sleek design and exciting claims.

Some of you may have spotted Burst on your favorite Instagram influencers feed – they have fans in the Kardashians, and over 93.9k Instagram followers. Not bad for a new toothbrush.

But it isn’t just the online crowd that Burst is trying to court. They claim a massive backing from over 30,000 dental professionals. So, what is it that’s drawing so many people to Burst oral care?

How Burst works

Burst SonicPin

Founded in Venice Beach in 2017, Burst is an oral care company that intends to make dental well-being accessible for the masses. This began with an electric toothbrush, and has since expanded into a range of products for total mouth care.

Burst is a subscription service. Once you’ve purchased the toothbrush or the flosser, a subscription is automatically set up to send a replacement head every 3 months (although you can make changes as required).

They also sell some single-purchase products, such as toothpaste.

Burst also operates an ambassador program. Dental professionals can sign up to the system, try the toothbrush at a discount, and then recommend it and receive money on commission. They aren’t given stock to sell, so it doesn’t work as a multi-level-marketing scheme, which is a reassurance.

Currently, Burst has over 25,000 dental professionals working as ambassadors.

Why you should trust us

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Burst. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate products based on their quality, effectiveness and customer support.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Amy Bells, our in-house wellness and self-care expert and product tester herself!

Pros And Cons

Burst SonicPin

Below, we’ll consider the range of products that Burst has to offer in-depth. To start, we’ve provided a brief list of the pros and cons of Burst oral care.


  • Developed alongside dental professionals
  • Impressive cleaning power
  • Clinically proven results
  • Easy subscription service
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Issues with on-site reviews
  • Single price point
  • Subscription service isn’t helpful for everyone

Our Burst Electric Toothbrush Review

As a new company, Burst offers a fairly limited range of products. However, they’ve successfully created a product line that covers all the basics.

There are two real standout products available – the toothbrush and the water flosser – alongside basic oral care accessories.

Sonic Toothbrush

Burst Sonic ToothbrushPin

Burst claims that this is the most reviewed toothbrush on the internet, which isn’t bad for a company that’s only a few years old.

Undoubtedly, the sonic toothbrush is at the heart of the Burst range. With over 31,000 reviews on the site alone, for an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars, it’s easy to see that Burst has built quite a fan base in the few years since it debuted. But is it any good?

It’s possible that if you’re considering buying a Burst sonic toothbrush, it’s after seeing the viral corn test. This simple video does a fantastic job of conveying just how good the Burst is at cleaning your teeth.

Coffee grounds are rubbed into a corn cob, only to be easily cleaned away by the Burst sonic toothbrush. It certainly looks impressive, and gives you some idea of the kind of deep clean that Burst is capable of.

So, what is it that makes this toothbrush work? The Burst toothbrush releases 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute. This isn’t just being powerful; it works to actually polish away even the smallest particles of grime from between your teeth.

Burst pairs the sonic vibration with super soft cleaning from charcoal infused PBT nylon bristles. The combination of gentle bristles and incredible sonic vibrations creates a deep clean that is strong, without causing any damage.

Burst has some impressive data to back up the toothbrush. Supported by over 30,000 dental professionals, the toothbrush is clinically proven to remove 91% more plaque than a manual toothbrush. That’s up to 10x more plaque!

Tests have also shown that after just 15 days of use, it can reduce gum bleeding 3x more than a manual toothbrush.

Perhaps one complaint to make is that Burst has a lot of comparisons to a manual toothbrush, but few comparisons to other brands of electric toothbrush.

This isn’t unusual for the industry, but it does mean they never quite explain why this electric toothbrush is so much better than cheaper options on the market.

As well as deep cleaning, the Burst electric toothbrush has a few features that make it a handy wellness addition to busy lifestyles.

For a start, the battery life is fantastic. With just one charge, the Burst sonic toothbrush can stay powered for up to 4 weeks. Perfect for long holidays or frequent business trips.

The design is sleek and stylish, with a textured casing that makes for easy handling. The user is notified after every 30 seconds, so they know to switch to a different quadrant of the mouth. Unfortunately, after 2 minutes, the toothbrush does shut off completely.

For versatile use, the Burst sonic toothbrush comes equipped with 3 modes: whitening, sensitive, and massage. Although for some this feature is unnecessary, for many it will help to keep up with changing oral care needs.

