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Our BlendJet Review

Our Blendjet ReviewPin

1.The original portable blender – never miss out on an on-the-go smoothie ever again! 🤤🤤🤤
2. Blends through any ingredient in 20 seconds and cleans itself? Sign us up. 🤗
3. Jetpacks make your life even easier – just blend with water for a delicious drink on the go. 
4. More than 63,000 glowing 5-star reviews! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
5. Trusted by Fox News, Jimmy Kimmel, Forbes, Vogue, and many more! 😎😎

The world is full of juicers and blenders, and everyone knows what they do.

For the most part, they sit on your counter at home, glowering at you, because you bought them on an impulse, determined to get healthy and up your vitamin and mineral intake as part of a self-care or wellness regime. And then, somehow, you’re never there at the right time.

Or you’re there, and all the fruit you have in the house has been there a week and you’re starting to mistrust it.

Or you just really need a double-strength macchiato to get your heart started, and you promise yourself you’ll blend when you get home. And then you get home and the only thing that will give you the energy to go to bed is pizza and wine.

And slowly, like a puppy bought for Christmas and left whining at the window every morning, your blender turns from hopeful and peppy to sad and silent, not believing your promises or your good intentions anymore. No wellness boost. No self-care. Just sadness and squandered trust.

And three years down the line, you put it in a yard sale along with your broken juicy promises and your discontinued dreams, with a sticker on it saying “As new. Rarely used. Free to a good home.”

And even though you shake yourself down and get on with your life, you carry a little bit of that disappointment with you, because what kind of person are you that you can’t even commit… to a blender?

BlendJet Overview


That’s not only a deeply unscrupulous play on your emotions for which we’ll probably go to advertising hell, it’s also a story with a grain of truth in it, and that grain of truth is why Blendjet was created.

The grain of truth is that you never know when the windows of blending fate will align. When you’ll be in the mood, when you’ll happen to have some prime ingredients with you, etc.

And along the way, you let the chances to get yourself a vitamin and mineral shot. Blendjet was created to meet your needs in those moments.

Or, if you prefer, it was created to distinctly not let you get away with not blending just because you have a life to live. It’s a portable blender, a kind of traveling, blending guardian angel, determined to introduce you to a vitamin if it’s the last thing it does.

Put down the Frappuccino. Pick up the Blendjet.

Unlike the lonely little blender who could, Blendjet is all over the modern world. It has its own socials with over half a million followers – yes, really, there are people in the world following a blender on Instagram.

It’s been featured in all the high-end magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Ellen, and Good Housekeeping. And it even has itself the endorsement of a fitness influencer – Jen Selter brought her 12 million Insta followers the news about portable blending, which helped Blendjet sell over 200,000 blenders in 195 countries.

The blender you leave on the counter has had enough of your neglect. The Blendjet is its retribution, and it’s conquering the world!

But OK. Let’s take a step back here before we join the cheerleading squad. Let’s take a deeper look at the Blendjet, and see what all the fuss is really about.

Why you should trust us?

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Goli gummies. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate supplements based on their adherence to quality, and their latest medical evidence.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is medically reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Amy Bells, our in-house dietian nutritionist, wellness expert and product tester herself!

The Mission Of Love


First of all, you should know that Blendjet really does never take no for an answer.

Created in just 2017 in the somehow unsurprising wonderland that is California by Ryan Pamplin and John Zheng, the aim, the intention, even the mission was to get people to live longer, healthier lives. Whether they wanted to or not.

The aim is to empower mindful living and wellness – than which, five more Californian words have not been found to exist anywhere. It’s about fueling your feelgood and living your happiest, healthiest lives. With extra juice, obviously.

But wait – there’s more. BlendJet claims its brand is anchored by a handful of core values, including family, connection, and the ever-nebulous notion that is “health.”

Because obviously, the world is waiting for a blender to come along and balance all those products tying their brands to broken homes, isolation, and sickness.

