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Our Athletic Greens Review

Our Athletic Greens Powder ReviewPin

Plenty of YouTubers and social media influencers across the web have been promoting this so-called superfood supplement in the past few months, but just what is Athletic Greens, and are their products as amazing as everybody says?

Of course, opinions are subjective, but you should at least go into something you’re paying a considerable amount of your hard-earned cash for with every fact necessary, in order to make a fully conscious decision. When it comes to wellness products, you have to be a little more scrupulous.

Today we’ll be taking a whistle-stop tour through all the relevant info: where the company began, what it is they offer, how it works and whether it’s worth investing your money in, with real reviews from actual customers to help you make up your mind.

Athletic Greens: A Quick Synopsis

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Who Started Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens is the brainchild of Chris “The Kiwi” Ashenden: after years of being miserable due to constant gut issues, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Sick and tired of his body failing to absorb and synthesize the nutrients and minerals he needed, AG was quickly born.

According to their official website, he wanted to create “the highest efficacy, bioavailable and nutritionally complete supplement, to help your body function as it’s supposed to, no matter your age or activity level.”

His foolproof combination of all those vitamins and minerals, with plenty of other ingredients that encourage and assist your body in absorbing them, is a fantastic way for anybody to load themselves up with all the good stuff.

What Are Athletic Greens?

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Containing a highly specific combination of 75* highly absorbable vitamins and minerals, sourced from whole foods, AG arrives in the form of a powder. All you have to do is simply and quickly mix it up with fresh water, kind of like a protein shake, before consuming it as a refreshing, energy-boosting drink.

Being vegan, keto, AND Paleo friendly, it’s suitable for just about any diet. It also does not feature any wheat, dairy, gluten, corn, lactose, sucrose, dextrose, yeast, peanuts, eggs, or animal products, avoiding all major food-based allergens.

As well as this, all AG products are also never produced using GMOs, herbicides, harmful chemicals, or pesticides, nor will you find any artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, or added sugar. Just all-natural – and all good for you.

Every single ingredient has been specifically sourced to have the highest quality and efficacy possible; as a company, Athletic Greens both exceeds cGMP and meets FDA guidelines, as every single supplier or manufacturer is thoroughly audited and reviewed.

All of the ingredients can be found on the website – to save you time, here they are, in alphabetical order!

  • Acerola, Alfalfa, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Apple, Artichoke, Ashwagandha, Astragalus
  • Barley Grass, Beet Powder, Beta Glucan, Bifidobacterium, Bifidum, Bilberry
  • Bioflavonoids, Biotin, Broccoli Flower, Bromelain, Burdock Root
  • Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Phosphate, Carrots, Chlorella, Chromium Picolinate, Citric Acid, Cocoa Bean Polyphenol Extract, Copper, CoQ10
  • Dandelion Root, Eleuthero Root, Folate
  • Ginger, Grapeseed Extract, Green Tea Extract
  • Hawthorn Berry, Inulin, Kelp
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lecithin, Licorice, Lycium Berry
  • Magnesium Glycinate, Manganese, Methylcobalamin, Milk Thistle
  • Niacin (Nicotinamide), Niacin (Nicotinic Acid)
  • Pantothenic Acid, Papaya (Carica Papaya), Pea Protein, Pineapple, Policosanol, Potassium, Potassium Phosphate
  • Reishi Mushroom, Rhodiola, Riboflavin (B2), Rose Hips, Rosemary
  • Selenium, Shiitake Mushroom, Slippery Elm, Sodium, SPinach, Spirulina, Stevia, Thiamin (B1)
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K2
  • Wheatgrass, Zinc Citrate

Being manufactured both “green and clean”, Athletic Greens is produced in a TGA-Registered, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified facility in the heart of New Zealand. Every individual pack can be 100% traced back to its production line with ease, thanks to the use of Full Batch Manufacturing Records.

It’s also important to note that Athletic Greens is NSF Certified for use in sports, trusted by professional athletes around the world. They are also partnered with USA Cycling, who of course compete in the Tour de France, which again affirms their commitment to providing a product that is safe and actually works.

Why you should trust us?