Certainly, Burst hopes their sonic toothbrush is the only toothbrush you may ever need: it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

As long as you’re subscribed to Burst, they promise to replace your toothbrush should any problems occur.

Included with any order of a Burst sonic toothbrush is the toothbrush, a toothbrush head, a USB charger base, and a USB wall adaptor.

The USB charging system is another plus for frequent travelers, as it allows for adaptable charging with no extra equipment.

Any purchase is also automatically subscribed to the replacement head service – every 3 months, you’ll automatically be charged and sent a new toothbrush head.

The Burst sonic toothbrush is currently available in 3 colors: white, black, and rose gold.

Water Flosser

burst Water FlosserPin

Flossing is an often neglected part of the cleaning and well-being routine.

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to bend your hand to reach the farthest corners of your mouth with a tiny piece of string is not a fun activity. But without flossing, plaque can build up quickly. Enter: the water flosser.

What water flossers do is blast your teeth with a powerful, concentrated stream of pure water. This can get into the little gaps and nuisances between your teeth, leaving you with a clean and fresh feel. For water flossing converts, it’s hard to imagine going back to any other way.

The Burst water flosser is a compact and sleek design that effectively washes away debris. The precise spray is backed by one of the most powerful cordless engines on the markets, for a stream that massages gums while removing plaque and bacteria.

The water flosser is easy to master, with a 360 degree rotating tip. It can effectively reach any area of the mouth, without the user having to practice flossing gymnastics.

The Burst water flosser has 3 settings – standard, turbo, and pulse – to give you a full mouth clean that can tailor to your unique needs.

It’s even waterproof, to be safely used in the shower. A bonus for those of us who are always looking to save time (and a great way to reduce any potential clean up).

A single charge of the water flosser should last for up to 80 days. Combined with the compact design, it’s the perfect choice for travelling. The tank is easy to refill, and holds 110mL of water.

There are a few different tips available for the water flosser, to suit different dental needs.

The Classic tip is included with, and is the standard tip.

The Perio tip is for those with sensitive teeth and gums, and those with periodontal pockets. The Perio is tipped with a soft, silicone nozzle. This reaches to massage the gums, and seek out any crevices that may previously have been tough to clean

The Ortho tip is designed for those with braces or dental work. The nozzle is topped with tiny clusters of bristles, which clean around brackets. Both the Perio and the Ortho tips are optional, and cost extra to purchase.

Included in the purchase is the flosser, a classic tip, a USB charger and adaptor, and a soft protective travel bag.


Although the toothbrush and water flosser may be the big two items in the Burst range, they haven’t neglected the basics of dental care.

Burst toothpastePin

What good is a toothbrush without toothpaste? Like the sonic toothbrush, the Burst toothpaste was formulated with the help of thousands of dental professionals. This doesn’t feel like a quick add-on to grow sales, this is a fully developed product in its own right.

There are a lot of ingredients in the toothpaste – and little need to cover them all – but it’s important to note that every part of the Burst toothpaste is vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and natural.

Instead of using parabens, triclosan, or artificial colors, Burst uses naturally derived ingredients.

A lot goes into the formula to make the Burst toothpaste a strong choice, but there’s one ingredient they’re particularly proud of: Xylitol.

Xylitol is included in all the toothpastes in the range, due to its incredible bacteria fighting properties. Xylitol reduces plaque, helps fight decay, and neutralizes the pH of the mouth.

It works to starve harmful bacteria, causing them to die before the tooth starts to decay.

Every toothpaste has a low RDA score (relative dentin abrasivity), making it a good choice for those with sensitive teeth.

Burst toothpaste can be bought as a one-time purchase, or on subscription. The price reduces for the subscription service, and a new toothpaste it sent every 12 weeks. Every tube is made in the USA, and from 100% recyclable products that are BPA free.

Refillable Expanding Floss

BURST Refillable Expanding FlossPin

Expanding floss may sound strange, but it actually has an incredibly useful purpose. When dampened with saliva, it expands to cover more of the tooth surface, allowing for a greater clean.

In fact, the Burst expanding floss can remove up to 85% of plaque on the tooth surface previously out of reach of the toothbrush, and 58% of plaque on surfaces below the gum line.