We’re joking a little at the very Californian…ness of the Blendjet marketing, sure, because for every health-focused, “live life to the fullest” Californian in the world (because Californian is a state of mind as well as a State of the Union), there’s a hot dog vendor in Hoboken or a Wal-Mart clerk in Kentucky making minimum wage and figuring if they want some fruit, they’ll eat a piece of fruit without any of this blending malarkey.

But just when you think BlendJet is all about affluent people blending kale to make their lives healthier but significantly more miserable, the whole thing gets a touch more interesting.

Because in another Californian move, but one that chimes both with a growing trend and with the way a lot of people got through the several lockdowns and shutdowns of the Covid era, BlendJet is not just a personal, portable, USB-chargeable blender that won’t leave you the heck alone till you’ve had your vitamins.

It’s a whole subscription program.

Subscription To A Blender


Wait, what? You have to subscribe to a blender, now? You don’t just own it? Because we’re pretty sure you can walk out of any Wal-Mart in the land with a brand new blender which you own, lock, stock, and broken blending dreams.

What in the world would you need to subscribe for?

You’re absolutely right. You don’t by any means have to subscribe – you can buy one outright or use the easy-installation plan, and unshackle your destiny, just blending on the go as you need to. You blend you, and all that.

But the point is that if you want to, you can subscribe to Blendjet. Because the point is, sure, you can buy a blender that works on the go – yay you, you’re right at the cutting edge of blending technology.

What are you going to put in it? Those deeply suspicious bananas you have, turning brown and beginning to reek in the kitchen?

You’re going to carry those with you on the subway, or in your car, on the off chance that you get a second to whip them out, peel them and blend them into the smoothie of your dreams? Are you, though? Really?

Forgive us, it gives us no pleasure to say this, but we don’t believe you are.

That’s why the Blendjet itself is only half of the Blendjet proposition. Oh yeah, it’s a full proposition now, that happened while you were imagining traveling the subway with a bag full of bananas – sorry you missed it.

The other half of the Blendjet proposition are… the Jetpacks.

OK, we were hoping for applause, but whatever, we can deal.

What Are The Jetpacks?

blendjet jetpackPin

The Jetpacks are frankly what’s going to stop you from traveling the subway with some deeply suspect bananas before you’ve had a chance to come to life on a Monday morning.

Or, come to that, what is going to save you time in the grocery store, desperately searching the aisles looking for the flavorsome and vitamin-rich dragon fruit you need mid-morning on a Thursday to get through the meeting from hell.

Or driving 3 miles out of your way, probably getting a ticket in the process, to hunt down chia powder when you need to pep up a mocha smoothie.

They are, in case you didn’t get the picture from our examples, pre-prepared pouches of smoothie powder in exotic, vitamin- and mineral-rich single-serve flavor combinations that make your Blendjet come to life as a viable expense.

With a Jetpack or two in your bag or purse, all you need is water, the milk of your choice (dairy or non-dairy, no judgment here, you live your lactic life the way you want or need), or heck, even vodka if it’s a party night.

Liquid, powder, Blendjet, power and you can blend yourself a perfectly balanced vitamin treat with none of the drama.

None of the waiting on line (have you any idea how long you’ll wait for dragon fruit in Arkansas?). And none of the “Seriously, are you a bum?” looks on the subway as your bananas gently expire and turn to mush.

Why Subscribe?

Now, you can get Jetpacks individually or in any combination you like, directly from Blendjet. But you know how it is. You’ll rarely know in advance when the urge for a green peach and ginger smoothie, or a pineapple, mango, and blue spirulina shake.

The subscription option allows you to always have the Jetpacks you love the most on hand for when the craving strikes – and, to add to the incentive, your flavor favorites are available with a 25% discount if you go down the subscription route.