Our team has spent over 15 hours extensively testing and researching the best wellness products, including Athletic Greens. Our goal is to find the best brands who care about your well-being and help people live better lives. We evaluate supplements based on their adherence to quality, and their latest medical evidence.

We often ask ourselves a simple question: would we buy the product for ourselves and recommend it to our family and friends? This review is medically reviewed and thoroughly vetted by Amy Bells, our in-house dietian nutritionist, wellness expert and product tester herself!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Athletic Greens? Will It Work For Me?

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According to their homepage, Athletic Greens will be more than suited to you, if…

  • You want to start every day right, with all of the nutritional value you need to power through it, as a form of self care
  • You’re struggling with digestive issues or have a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals
  • You’re regularly traveling and find it hard to eat properly out and about
  • You’re an athlete who wants to enhance their performance in a legal and natural way
  • You feel run-down and there are no reasonable explanations as to why

According to their nutritional experts, a single serving of Athletic Greens will help you in six key aspects of your life:

  • Immune Support: all of the vitamins, nutrients, and healing ingredients your body needs
  • Brain And Memory Support: thanks to superfoods and adaptogens, your brain’s health, cognitive clarity should be improved
  • Sustained Energy: no more three coffee days (and constant trips to the restroom room!) as this combination of ingredients ensure your energy is regulated all day long
  • Everyday Gut Health: by cracking the code of what your gut needs to be happy, you can unlock a higher immunity, better mental and physical health and so much more
  • Healthy Aging: boost your metabolism and enjoy the benefits of soft, silky, shiny hair and long luxurious nails
  • Improved Recovery: sick of wheezing after every workout? Endurance athletes around the world swear by the antioxidants, superfoods and adaptogens that power Athletic Greens

If all of that sounds good to you, then it’s probably worth giving this popular package a try!

Athletic Greens Subscription Service

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How Do Athletic Greens Subscriptions Work?

When shopping with Athletic Greens, you have three options: a one time purchase, a single subscription or a double subscription.

The most expensive is the one off purchase, which gets you 30 servings of the AG powder, which will arrive at your doorstep either as a pouch or in handy travel friendly individual sachets.

Single subscriptions save 19% on the usual price per pouch, getting you 30 servings of the powder delivered directly to your door every month. In your first pack, you’ll also get a ceramic jar for storing your powder, and a handy AG shaker.

As the name suggests, double subscriptions offer exactly the same perks as the single, but every month you’ll net yourself 60 servings instead of 30. It’s more expensive, of course, but you end up saving 23% this way.

Both monthly subscriptions can be paused or canceled at any time, so you’re not pinned into a contract that’s impossible to escape. The entire process is streamlined and their friendly customer service team is always ready and waiting to help.

Do Athletic Greens Offer Refunds Or Returns?

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Yes! Since the company was founded in 2010, Athletic Greens have always wanted to prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else. This is proven with their Sixty Day Money Back Guarantee, which every purchase is covered by.

Should you trial the powder and find you’re not totally satisfied, simply contact customer service within sixty days of placing your first order. This will quickly result in a full refund, straight to your bank account.

Unfortunately, after this period it won’t be possible to get a refund outside of specific circumstances, nor will you be able to get your money back by returning the product, whether unopened or not.

What Other Customers Are Saying About Athletic Greens Powder

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The Athletic Greens website currently boasts an impressive 4.7/5 star rating, from a total of 5633 reviews (information correct as of June 2021). Of said reviews, only a fraction of these are 1 star ratings, most of which are concerned with shipping, missing items or not liking the flavor of the powder.

The majority of customers seem satisfied with their purchase and are regularly recommending Athletic Greens to their family and friends, as well as gushing about how much energy they have when they start their day with some.

Over on their official Amazon page, things are similarly positive: of 2,562 reviews, 76% are five stars, with only 4% at one star. Again, complaints all revolve around shipping and flavor, so nothing to suggest you wouldn’t want to try them on the basis of their nutritional value.

On their own website, Athletic Greens have three different review sections: one is testimonials from athletes, the second is the same but from health experts and the final section is devoted to customer feedback.