This charcoal infused floss is black, so you can see all the debris leaving your mouth (even though it can be a horrifying sight). But the charcoal isn’t just to up the ick factor, it also serves to clean stains – including those from coffee and wine.

Very few of us have ever bought floss for its attractive qualities, but that might be about to change.

The stylish case of the Burst refillable floss looks good sitting on any bathroom cabinet. We’re not saying it’s going to make you want to floss, but it will certainly catch your eye every day.

Purchased on a subscription service, Burst sends a refill bobbin of 32 yards of floss every 12 weeks. This slots easily into the case, so you can keep cleaning without adding unnecessary plastic waste.

Whitening Strips

BURST Whitening stripsPin

We all desire a whiter smile, but it can be difficult to achieve without help from a dentist. The Burst whitening strips claim to take just 15 minutes for your teeth to start gleaming.

Like the rest of the Burst range, these whitening strips have been developed alongside the help of dental professionals. They’ve combined enamel safe peroxide with coconut oil, for a safe, quick – and surprisingly tasty – whitening experience.

It’s easy to use these strips. Simply line the bottom edge neatly along the gum, and mold the plastic across the teeth. They’re non-slip, allowing you to get on with any tasks that might be building up on the to-do list, or take a minute for some self-care.

After 15 minutes, peel the strips off, brush away the gel, and stand back to appreciate your wonderful smile!

Each pack of whitening strips contains a 7-day supply, and it can be purchased on subscription. A new pack will be sent to you every 12 weeks, to maintain those pearly whites.

Oral Probiotics

BURST Oral ProbioticsPin

Although many of us can be relied on to brush our teeth and floss, fewer numbers have added an oral probiotic to the daily routine. Burst believe that oral probiotics should be as integral to oral care as flossing, which is why they’ve formulated their own unique lozenges.

What makes these probiotics is the high concentration of BLIS K12™ and BLIS M-18™ – they’re actually one of the highest concentration lozenges on the market.

If you’re unsure of what that means, you’re not alone! Burst explains that these are probiotic strains that support healthy gums and teeth.

If you’ve been suffering from bleeding gums, dry mouth, cavities, or even sinus problems, these probiotics may be the solution. As well as freshening your breath, they provide support to the immune system.

They’re also sugar-free, vegetarian, and non-GMO. Plus, they taste nice, with none of the chalkiness of other brands.

A healthy mouth is a healthy body, and these probiotics can provide you with just that extra bit of support.


burst kidsPin

It isn’t just adults who need clean teeth – as well as needing to maintain gums and teeth, teaching children proper oral well-being is a lesson that lasts for life.

Understanding this, Burst has now released a new sonic toothbrush. Only this time it’s specially formulated for kids.

Burst Kids has many of the same great features to be found with the adult version. The sonic pulses are slightly reduced, only 31,000 a minute, but it still uses super soft charcoal bristles, only packaged smaller.

The soft silicone handle is incredibly easy to grip, so kids can brush their own teeth with no problems (and polish every last tooth!). It comes in two modes: standard and sensitive. Ideal for little mouths.

In many ways, the Burst Kids sonic toothbrush is just a mini version of the adult’s design. It comes on subscription, offers a lifetime warranty, and includes a USB charger and sturdy base.

Available in a selection of bright colors, this is a great way to introduce young children to expert oral care.


Burst occupies a fairly comfortable middle ground. Yes, there are dental brands that are significantly cheaper, and few consider Burst to be a budget option (particularly for items such as toothpaste).

The subscription based service may also be unappealing to some, as it turns the toothbrush and water flosser into an investment, rather than a one off indulgence. The smaller range also means there isn’t much in the way of budget options.

However, Burst is definitely not the most expensive oral hygiene brand, and the prices for the sonic toothbrush and water flosser are very much reasonable. They also sweeten the deal with the addition of a lifetime guarantee.


Delivery across the Burst range is completely free, whether you’re ordering 3 toothbrushes or a single tube of toothpaste.

That also means there is no shipping cost for the subscription services – good news, otherwise replacement heads would be at a premium. Burst do warn of potential delivery delays, due to the expansion of the company.

They also try to use eco-friendly delivery, which is great, but can delay shipping. Currently, they only deliver across the US and Canada.