So there are static blenders, then there are portable blenders, and then there’s the Blendjet ‘system,’ which, if you subscribe, will keep you topped up with vitamins and a whole host of other good and groovy things which with all the best will in the world, no non-Californian has ever heard of, let alone craved, on the go or wherever you end up spending your day.

Before we click through and order six, let’s take a closer look at the technology behind the Blendjet.

The BlendJet 2

The BlendJet 2Pin

Roll up, roll up, roll up, forget the old model – you more or less have to, it’s no longer on the website. The newer model, the BlendJet 2 – brings you all the features of the BlendJet One, but now with extra features.

What extra features? The company’s been a bit smart about the redesign. Taking a look at the product it had, it’s added a few elements which genuinely bump up the BlendJet’s value proposition.

First, to tackle the notion that it’s basically just a blender with delusions of grandeur, BlendJet has added a food processing pulse mode, so you’re no longer restricted to mostly soft fruits and other things that wouldn’t put up a fight.

The BlendJet 2 is sort of like the BlendJet One’s bad boy cousin from out of time. It wears leather and slicks back its hair, and it’s ready to take on any veggies that happen to cross its path. Veggies? Ha! Bring it the nuts, it’s got scores to settle.

Feel The Pulse

The point about the pulse button is that it genuinely frees the BlendJet 2 from just being a smoothie maker.

Need a pasta sauce in a hurry? Tomatoes, garlic, onion, herbs, blend – job done, now just heat it up.

Friend popped by with a young child, and a brain so frazzled by dealing with said child they haven’t brought snacks? Slightly suspect banana, two strawberries, blend – instant healthy fruit snack, made from scratch and ideal for the toothless.

Mexican night and the lines are stretching out the door? Tomatoes, chilies, your favorite ingredients, blend – you’re bringing the salsa, someone else can wait in line for the nachos.

Come to that, Mexican night and you feel like a crushed-ice margarita. Tequila, flavor of your choice, ice, blend – instant sophistication with a kick like a mule…

So, the BlendJet 2 is much more multi-talented than the original incarnation of the BlendJet.

In addition, the second generation has measurement markings on the jar, because one of the painful elements about blending to a recipe is not knowing how much of any ingredient you’re adding.

Problem solved with the BlendJet 2 – your smoothies, salsas, margaritas or anything else you make in it can be precisely measured for a much more authentic taste profile.

A feature that shows the company listening to feedback on the first incarnation is that the BlendJet 2 is almost absurdly quiet. Awake at 2 am and in desperate need of an iced caramel macchiato? You go right ahead.

The joy is that the BlendJet 2 is individual portion size, so it doesn’t need an engine like a fighter jet to blend, crush, pulp, and pulverize any single-serve treat you want.

The Klutz Factor

Also – and again, it’s tempting to think this tweak is the result of some probably hilarious feedback from klutzes everywhere – the BlendJet 2 now has a Lock function.

A what-now? A button you can press that temporarily locks the mechanism.

The function of this button is to allow you to drink your smoothies, macchiatos, margaritas, and more directly from the blender, because granted, you’re starting to look as though you’ve overthought this whole thing a touch if you blend up a delicious smoothie on the subway, and then fish out a tall glass into which to decant it.

The point being, with the Lock button, you can drink straight out of the blender safely, without running the risk of accidentally pressing the Blend button while you’re quaffing your vitamins, and showering yourself and everyone in the immediate vicinity with mango matcha surprise.

All told, with the new upgrades and a still-playful 16 color choices, the BlendJet 2 on its own is one of those gadgets that at first seem extraneous, not to say a bossy new addition to your life (“Drink your smoothie! Now you have no excuse!”), but actually do enough to enhance your life, to the point where you get one and start immediately thinking that, if you got a second one for work, you could cut out all the blender-hauling…

Yes, absolutely, that defeats the point of the BlendJet 2, but still, it’s how you start to think…

…plus, you have them in different colors to coordinate with different locations…

BlendJet Jetpacks

We’ve already run you through some of the flavors of the BlendJet Jetpacks, but let’s go into them in a little more detail, because you need to understand the complex flavor-blending that’s gone into making them a serious value addition to your BlendJet blender.