Professional endorsements include:

  • Angela Naeth, founder of I Race Like A Girl, multiple IronMan/70.3
  • championship title holder, Red Bull Athlete and Pro Triathlete
  • Patrick Frost, Nike Master Trainer, Fitness Model and founder of FrostFit
  • Nicol Delago, Italian National Ski Team, 2x Silver FIS World Cup Races Winner
  • Emily Day, Professional Volleyball Player
  • Tina Muir, Professional Long Distance Runner, Host Of Running For Real

Perhaps a bit more important than what a bunch of famous people think are the opinions of the little guy: your fellow average consumer.

So…. Is Athletic Greens Worth The Price?

Athletic Greens PowderPin

Given the glowing reviews and quality money-back guarantee, we’d have to say that giving Athletic Greens at least a trial run is worth your while and pretty much risk free. It is especially worthwhile subscribing, which gives you a generous discount.

The single subscription cost of $77 a month sounds pricey at first, but when you break it down, that’s approximately $2.57 a day per serving. It’s also less than you’d be paying for your daily coffee habit if you have one, and probably cheaper than most superfood smoothies at the store.

Most customers seem to agree that drinking their daily mix of AG has improved their day to day life and provides a reinvigorating feeling, so you can get through the work day without needing to mainline caffeine in order to keep your head off the desk.

If you have a little disposable income (or perhaps cut back on a couple of treats in your weekly or monthly grocery shopping) then you could probably justify the cost of seeing if Athletic Greens works for you.

At the end of the day, it really depends on what you’re looking to get from it. If you’re already doing everything right in terms of diet, exercise and general health, but still feel run down, then it could well perk you right back up.

Those who are unwell or perhaps don’t have the healthiest lifestyle will not find this product to be a revolutionary aid in, for instance, losing or gaining weight. It is merely designed as a supplement to provide extra nourishment your meals may be missing.

Consider your circumstances, then make a decision!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Does Athletic Greens Taste Like?

According to the website, their patented powder has been flavored using broccoli, carrot, cherry, papaya, pineapple and vanilla. Though taste is subjective, most customers suggest there are notes of sweetness and the aforementioned fruits.

Of course, so many greens mean a slightly earthy flavor is hard to avoid, so there’s definitely an acquired taste to think about, but most customers seem to be able to swallow it a lot easier than competing green products on the market.

For the most part, the reviews on the website echo this sentiment so read through them and see for yourself if you’re not sure. Some people actually like the flavor, and you could be one of them!

Is Athletic Greens Safe During Pregnancy?

In some cases, yes, but it isn’t recommended if you’re currently breastfeeding or pregnant unless you have first spoken to your family doctor or another medical professional. Essentially, get some clarification before you dive right in!

Does Athletic Greens Break Your Fast?

Yes. It is advised that if you’re fasting, you can break your fast at the usual time by drinking your Athletic Greens, and then after a short period of time, eat a meal as normal. You may well be too hungry for this, though!

How Long Should I Wait To Eat After Taking Athletic Greens?

That depends on your own personal preference! According to their official website, the majority of folks will eat between ten and thirty minutes after taking their daily Athletic Greens, but there’s no right or wrong answer here.

Can You Pre-Mix Athletic Greens The Night Before?

It doesn’t say anywhere on their website that you shouldn’t, but it still isn’t recommended according to our research. If at all possible, you should mix your drink fresh, with five to ten ounces of cold water – though you can adjust the amount to taste if you want.

The probiotics that Athletic Greens contain are “alive” and prefer cold temperatures, so perhaps if you mixed it up and left it in the fridge it might be alright, but the longer it’s left mixed and you don’t use it, the less effective the ingredients will be.

Do You Have To Mix Athletic Greens With Water?

No! It’s up to you what you mix it in with – water is best, of course, but it also works well in whatever smoothie, milk or juice floats your boat. A good combination that can reduce the strength of the earthy flavor is a 50/50 combination of water and apple juice.

One thing that is advised you avoid is mixing it with coffee. Though it might sound strange to you, you’d be surprised how many folks ask if this is allowed! Unfortunately, caffeine inhibits absorption of those nutrients you’re trying to gain.