What Other Customers Are Saying About Burst Electric Toothbrush

Burst SonicPin

Burst are very proud of their reviews, and confidently boast of 50,000 reviews giving them an average of 4.9 stars (on their website).

Many of these reviews discuss how fantastic it feels on their teeth, how clean the mouth is after using, and the wonderful results it gives. Many of these reviews are from Burst ambassadors.

However, there does appear to be some strangeness in the on-site reviews. When looking at even the 1-star reviews they are, at first glance, overwhelmingly positive and from Burst Ambassadors. In fact, it took a while of clicking through the pages to find anything actually negative.

The same occurs when arranging all reviews from the lowest rating upwards – the first results are 1-star, but positive.

In the past, it’s been noted that no bad reviews appear on the Burst website at all, which generally indicates they’re being deleted by the brand. Coupled with this, it seems strange that to reach the bad reviews, you must first pass through pages of erroneously starred good reviews.

The bad reviews are there, but they’re a minimal amount. Negative reviewers tend to find that the bristles are too soft, and the brush lacks the power of other brands.

Some struggle with the automatic timer, which switches the toothbrush off after 2 minutes, whether you’re finished or not. It then needs to be placed back into the charger, before it can be used again.

Despite that, most reviews are good. On Amazon, users are overwhelmingly positive. Over 400 Facebook users, and 800 Amazon users have given Burst 4.6/5 stars, praising good customer service especially.

Reddit and Amazon also feature positive reviews of the Burst Sonic Toothbrush and Travel Case.

Elsewhere on the internet, Burst seems to have collected many fans. They like the battery life, and enjoy the way the mouth feels after use.

Final Verdict On Burst Electric Toothbrush

Burst SonicPin

What makes Burst so appealing is the insistence of consulting with dental professionals all through development. This has created a sonic toothbrush that really feels supported by data, and with the clinical trials to prove it.

With an easy-to-use subscription service, and a lifetime guarantee, there are many reasons to purchase a Burst sonic toothbrush.

Reviewers certainly seem to be happy with their purchase, even if there are some complaints. However, with thousands of reviews, it’s perfectly normal to find some bad experiences.

Although we wouldn’t recommend just throwing your old electric toothbrush away, anyone considering an upgrade should certainly look into Burst.

And if you’re still using a manual brush, the benefits of Burst are well worth considering. A great brush for oral well-being.

Where Can I Buy A Burst Electric Toothbrush?

Burst can be purchased directly from their own website – burstoralcare.com. A purchase of the sonic toothbrush will automatically sign you up for the subscription service, after which you can make changes (or cancel).

Frequently Asked Questions

Burst SonicPin

Why Use An Electric Toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes have been clinically proven to remove more plaque than a manual brush, preventing tooth decay and helping to keep teeth healthier for longer.

Their superior plaque removal is combined with ease of use, so many users find an electric toothbrush encourages them to clean better, for longer.

Do Burst Ship Internationally?

Currently, Burst does not ship any of their products internationally.

What Is The Burst Ambassador Program?

Burst actively works with dental professionals to promote their product as part of the ambassador program. A Burst ambassador is sent a test brush, which they then review on the Burst website.

Once this review is uploaded, the ambassador is sent a discount code. They can offer this code to patients (or friends and family). When someone purchases a Burst toothbrush using this code, the ambassador receives part of the profit.

A Burst ambassador does not receive stock, so they aren’t required to make sales. However, it’s worth noting that an ambassador does benefit from recommending a Burst toothbrush over other brands.

What Is The Burst Shipping Policy?

Burst offers free shipping across the range, with no minimum spend. They deliver to the US and Canada. Shipping generally takes between 3-5 business days, but they warn of delays.

What Is The Burst Returns Policy?

Burst has a 90-days money-back guarantee, so you can return your sonic toothbrush if you’re unhappy. They also offer a lifetime warranty, and replacements should your brush break.

Do I Have To Subscribe To Burst, And Can I Cancel My Subscription?

The Burstsonic toothbrush does work as a subscription service. Once you’ve made your purchase, replacement brush heads are automatically put into a subscription, to deliver every 12 weeks.

However, you can arrange for less frequent deliveries, and cancel the subscription altogether. Some Burst products, such as the toothpaste, don’t have to be purchased on subscription.

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