There are six flavors in the standard Jetpack range. Let’s start with pancakes – it’s:

Banana Blueberry


We’ve said that the Jetpacks are full of mostly powdered ingredients, but that does them a disservice. In the Banana Blueberry Jetpack you get actual blueberries in with the banana flavor, and, just to throw you for a tropical loop – pieces of pineapple too.

And just when you think you have a handle on that combination, the gentle warmth of turmeric starts making itself felt. Antioxidants, potassium, and the anti-inflammatory tinge of turmeric – it’s a healthy glassful that never gets dull.

Raspberry Dragon Fruit

BlendJet Raspberry Dragon FruitPin

Turns out we weren’t kidding about the dragon fruit. This vivid purple number is front-loaded with the raspberry flavor you love, with that tinge of the exotic in the dragon fruit.

It also brings some blueberries to the party, because who can say no to those little antioxidant bombs, and there’s even a little creamy banana in there to cut the berry sharpness and make it moreish.

Mango Matcha

BlendJet Mango MatchaPin

We’re not going to lie to you, this one might divide the room.

Mango on the front of the taste profile shouldn’t be challenging, but backing that up with a full tropical orchestra of pineapple and banana, and then expecting it to play well with matcha green tea? For us, it’s a step too far. But for you?

The thing about this combination is that plenty of people will taste it and go completely nuts for it – so maybe you’ll be one of them.

Certainly, this Jetpack is a serious energy booster. One to drink before hitting the gym, maybe?

Green Peach Ginger

BlendJet Green Peach GingerPin

Sweet peach gives way to a kick of warming ginger here in a way that feels completely intelligent and thought-through.

The spinach that gives the smoothie its green color – as well as a shot or iron doesn’t feel like quite such a good neighbor, but it never gets up enough sass to become a problem, so what you get is a lot of antioxidants, a shot of iron, and a mostly sweet smoothie with a little afterparty buzz.

Mocha Chia

BlendJet Mocha ChiaPin

Feels like a treat, does you good sneakily while you’re not looking. What could be better than that combination?

We’re talking cocoa, coffee, dates, and chia powder, with a little added protein from creamy almonds. It’s crying out to be a milkshake, and with a little ice added, you can make a frosty chocolate treat that’s virtually guilt-free.

Tropical Blue

Tropical BluePin

Yep. It’s blue, alright. Bottom line on this flavor, it’s going to depend on your opinion of blue spirulina. Big fan of blue spirulina, this is going to be your take-home flavor.

Sure, the majority of the taste is tropical, with real mango and pineapple chunks in the sachet, and coconut milk and banana in the mix too.

But if you’re not a fan of blue spirulina, its presence will probably turn you off this Jetpack. Order double of the Mocha Chia, you know you want to.

Relatively new to the Jetpack range, there’s also a range of six protein shakes: Strawberry Banana; PB Power Breakfast; Blueberry Acai; Orange Mango Pineapple; Very Berry; and Chocolate PB Banana.

If you prefer to drink your breakfast and give yourself a morning protein shot, the BlendJet 2 now gives you an easy way to get started on the day.

BlendJet Subscription

We mentioned the fact that the subscription option is what really turns the BlendJet 2 from another straightforward gadget into something with enduring value and interest.

We didn’t mention quite how it worked. Cunning, you see, we wanted you to keep reading till you got to this part.

In fairness, the BlendJet subscription works like a subscription for anything else in the 21st century – from Netflix to your Amazon pantry.

You choose the products or product bundles you want, enter your card details to start the subscription, and then every 30 days, your card or account gets tapped, and the products you’ve chosen arrive, to keep you going for the next 30 days.

There are no strings, you can cancel at any time, or modify your subscription bundle exactly as you like. You can build your subscription to include only the flavors you most like, or take a chance on a starter kit and see what most appeals – then amend your subscription to reflect your favorites.