Any beverage that contains caffeine – tea, coffee, cola, whatever you’re having – should be avoided for at least thirty minutes after you have your morning Athletic Greens.

Athletic Greens PowderPin

When Should I Drink Athletic Greens?

First thing in the morning!

Well, according to most people that is. In order to get the maximum benefit from your daily dose of Athletic Greens, you should have it as soon as you get up (whatever time that happens to be!) on an empty stomach, mixing with icy water for the best possible results.

The powder itself is specifically designed to ensure your body metabolizes as much of its vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as is possible. As a result, you should avoid drinking a cup of tea or coffee straight after – wait as long as you like, but around thirty minutes is best.

Does Athletic Greens Powder Contain Zinc?

Yes indeed! As stipulated on their website, one of their powerful powder’s key ingredients is Zinc Citrate.

Do Athletic Greens Have A Discount Code?

Yes – not the instant money off voucher kind, but worth thinking about nonetheless!

Via their refer-a-friend scheme, you can use one of five different ways to invite your friends to the Athletic Greens life. This entitles you to $15 off your next order once they have made their first purchase, and also nets your friend five free travel packs once

First things first, head over to the refer a friend page, where you’ll need to enter your name and the email address attached to your Athletic Greens login. From there, you’re redirected to your very own Custom Referral page.

Choose from one of the five following methods:

  • Using your custom referral link, copy and share wherever you’d like, whenever you want, with whoever you’d like
  • Share via Facebook Messenger or as a Facebook status, by hitting the respective buttons
  • Input your friend’s email, then add a quick note (or use the existing message) to send them the link for your custom referral
  • Share your custom referral link on Twitter as a post – just hit the Twitter button, which will take you directly to your profile
  • Send your custom referral via SMS (for mobile devices only)

Remember! You’ll only receive the discount once your friend has registered for Athletic Greens and then made a purchase – it could take up to twenty four hour for this discount to be credited to your account.

Do Athletic Greens products need to be refrigerated?

Yes – as soon as you’ve opened the pouch, you should keep it stored safely in the refrigerator. By doing so, you ensure that the integrity and potency of the ingredients is maintained, so you get the best possible results.

Before opening, the pouch is protected from anything nasty by a hermetic seal, which means you don’t need to pop it in the fridge until you’re ready to dive in. Be sure to adhere to the Best Before date on the packaging though!

As for the Travel Packs, these are considered individual servings, and sealed in the same way as The Pouch, which prevents the need for refrigeration. This means they are especially useful to continue your Athletic Greens journey whilst traveling or on the move.

Why Has Taking Athletic Greens Upset My Stomach?

Probably because it’s getting used to the onslaught of nutrition!

There is a whole section of the Athletic Greens FAQ dedicated to upset stomachs. It is believed that, for a fraction of users, taking AG supplements daily can cause a detoxification effect, leading to the tummy trouble you’re experiencing.

If you’ve also been making changes to your diet as well as getting started with AG, which includes eliminating certain foods from your meal planning, you’re even more likely to be experiencing these unwanted side effects.

Plus, if you’ve not had much exposure to dietary supplements before trying Athletic Greens, particularly those containing chlorella or spirulina, it’s possible that these side effects are just a sensitive digestive system getting used to

By detoxing, they simply refer to the expulsion of toxins from your stomach, which usually results in the more frequent trips to the bathroom. It is a normal reaction, and you’ll find that the side effects will only impact you for a couple of days.

Continuing to use AG powder as part of your daily routine should result in the unwanted side effects disappearing completely, provided you are consistent with your consumption and take it as recommended.

However, if you’ve got an especially sensitive stomach, or the symptoms continue, lowering the dosage and gradually increasing how much powder you have per day, eventually reaching the full serving, could be the solution.

It is recommended you begin with a teaspoon per day, then increase by one teaspoon every three days – when you’ve reached day nine, you’ll be taking three teaspoons. By day twelve, it’s time to move up to a full scoop.

You could also try taking your Athletic Greens with food initially, as this will help your body to adjust to the changes you’re throwing at it. When a few weeks have passed, try taking it without eating first and see if this alleviates the symptoms.

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