The 5 best dog supplies we are loving

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1. The most stylish dog accessories: Maxbone
2. The best themed treats and toys: BarkBox
3. The best bully stick: Redbarn
4. The best dog food subscription in the US: Wild Earth
5. The best dog food subscription in Canada: Kabo

If your pup is your best friend (and whose dog isn’t their bestie?🤔) then this is the article for you. We all love spoiling our little dogs and probably spend waaay too much time researching new and fun products for them to use. 😂

You work hard for your money – why shouldn’t you spend it all on your dog instead of yourself? 😏

Anyway, after years of testing these products together, we have come up with five supplies that any dog owner cannot live without. 🤩

Why you should trust us

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best dog supplies. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate supplements based on their adherence to quality, and their latest medical evidence.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is medically reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Amy Bells, our in-house dietian nutritionist, wellness expert and product tester herself!

The most stylish dog accessories: Maxbone

Maxbone Pin

Maxbone is the equivalent of Prada for dogs. It is a luxury brand that only the coolest of dogs get to use, and your dog should be one of them. Maxbone covers everything from food to carriers, clothing to dishes – all for dogs! 😲😲😲

I have to say, my favorite product from Maxbone has to be the Feathered Jumper. Look at this thing! It comes in four colors, lots of sizes so no one is left out (hello, body positivity!), and a knitted high neckline for chilly days. 🥶

Pair this with my other favorite product, the City Carrier Bag, and your dog will be ready to travel in style. 😎 Plus, the carrier bag comes with sherpa lining to ensure that your pooch is warm and snuggly throughout the day. 

Maxbone is a stylish, high-end brand that makes sure your dog is treated like royalty. And isn’t that what they deserve? 👑👑👑

The best themed treats and toys: BarkBox

BarkBox Pin

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll love a mystery box. BarkBox is the ultimate mystery box for your dog – and you get the added bonus of surprise every month, too! 😋

This monthly subscription service delivers a themed collection of toys and treats to your door. The themes are super fun, too – this month’s theme is Bark To School. (Get your drool supplies). It comes with a number of fun toys in the shapes of lunchbox items, a backpack, and more. 😱😱😱

Other themes that BarkBox has offered in the past are Harry Potter, Pool Party Animals, and Slobber Party. The brand often collaborates with relevant pop culture icons like Stranger Things and Jurassic World, too! 

Treat your dog (and yourself!) to a surprise box every month. Trust me, Delivery day will quickly become your favorite day of the month! 🤗

The best bully stick: Redbarn


If your dog is a chewer, then you need to get them a bully stick! Seriously, these change the game. They’re boredom busters, and help to get your dog’s wandering eye off of your favorite slippers or furniture. 🤪🤪

Say goodbye to teeth marks all over your house when you choose a bully stick from Redbarn today! 

These sticks are considered safe and effective for all chewers, from only a light chewer to a power chewer. They’re cheap toys, too, so why not buy one and give it a go? I’ll try anything to stop Peaches from chewing up my entire house! 😖

Bully sticks also help with dental hygiene and muscle development. Have we sold you yet? 😏😏

Redbarn offers bully sticks in all shapes and sizes, and you can even get cases to bulk buy! 

These treats are free of grains, completely natural, and free of any traces of rawhide. They’re shaping up to be one of the best dog toys on the market, so treat your dog to one today. 😎

The best dog food subscription in the US: Wild Earth

Wild Earth Pin

The dog food available at grocery stores is commonly full of artificial ingredients and fillers – none of which are doing your dog any favors! It would be like humans just eating rice and bread for their entire lives – not the healthiest option, by far! 😕😕

That is why more dog owners are making the switch to dog food subscription services, from brands that actually care about your pets and what they’re eating. Wild Earth is an excellent example, as they only use clean ingredients and vegan formulas, all of which are backed by science. 🤓

Wild Earth’s food is also developed by vets, so you know the professionals are looking after your dog’s stomach. 👌👌👌

This food subscription service only uses ingredients specifically chosen for their health benefits. Think of all the zoomies your dog will be able to enjoy once they’re on a beneficial diet plan! And, once they’re tired out, all the snuggles you get to enjoy together. 🥰🥰

The best dog food subscription in Canada: Kabo

Kabo Pin

Just because Wild Earth doesn’t ship to Canada, doesn’t mean that your dogs need to miss out on all the benefits that come from a caring food brand! 😇

Kabo ships a box of food to your doorstep on a regular basis, all of which are made smarter, healthier, and cleaner than anything you’ll find in the grocery store. Again, think about what you’d put in your body! 🥺🥺

Kabo formulates recipes for all dogs, using the help of canine nutrition experts to create the yummiest recipes that every dog will love. Make sure you hide the box away before they try and eat all of the meals in one go! 😉

All food made by Kabo is formulated to meet the standards of AAFCO (and even exceed them!), using locally sourced ingredients from Canada. There is nothing artificial in the recipes and absolutely no by-product meals! (These are the worst ingredients you could put in dog food – look out for them in any dog food you buy). 😖

Stop buying unhealthy food for your dog and treat them to a well-balanced diet with the help of Kabo. 🙌🙌


Now that you know the best five dog supplies to treat your pooch with, which are you going to buy first? 🤗 Peaches and I couldn’t live without any of them, but our favorite has to be the Barkbox subscription. It’s amazing value for money, and we love the suspense of waiting for the box! 😁😁

What are you waiting for? Go and treat your dog to something special. I bet they’ll thank you with extra snuggles and wet nose kisses! 😘😘😘

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