Cleaning The BlendJet

Cleaning the BlendJet is very simple, but you have to be sensible with it.

To clean the inside, simply add water, a little dish soap, and the sense to close the top. Then blend or pulse your heart out to froth the insides clean. Remove the soapy water, rinse with clean water (blending again if you like, to reach all the creases and crannies. Job done.

Do not put the whole unit in the likes of a sink or dishwasher – it may be powered by USB, but there’s still an electrical unit powering the blades of the blender. Get that wet and you’re basically going back to the website for a new BlendJet 2.

How We Tested Blendjet

Blendjet is one of those products that I have seen advertised absolutely everywhere, so when I finally had an excuse to try one out, I was super excited. 🤩

I chose the Blendjet 2 to start my journey – choosing which design I liked most was just half of the battle! 😍 There was a sale on so I got three free Jetpacks with my purchase – score! I chose:

  • Green Peach Ginger 🍑
  • Latte Cinnamon Dolce ☕️
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie 🍫🥜🍌

Do they not just sound amazing? 🤤 

After washing my new Blendjet 2 (which was super easy), putting it together was a breeze. I got it setup and running within five minutes.

I chose the Green Peach Ginger Jetpack to use first, which was a packet of powdery substance with a few larger chunks in it. I can’t lie – it didn’t look the most appealing straight out of the packet. 

However, as soon as I turned the blender on, the water and Jeetpack merged together to create a vibrant green smoothie. Within a few seconds it looked fully blended, but I wanted the full 20 seconds to make sure. 

Yep, it was delicious. 😋

Cleaning was equally as simple. All I had to do was pour a little dish soap into the Blendjet with water, blend it up, and rinse. Cleanup was done in less than one minute, and there was no need for me to go back in to clean it again. 😎🤩🥳

Since testing this product out for the past two months, I have tried a few more Jetpacks as well as making my own recipes. I have tried fruits, vegetables, protein powders – all of which blended perfectly together.

I was a little skeptical about using vegetables in the Blendjet in case it wasn’t powerful enough, but my worries were in vain. I did need to use the blending function twice to get through a few tougher pieces of celery, but still only took 40 seconds! 😲😲😲

After using the Blendjet for two months, I don’t see any sign of me stopping anytime soon. I’ve found a nice rhythm of having smoothies to start my day, and the Blendjet is the perfect little companion.👯

Comparison: Blendjet 1 vs. Blendjet 2

Blendjet have released two blenders – the original Blendjet 1, and the newer Blendjet 2. But is the latter improved at all? 🤔🤔🤔

Yes is the answer to that question! 🤩 The design has been updated and still has all of the functionality of the original with better functionality. 

Blendjet 2 can self-clean while you’ll be stuck handwashing the original. You can also get at least five more blending sessions with the newer version, thanks to the improved battery life. 🤯

However, that doesn’t mean that the Blendjet 1 should be avoided at all costs. It still does everything that you need a portable blender to do, and at a reduced cost if you’re buying on second hand websites. 🤑🤑🤑

Blendjet doesn’t sell their original blenders anymore, so you’d have to get it from elsewhere if you wanted the Blendjet 1.

However, as the Blendjet 2 is almost the same price but with a better performance, we would opt for the newer version in Blendjet 2. 

Comparison: Blendjet vs. Nutribullet

The main selling point with the Blendjet is that it is a portable device that you can take on the go. The Nutribullet, while extremely popular, still needs to be plugged into mains electricity to work. 😎

Nutribullets are high-powered personal blenders that either come with an 18 or 24 ounce cup. In comparison, you’ll be getting a smaller serving with Blendjet at 16 ounces. 

Nutribullet has a 600 watt motor, but Blendjet does not specify their motor’s wattage. This is due to the unique tornado effect made in the cup and the blade spinning 275 times a second. 😲😲😲

Blendjet states that their products are not comparable to traditional blenders. 

Nutribullet is also more expensive than Blendjet, with the former coming in at around $80 and the latter being $50. 🤑 The extra money spent on the Nutribullet could be down to the fact that it can blend more ounces in one session. 

Portability or higher capacity – which is more important to you? If you want to take your blender around with you and make smoothies on the go, then the Blendjet certainly has an edge.

What Other Customers Are Saying


Given BlendJet’s canny use of social media, traditional media, and fitness influencers, it won’t surprise you that the BlendJet has garnered several tons of reviews.

The vast majority of opinion, both from media reviewers and from customers, is positive, with people appreciating both the fundamentals of the idea – an easy way to get vitamins throughout the day, freedom from the countertop blender with the engine that sounds like a troll clearing its throat, etc.

Great product. I have enjoyed the celery juice and smoothies that I have made. I look forward to trying many more recipes.

My experience was cool. I got my delivery within 2 days of order. That was the fastest order I have ever done online. Thank you so much.

This company is the best. I was having trouble with my Blendjet and they did not give up until the problem was solved. So happy with the product and the customer service.

I just has the best Customer Service experience of any Company or Person. My Blendjet stopped working after about 5 months after purchasing it. I was using it every morning and all of a sudden I could not charge it. I emailed the Company to see if they could figure out what was wrong. I received an email from Justin. He asked many questions, and after several days of emails, pictures, description and very prompt answers, he determined that my base was not working and sent me a new one. The new on base also would not charge. I sent him an email which he answered off hours and said he would sent me a new cord which I got in 2 days. The cord worked and I am sending the new base back today and will use my old Blendjet as before. I love the product, but I love my Customer Care Hero Justin just as much. He was helpful, prompt, and professional. This Company is amazing!

Has there been any negative comment to blot out the sun? Some, sure – mostly people questioning the cost of the subscription, and whether the world needs a smoothie subscription to remember to eat or drink its vitamins.

There’s a degree of world-divide there, with more affluent regions seeing the benefit as they forget to fit vitamins into their day.

Less affluent regions tend to get their vitamins and minerals through solid food, and do not have the same levels of disposable cash to spend on smoothie packets by subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m Worried About BPA In Plastics. Is BlendJet BPA-Free?

Yep. Totally BPA-free here. If you wanted BPA, we’d be out of luck, and so would you.

How Many Revolutions Per Second Does The BlendJet 2 Make?

The BlendJet 2 comes with a 5V electric motor that lets the blades spin 275 times per second. That should be enough to blend most things it comes into contact with.

Can You Drink Straight Out Of A BlendJet 2?

You can now. The addition of a Lock button means you won’t accidentally start the blades moving while you’re drinking out of the BlendJet 2’s bottle.

Can You Put The BlendJet 2 In The Refrigerator?

The jury’s a little hung on this one. As the BlendJet 2 is water-resistant, it should be fine to store it in the refrigerator. We personally would prefer to chill all the chillable ingredients in whatever we’re blending, and once they’ve been blended, keep the BlendJet 2 with us, unrefrigerated.

Can The BlendJet 2 Go In The Dishwasher?

Do you remember that 5V electric motor that makes the BlendJet 2’s blades turn? Yeah, that motor wants no part of any dishwasher antics. Never put your BlendJet 2 in the dishwasher.

Can I Put Ice In My BlendJet 2?

You can. We wouldn’t recommend just using your BlendJet 2 as an ice-crusher, but if you’re making an iced drink that is mostly liquid, it can certainly handle it.

Is The BlendJet 2 A Quiet Blender?

Yep – unlike mainstream countertop blenders, because it’s a single-serve size blender, it doesn’t need a massively powerful engine to get the job done. That means it’s one of the quietest blenders you can own. From early morning protein shakes to late-night iced coffee treats, your secrets are safe with the BlendJet 2.

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